The Disney Adult Holiday Gift Guide – 2023

Do you know a Disney adult? Odds are you probably know one or two. Maybe you’re related to one, in a relationship with one, or maybe you ARE one! This gift guide will be your second star to the right for the holiday season. Guiding you to the cool finds, unique products, and overall just the best source to getting the very best for your loved one. They will be sure to love what you get with this Holiday Gift Guide as your… well, guide.

Gifts for the Marvel Fan

  1. Thor’s Hammer Bottle Opener. Obviously we had to start this guide off strong. And what’s stronger than summoning the power of Mjollnir?
  2. Loki Panel Sweatshirt.
  3. Probably Watching Marvel Movies Rug. What says “adult” like buying someone else a rug?
  4. Captain America’s Ass Mug.
  5. “Proof that Tony Stark Has a Heart” Arc Reactor Display.
  6. Miles Morales Sport Canteen. I have one of these canteens from Corkcicle and I use it everyday!
  7. Black Panther Crossbody Bag. I am a big fan of 707 Street products so be sure to give them a full look if you know your Disney adult loves Loungeflys.
  8. “You’re Beautiful, Just Like Tacos” Deadpool Tank Top.
  9. Wolverine Face Socks.
  10. Infinity Stones Bracelet. Just like Thanos needed all infinity stones, you need all these recommendations to complete the ultimate Disney Adult holiday gift shopping guide.
  11. TVA Sweatshirt.
  12. Spider-Man Suit Phone Case.

For the Star Wars Fan – Disney Adult Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Death Star Wireless Charger.
  2. Darth Maul Sweatshirt.
  3. Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Cube Tray. Really making this holiday gift guide for Disney adults a breeze and not a “freeze”.
  4. Star Wars Laser Engraved Tumbler.
  5. Ahsoka Sweatshirt.
  6. “Best Boyfriend in the Galaxy” Mug. This shop has more options for both the cup and the “who” on the front!
  7. Laser Engraved Customizable Watch Band.
  8. Star Wars Retro Denim Varsity Jacket.
  9. Ahsoka Coffee Cup.
  10. Queen Amidala Crossbody Bag.
  11. Darth Vader Button Up Cardigan.
  12. Star Wars Rebel Loungefly.

Gifts for the Disney Princess Fan

  1. Royalty Denim Jacket. Can’t decide on just one princess? This jacket let’s your love for multiple princesses fly!
  2. Sleeping Beauty Loungefly Backpack.
  3. Snow White Paper Floral Art. Artwork is such an adult thing to buy.
  4. Princess Eras Tour Tee. Jumping on the Taylor Swift Eras craze and combining it with your love for Disney princesses.
  5. Princess and the Frog Icon Collared Sweater.
  6. Jasmine Tumbler.
  7. Little Mermaid Sneakers.
  8. Custom “Disney [name]” Mug. This is such a clever gift! It says ” I’m a Disney Natalie. It’s like a regular Natalie but with magic.” The name is customizable and is sure to bring anyone a smile.
  9. Disney Princess Mug.
  10. Tangled Cardigan.
  11. Rapunzel’s Lantern Sweatshirt. No such thing as an ugly Christmas sweater here!
  12. Frozen Loungefly.

For the Disney Movie Fan – Disney Adult Holiday Gift Guide

  1. A Goofy Movie Hoodie. Nothing like a classic like this to bring a smile to any Disney adult’s face for their holiday gift!
  2. Alien “The Claw” Popcorn Maker. If you have a popcorn loving, Disney adult in your life, then you need to get this ASAP.
  3. “Because I’m a Lady” Oversize Tee.
  4. Oogie Boogie Slippers.
  5. Mickey Mouse Colorblock Sweatshirt.
  6. Fireworks Castle Candle Jar. I love this Etsy shop – they make some incredibly unique products. So if you are shopping for someone who also has an obsession with candles, this will be perfect.
  7. Alice in Wonderland Tiki Cup.
  8. Mickey Mouse Scarf. Living in cold weather doesn’t mean you have to lose out on that Disney flair!
  9. Aloha Stitch Carshade.
  10. Toy Story Denim Mom Jeans. Her Universe makes some incredible comfortable mom jeans. They are in junior sizes but they ARE for women. I am a size 6 and I get a size 3 or 5 with Her Universe.
  11. Mushu Numbered Baseball Jersey.
  12. Rusteze Cars Pit Crew Racing Jacket. Quite literally the coolest thing to come from Box Lunch yet.

