The BEST myVEGAS Tips and Tricks

If you have found this blog, odds are that you are looking for the best myVEGAS tips and tricks to earn Loyalty points quickly. Good thing giving the most helpful myVEGAS information is kind of my speciality. So let’s get in to it! What are the best tips for playing the myVEGAS apps?

Pro tip: the last one is a TRUE game changer.

1. Log in everyday

Log in everyday to get your daily bonus. The more consecutive days that you log in, the higher that the daily bonus will get! Even if you are just trying to stockpile coins to play with, logging in everyday helps to make sure that when you do want to play, you will have enough coins to do so.

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2. Connect all myVEGAS apps to your Facebook account

If you have a Facebook, then log in to the apps with your account. Some of the apps require a Facebook account to play and to connect your Loyalty Points to one another. Not only that but once you are connected to Facebook, the apps will start sending you daily emails with tons of free coins. And don’t worry. The emails will go to your Promotions folder. You won’t have to worry about them clogging your primary inbox.

Get all the myVEGAS apps for Android or for iPhone here.

3. Use the myVEGAS Facebook page to get more free coins

The myVEGAS Facebook page is extremely helpful when it comes to getting coins. They post about 4 times a day with free coin opportunities. Better yet is that those links are good for a few days. So if you happen to be low on coins, you can go on Facebook and click those links for the past few days and take advantage of all those free coins.

4. Play MGM Slots Live and myVEGAS Bingo

These two apps have the most unique way to earn Loyalty Points. With the other apps, you have to play to earn those Points. Not with these two apps! These two actually run on a timer. That means that upon opening the app, between 1 to 3 minutes (depending on the app) your meter will fill up and award you Loyalty Points. That’s right, you don’t even have to play the games! Which also means you don’t have to worry about getting more coins to play if you run out. Open the apps, let them sit while you do work or chores, and enjoy racking up the Loyalty Points.


5. Watch the ads

Need more coins? Watch the ads. Not only that but some of the ads will even give you Loyalty Points. That’s a great way to fast track your success for free rewards.

6. Do NOT buy coins or boosts

There are literally so many ways to get coins. Why would you pay this app? Get your free rewards by getting your coins for free too.

7. AutoSpin and walk away

If you have followed the above myVEGAS tips and tricks so far, then you probably have accumulated a decent amount of coins. AutoSpin and forget about it. If you have a lot of coins, then you shouldn’t run out unless you’re betting WAY too much. Go do the laundry. Be a productive member of society. Let this app do its thing and get you the Loyalty Points. Just remember to stop playing once you see the green check mark appear next to your Loyalty Points.


8. Leave the apps idle if you want a break AND a bonus

Ok this one is the exact opposite of #1 but for a good reason. Logging in every day is definitely a chore. But did you know that if you leave the apps alone for a month (or longer), you can get a huge bonus? That’s right! To reward you and entice you to get back to playing the games, myVEGAS will give you a large Loyalty Point bonus once you open the apps back up after a long time. In some instances, I have gained 30,000 Loyalty Points PER app that I left idle and then opened back up after a month or two.

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