A style guide on how to Disney Bound on a budget

Disney Bound on a Budget with One Blue Jumpsuit Outfit

Disney Bounding can be quite the expensive hobby. Even if you regularly shop for new outfits at thrift stores or PoshMark, it still adds up. But even just one great item can help you update your wardrobe on a budget. One blue jumpsuit can be transformed into three different characters for Disney Bounding outfits! blue Disney Bound outfit

Lake Buena Visitors Disney tshirts
Yess from Wreck it Ralph Disney Bound. Big fuzzy blue jacket with a bright red purse and blue heart sunglasses

Disney Bound #1: Yess from Wreck It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet

I originally bought this blue outfit for a Yess Disney Bound, and similar to the big blue floofy jacket, I didn’t think it would find anything other use for it. I paired the outfit with a red Harvey’s bag with some heart bag charms and a pair of heart-shaped blue glasses.

Jacket: Poshmark

Blue Heart Sunglasses: Amazon

Red Fuzzy Bag Chains: Amazon

Red Harvey’s Bag: Poshmark

Disney Bound #2: Captain Marvel

A simple approach to such an iconic female Marvel character! I put on my red leather jacket, a pair of gold wedges, and a gold necklace. Doing a Disney Bound that has as much flare as her suit would have been near impossible, but just imagine me living my best life walking around Avengers Campus!

Red Leather Jacket: Thrift Store

Gold Necklace: Thrift Store

Gold Wedge Heels: Poshmark

Captain Marvel Disney Bound. Red jacket, blue jumpsuit, and gold sneaker wedges.
Sadness from Inside Out Disney Bound. Wearing a oversized white knit sweater over jumpsuit.

Disney Bound #3: Sadness from Inside Out

It’s pretty difficult to find blue pants that aren’t just a pair of blue jeans. Solution: Use a blue jumpsuit and just pop a comfy sweater on over it and BAM! Now you are rocking one comfy Sadness Disney Bound! Honestly though, this was an extremely comfortable outfit and I would have no problem rocking it for a day lounging at home.

White Knit Sweater: Thrift Store

blue Disney Bound outfit

One simple purchase of a blue jumpsuit outfit turned into so many cute Disney Bounds. And I’m sure the list could continue with even more! You will still need some accent pieces to pull off the look to make sure people know who you are trying to convey. However, this is a great lesson in reusing items to continue bringing a fresh look to your Park days, your style gallery, or your social media. Check out more great tips on How to Disney Bound on a Budget. Because one of the biggest ways to save is to not spend!

Do you have any other Disney Bounding suggestions or any questions on how you can put something together? Drop your comments below!

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