Disney Raises Prices AGAIN – How to save up to $150!!

Surprise surprise! Disney has raised their ticket prices yet again. The price increases affects Disneyland ticket prices as well as Genie+ services. As frustrating as this news might be, don’t worry. There is a silver lining. If you were one of many unfortunate souls that had tickets waiting in your cart only to find the prices to increase before pay day, you’re in luck. You can still get the old prices on tickets and Disney’s Genie+ with Get Away Today! By buying with them now, you can save an extra $27 to $150 per ticket! Here are the details so you don’t miss out.

How much you can save with Get Away Today after Disney raises prices

Ready to see how much you can save when you buy with Get Away Today?

  • 5-Day Tickets: Save between $85 – $150
  • 4-Day Tickets: Save between $55 – $85
  • 3-Day Tickets: Save between $35 – $60
  • 2-Day Tickets: Save between $27 – $42

Unfortunately, they do not offer discounts for one day tickets.

Disney Raises Prices: How to get old Disney pricing deals!

You can save up to $150 over gate prices by booking your Disneyland tickets with Get Away Today. But you have to act NOW. This deal will only be available until Monday, October 23, 2023. So if you know you’re going to go to Disneyland between now and January 12, 2025, get your tickets now. You don’t want to miss the cut-off.

If you already have tickets and want to upgrade your tickets to include Genie+, you can! You’ll have to make new theme park reservations, so just make sure your dates are still available before calling Get Away Today to make the change.

If you don’t know when you’re going, you’ll just need to enter a general date to purchase your tickets. The date that you enter will be the date that Get Away Today sends your reminders to make theme park reservations, which are required. The date you enter is not tied to a theme park reservation and the dates you choose are flexible.

Get Away Today’s tickets are the BEST! They’re refundable, have no blackout dates (subject to theme park availability) and you can make theme park reservations 180 days in advance.

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Disney raises their prices frequently so saving money where you can is essential. On top of these incredible savings above, you can save even more! Use the code DGB10 to receive $10 off when you book a minimum of 2-night hotel stay and 2 tickets.

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2024 Disneyland Packages Now Available!

2024 Disneyland packages are now LIVE and ready to book! Right now, you can lock-in 2023 pricing for 2024 travel to the Disneyland Resort. If you needed an excuse to book your next Disney trip on a budget, this is the time to start planning for next year!

Disneyland California Adventure Pixar Pier, Incredicoaster. 2024 Disneyland packages

Why you should book in advance for 2024 Disneyland packages?

When you book in advance with Get Away Today, you get the best hotel availability. Especially for some of the most popular travel times like spring break, summer, Halloween Time, The Holidays and more. Another great thing about Get Away Today is that they send every guest a reminder when it’s time to make their park reservations. This is based on the date that you entered for your ticket. That way you don’t have to worry about forgetting to do so. Especially since park reservations can be made up to 120 days in advance! That is plenty of time to accidentally forget. So when booking your 2024 Disneyland packages, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t forget.

Experience the Millennium Falcon in Galaxy's Edge with 2024 Disneyland ticket packages

Get a great price with a layaway plan

Booking in advance has its advantages. But it can sometimes be stressful to book trips in advance when it means you’ll have to pay upfront. Luckily, that isn’t the case here! Get Away Today offers a Layaway Plan. This is available for guests who want to book in advance without worrying about paying everything upfront or at once. For just $200 down, your can book your 2024 package with payment due just 8 days before travel! It’s recommend to do final payment 60 days before travel so park and dining reservations can be made. This Layaway Plan makes planning a vacation with your 2024 Disneyland packages affordable and flexible for everyone.

Now that you have the best place to grab your Disney tickets, time to study up! Be sure to read “The Best Time to Go to Disneyland” and “Pro Tips to Maximize Your Time at Disneyland” to ensure that you have the best time ever!

