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myVEGAS FAQs – Get the BEST Information!

If you’re like me, then you frequently play myVEGAS because their rewards are top notch. Not to mention, you can redeem rewards for places other than Vegas! But if you have some pending questions, let me answer some of the myVEGAS FAQs.


How many MyVegas apps are there?

There are 7 ways to earn myVEGAS Loyalty Points to redeem rewards. MyVEGAS Slots, myVEGAS Blackjack, MGM Slots Live!, myVEGAS Bingo, Konami Slots, POP! Slots, and playing myVEGAS Slots on Facebook gaming.

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Can you get free rooms on MyVegas?

Absolutely! I have redeemed free stays at the Bellagio, Mirage, Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Excalibur, and Sycuan in San Diego. You will still be required to pay for the room fees and taxes though!

How do you get Loyalty Points in MyVegas app?

You earn Loyalty Points (LP) simply by playing the games in the app. This means playing the slots or blackjack. However myVEGAS Bingo and MGM Slots Live award LP differently. For those two apps only, all you have to do is have the app open and you will start earning Loyalty Points – no actual game play needed!

Do myVEGAS Loyalty Points expire?

NOPE! No expiration date on the LP. However there is an expiration on the rewards. If you use your LP to redeem a reward, most rewards will have an expiration date. Usually the date is 45 days. If you can’t use the reward within that time, no worries! You can cancel the reward and get all LP back.

Can you gift MyVegas Loyalty Points?

Unfortunately you cannot gift myVEGAS Loyalty Points.

Is there a limit on myVEGAS rewards?

Yes and no. There is a limit on how many Premium Rewards you can redeem in a 30 day period. That limit is 2. When planning your reward redemption, remember to keep this in mind. Although the rewards will say what is considered a Premium reward, there is an easy indication. More often than not, if it has to do with something that is 100% free (not BOGO, not “with the purchase of..”, etc), then it is a Premium reward. For example, a free night stay, a free drink, or a free ticket to a show that has no other purchase obligation will be a Premium reward.

How many loyalty points can you earn per day on MyVegas?

This could vary based on gaming promotions. But it is estimated that you could earn a grand total of 25,375 Loyalty Points across all myVEGAS apps in one single day. To learn more about how many LP you can earn on each individual myVEGAS app, click here!

Are there other apps like MyVegas?

To my knowledge there is not. I tried Caesar’s Slots, but they do not have any real-world rewards. MyVEGAS apps are the only way to play a free game while earning real-life rewards.

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Have more myVEGAS questions?

Comment below with any more questions you may have!

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  3. Tim

    My wife has much better reward offers than I do. She can get free nights at Belagio MGM etc, I never get this offer for any amount of points. This would be a good answer to post if you can find it thanks

    • This is most likely based on play time and in person use. So if she’s playing a lot, they’ll reward her for it. Or if when you two go to Vegas, she’s using her rewards more frequently, then they’ll try to offer her more stuff because it pings the system that hey this person is using her points frequently. If however you guys play the same amount and use the same amount of rewards, your apps may be out of date. Those would be my best answers for those!

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