The Perfect Fall Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Are you struggling to create a perfect fall travel wardrobe capsule this year? Fall requires you to dress up warm and flaunt your fancy jackets. You may be tempted to carry all of your fancy fall outfits. But your wardrobe only has limited space! So what do you need to pack?

Fall travel capsule wardrobe. These essential pieces will help style your closet for ears to come.

What is a travel capsule wardrobe?

Simply put, a travel capsule wardrobe are clothes that will never go out of style. Otherwise known as having a “staple closet”. You could put these items into a time capsule and if someone opened it decades later, they would still be in style. They usually involve solid colors, classic prints, and simple structure.

Putting together a travel capsule is a daunting task. It challenges you to only pack essential pieces of your wardrobe into a limited space. However, his doesn’t mean that you should compromise on your style!

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Creating Your Travel Capsule

Your travel capsule should consist of simple yet sophisticated pieces of clothing that complement each other. Don’t forget, you’ll need clothing, accessories, and footwear. Wearing accessories and jewelry will always help to bring your outfit to life. If you are looking for timeless pieces, it is best to shop at top jewelers such as Furthermore, you could put these items into a time capsule and if someone opened it decades later, they would still be in style.

Take a look at your wardrobe and pick all fall-friendly outfits. Plaid, slouchy, or earth-colored items will be what you are looking for. You can always shop for ideal pieces if your wardrobe still lacks the fall style. The trick is to shop for your pieces on wholesale clothing websites. You get the best deals for your wholesale boutique clothing as the prices are comparatively lower.

So let’s create a practical fall travel capsule wardrobe! Here are the essential pieces, and corresponding colors, that you should include in your fall travel capsule wardrobe.

1. Tops for your fall travel capsule wardrobe

Your travel wardrobe capsule should contain the following essential top colors.

  • White
  • Black tee
  • Hunter green
  • Mauve

You can never go wrong with a black or white tee for any day, any outfit kind of looks. Plain tees are easy to style and match. But be sure to add hunter green and mauve into the mix. You will help to compliment the beauty of fall even more with these two colors!

If your travel spans longer than expected, add a black long sleeve tee to your capsule.

2. A Jacket

Nothing screams sophistication more than a well-fitted and cozy jacket. For your travel capsule wardrobe, you’re only going to include one jacket as you need to save on space. So it has to be a staple of a jacket! Include either a solid black, or a brown plaid jacket. These two options have always stood the test of time for fall.

3. A Pair of Leggings

Leggings are great as they can be included with many outfits. Whether that be under a skirt or under a big, slouchy sweatshirt. Leggings are also comfy and cozy, making them ideal for travel. Pack a pair of light tan or black leggings to go in your fall travel capsule wardrobe. And since they are relatively small, you may even consider bringing both colors with you!

4. A Pair of Jeans 

Jeans are probably one the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own! You can dress them up or dress them down with ease. White, blue, or khaki jeans are a great addition to your travel capsule wardrobe. But if you’re low on space, keep it to a pair of distressed blue jeans.

5. Shoes

The shoes make the outfit, so make them good picks! The absolute must styles are:

  • a pair of formal heels
  • a pair of sneakers or other casual, no-heeled shoe
  • a pair of boots or booties (Nordstrom Rack has the best options for these)

The colors you should consider getting are black, brown, and one patterned pair of shoes. This could mean cheetah or leopard print, camo, a shoe with a graphic on it, or even textured like a cowboy boot. Fall involves a lot of solid colors and layers. Having a pair of printed shoes can break up that monotony and also add pizzazz to your outfit!

6. A Sweatshirt

Slouchy sweatshirts are your best friend in fall. You will need:

  • a knitted sweatshirt
  • a colorblock sweatshirt with fall colors in it like brown, rust, or green
  • a thinner, turtleneck sweatshirt

Colors should be up to your personal preference! All of these options should be able to wear under a jacket if it gets a little colder. There is a lot of layering to do in fall!

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7. A Scarf

A scarf is another way to add printed or textured colors to your outfit. If everything else is solid colored, even down to your shoes, a scarf can be that last piece of the puzzle for your outfit. Although infinity scarves are the easiest to get on and off, unfortunately they would not make it in a capsule wardrobe. They have come in and out of being in style for awhile. Instead you will want to stick wit the traditional two-ended scarves. You should get one cream colored scarf, and at least two different pattern-printed scarves.

Finishing your fall travel capsule wardrobe

Creating a wardrobe that lasts can sometimes be expensive. That’s why the best way to update your wardrobe on a budget is to stay as true to timeless pieces as much as possible. Just remember that a capsule wardrobe, especially one for traveling, can be something that you pack up one year and unzip it 10 years from now and the fashion will still be applicable. Relying on great quality items will be the only way these pieces can last so long. Be sure to shop brands that you trust. Although the price tag may be daunting to begin with, the life span of the piece is what will help make it a true closet investment.

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