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Bio: My name is Donna and I am a 27 year old content creator from San Diego! I have lived in San Diego my entire life. Even when it came to going to college, I chose to get my bachelor’s in Business Administration with a specialty in Marketing at the University of San Diego. I am 5’8″, naturally a dirty blonde with sparkling blue eyes, but I recently took the leap and dyed my hair to platinum blonde! Living in my hometown my entire life, I have become so acquainted with this city and what it has to offer. I constantly strive to find fun new spots for pictures that continue to keep my page fresh and new. As much as I love those classic hotspots, I want to be sure I offer a new perspective to this place I call home.

Disney Bounding using only pre-owned items

Hobbies: My hobbies include running, playing with my husky, reading fiction, playing video games, and dancing. I have also started to get more and more involved with thrift-store shopping to find fashion that is current and trendy and will work for Disney Bounds that my followers will love. I want to encourage my followers to sustainably shop for their “new” clothes and have fun hunting for their next favorite closet staple! I love spending time with my boyfriend, Cody, and chatting with my best friends, Ashley and Amanda. They are my constant support system and often help me with pictures or with brainstorming content ideas. Originally this blog started as one of my hobbies but over the last year, it has become one of my passions and I am hoping to continue to foster all the work I do to create content for this blog and my social media!

Working Flightline at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

My job: I work at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park as a tour guide for a number of their experiences including their Flightline (zip-lining adventure), Cart Safaris, and Night Vision Safaris. Working there for the past two years has been a dream come true as I am able to work with some of the most incredible people, foster my love for animals, and get guests excited for conservation as well.

Travel: I have been traveling all around the world since I was a kid! However, as I grew older and my schedule became increasingly busier, my traveling adventures have become more domestic than international. Over the last few years, I have frequently traveled to Phoenix and Las Vegas, and Las Vegas has quickly become my go-to for a getaway! I also was able to visit New Hampshire and Maine in September 2020 and that was my first time stepping foot in the Atlantic Ocean. I would love to visit New York City and Paris one day, and revisit Washington D.C. and Sydney, Australia.

Relaxing Poolside in Las Vegas

Over quarantine, I feel like my content has become increasingly more inspired as I was thrown into a situation where I could not rely on going out to places or experiencing new things to make engaging content, but I have quickly learned to adapt to this new lifestyle and have worked on making interesting edits for my followers to become more immersed in my creativity. I have showed my followers more about me as a person and it has been some of my most engaged content! From showing them my love for country line dancing and two-stepping to taking the leap to change my hair color to a beautiful platinum! I love that I am able to share these things with them because they continue to inspire me to bring new and better content for them – whether that be more styled Disney Bounds, or giving them helpful advice on how to manage a hectic life or save some money during this crazy time.

Some of my favorite content thus far is (linked to Instagram post):

But one of the most rewarding thing for my followers to experience with me are the milestones that I achieve, which I make known to my followers is a victory for the all of us as opposed to just me. Whether that’s in my personal or my professional life, there are right there celebrating with me. They continually share their constant support, love, and enthusiasm when I can show them that their help has helped me to work with someone amazing companies along the way too. Especially if it’s a company that we can all just fan-girl over! They are constantly my cheerleaders.

I am available for collaborations on the following type of projects:

  • Ambassadorships
  • Sponsored blog and/or social media posts
  • Photo and video shoots
  • Other projects that will help bring my engaged followers to your page!

Rates will vary depending on the type of work, content usage, and exclusivity rights. Please reach out to me with all budget levels because I would love to learn more about what I can do for you within in your budget! I am very open to working with you on building a custom package for your promotional needs if need be.

If you have a partnership or collaboration that you would like to work with me on, then I would be happy to hear from you! Send me an email at We can talk more via email about your vision and how I can help to achieve that. I am willing to work with you on content for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and on this blog itself!

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Let’s work together! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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