At Donna Gail Blog, you’ll find content about how to save big bucks in Las Vegas, products I love using, how to Disney Bound on a budget, and eco-friendly and sustainable products. You will also find content about things that are happening in my hometown of San Diego. You’ll find a little bit of everything here!

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What Is a Vegan Duvet?

There continues to be so many different ways to maximize an environmentally-friendly living situation. Maybe a vegan duvet can be your next move!

The Perfect Fall Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Which iconic fall clothing and accessories will always stay in style? What can you buy now and also wear ten years from now? Well it’s these 7 things…

Are Social Media Engagement Pods Bad?

Maybe you have heard of them called “Instagram pods” or “Facebook pods”. But their purpose is the same. To boost engagement. So are these engagement pods bad? And what kind of effects can they have on a person’s social media account? What is an engagement pod? An engagement pod is a group of creators who have gotten together with the … Read More

myVEGAS FAQs – Get the BEST Information!

The myVEGAS blogs that I have written thus far are by far my most viewed. But also my most questioned. I’m answering all of the most frequently asked questions about the myVEGAS apps!

The Best Disney Christmas Decoration for 2022

‘Tis the season to deck ALL of the halls in your home with magical decor. Here are some of the most cutest and most unique Disney holiday home decor for 2022!


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