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At Donna Gail Blog, I strive to put out useful information. Being a lifestyle blogger means I can literally post whatever the eff I want without being defined to a “niche”. I like posting about how to save big bucks in Las Vegas, products I love using, how to Disney Bound on a budget, and eco-friendly/sustainable products. I also love traveling to new places and exploring my hometown of San Diego. You kind of have to like random things here! So if this sounds like a choo-choo train full of fun for you, then you know what to do next!

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NEW Loungefly Backpacks from 707 Street

Are you looking to find exclusive, unique Loungeflys that you just cannot find in an amusement park? 707 Street has some amazing Disney, Star Wars, and Harry Potter mini backpacks that you will not find anywhere else but with them!

How Many Loyalty Points Can I Earn in a Day on myVEGAS?

You can earn quite a bit in free, real-world rewards through the myVEGAS apps. And if you are trying to maximize your earnings, you might be wondering how many Loyalty Points you can actually earn in a day playing myVEGAS apps? I got the answers!

4 SHEIN Outfits for Disney Bounds – May 2022

Are you Disney Bounding to the Parks or to work? Well here is some Shein inspiration for your Disney outfits! (ok well maybe not ALL of them are work appropriate..)

Pinterest Creator Rewards Insider Information

Yet another creator reward program. Yet another opportunity to earn. And trust me the Pinterest Creator Rewards program is the BEST social media program for creators! Read to learn how to earn THOUSANDS with this new program!!


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