At Donna Gail Blog, you’ll find content about how to save big bucks in Las Vegas, products I love using, how to Disney Bound on a budget, and eco-friendly and sustainable products. You will also find content about things that are happening in my hometown of San Diego. You’ll find a little bit of everything here!

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What to Do During Your First Time in Paris

Ready for an epic adventure in the City of Light? Unlock the ultimate guide for your first time in Paris! Discover top sights, hidden gems, and must-see gardens.

Top Ways to Plan for an Eco-Friendly Future

If you don’t want the world to look like the one in Wall-E, then some planning is needed for an eco-friendly future. And no, it’s not that hard to make the switch – pinky swear!

How to Develop Your Taste in Art

Discover the secrets of cultivating your artistic palate! Get ready for a creative ride as your taste in art is nurtured and expanded.


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