What is the green check mark on my vegas apps

What is the Green Check Mark on myVEGAS?

If you are here, then odds are you have been playing the myVEGAS apps. Furthermore, you are seeing a little green check mark next to your Loyalty Points tank. So what is this green check mark that you are seeing on myVEGAS?

What is this green check mark?

Simply put, that green check mark means you have maxed out your potential to earn Loyalty Points on that specific myVEGAS app. You have reached your myVEGAS daily limit. These apps are smart and they know to put a cap on your limit for earning Loyalty Points in a given day so that you can’t just be consistently earning Points all day nonstop.

Once you see that green check mark, you will not be able to earn anymore Loyalty Points on that specific myVEGAS app. Want to know how many Loyalty Points you can stack up in a single day? I’ve got the answer!


Does this mean I can’t earn more Loyalty Points on other apps too?

Absolutely not! Just because you see the green check mark on one app does not mean you will automatically be done on other apps. If you are playing all of the myVEGAS apps (read up on How to Make the Most of Earning on myVEGAS here), then there is still potential to earn.

This green check mark only shows your daily limit for that specific app. Once you see the green check mark on one app, you can still easily open up one of the other apps and keep playing to earn more Loyalty Points!


When will the green check mark disappear for me to start earn again?

Like any limitation, it does not last forever. The green check mark will disappear at the start of the next gaming day. Thus beginning a new myVEGAS daily limit. Unfortunately I have yet to determine the exact time that the gaming day resets. However an easy rule to follow is that if you start playing at 12pm and you see the check mark at 5pm, then don’t start playing again until 12pm the next day. This way you will know at least on your end that it has been a full 24 hours.


But of course, feel free to check in with the app if you are curious to see if the check mark is gone. I am also not sure if the gaming day resets for ALL apps at the same time or if each app has a different gaming day restart.

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