Loungefly Coupon Code for ‘Collection Lounge’ Products

Loungefly’s are the backpack of Disney. Even when seen outside of Disney, you know just by their silhouette that it’s a Loungefly. They are the perfect accessory to finish off your Disney Bound or to show off your favorite fandom in the park. The only problem? They can be pretty expensive. And once you buy one, you’ll be hooked. Needless to say, that cost starts adding up! So what if you could get a Loungefly coupon code? Get exclusive Loungefly mini backpacks from Collection Lounge and use my code to save big money!

More about Collection Lounge

There are a lot of Loungefly shops out there. And the great thing about shopping with any of them is the ability to get exclusive products. Collection Lounge is no exception to the rule. With exclusive releases that you can’t find anywhere else, it makes it ten times better of a deal when my Loungefly coupon code, DONNAGAILBLOG, will give you 20% off of anything.

But Loungefly’s aren’t just for Disney fans. You can find a number of different fandoms to start your mini backpack obsession. Collection Lounge makes Loungefly products for some of the most popular fandoms including:

  • Disney
  • Stars Wars
  • Marvel
  • DC
  • Harry Potter
  • Pokemon
  • Pixar
  • Sanrio
  • and the NFL (not a fandom but hey, still different from Disney)

But since Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel are the most popular, we will stick to those. Especially since Halloween is right around the corner! And as such, new merch is hitting the shop. Time to trick or just treat yourself to something new, especially with my Loungefly coupon code:

Loungefly Coupon Code

Use the Loungefly coupon code DONNAGAILBLOG for 20% off of any product on Collection Lounge. There is no order minimum like my 707 Street coupon code. But like Collection Lounge, they also make exclusive backpacks that you can’t get anywhere else. I love shopping 707 Street as well for my Loungefly products because they have a massive catalog. Time to grow that collection and save yourself a lot of money in the process!

Save on these Walt Disney World Tickets

With every Disney update, Disney fans everywhere hold their breath on what it will do to ticket prices. But there are great ways to grab your tickets without succumbing to insane credit card debt. For example. Walt Disney World Resort tickets and vacation packages are easier than ever to book with Get Away Today! Even for your hotels too. Hotel prices are getting wildly absurd. Plus, often times they are where we start compromising on quality to just get a better price. So how can Get Away Today really help in this regard?

Save big money with Get Away Today

You can save on both on and off-site Walt Disney World Resort Hotels at for 2023 AND 2024 travel. Plus, you’ll save the most when they take advantage of Walt Disney World Resort ticket specials like:

UPDATE: Walt Disney World tickets and packages

Get Away Today also was recently updated on the Walt Disney World tickets and packages that they offer. Their tickets and packages now fall more in line with their Disneyland Resort packages and should make it easier for you to know what to expect on both coasts.

  • Get Away Today’s Walt Disney World Resort vacation packages can now be completely booked on our website. That’s right; no cumbersome quotes needed! You can compare all of their favorite Walt Disney World Resort hotels and their hand selected off-property hotels all in a few clicks. You can then customize your included ticket for the perfect vacation.
  • Get Away Today’s Walt Disney World Resort vacation packages now have the option to add Layaway Plans, which allow guests to pay the total balance up to eight days prior to travel.
  • Guests can also now add Get Away Today’s popular Peace of Mind Plan when booking a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel, which allows any reschedules and cancellations up to five days prior to travel with no penalty.
  • All Walt Disney World Resort on-site packages include Get Away Today’s e-concierge, which includes our Best Price Guarantee, Dining Reservation Reminders, access to our Concierge Team email for help before and during your vacation, and more.

Why choose Get Away Today

I think a better question would be, why wouldn’t you? Cliche, I know. But in the pursuit of saving money, you have to take what you can get! And if the main mouse himself isn’t lowering the prices, then you have to look elsewhere. Places like Get Away Today are helping you do just that. And if you’re looking for the best Disney ticket prices, then they are the place to look. But they also offer other vacation destinations as well so definitely give them a look for other vacation plans too!