707 Street Retailer of Loungefly exclusive mini backpacks like this Disney princess Tiana inspired one

Where to Get Loungefly Exclusives – 707 Street!

If you are a Disney fan, then you absolutely know what a Loungefly is. They are these cute mini backpacks that range in style, fandom, print, and just overall cuteness. You can see how I have styled some of my own in my Style Gallery. But when it comes to finding exclusive releases of these amazing bags, you aren’t going to find those in a Disney park. So where do you look?

You can find so many amazing Loungefly bags at a number of retailers like 707 Street! Many smaller retailers like these will work with Loungefly directly to create backpacks that you can only find by shopping with them. Which makes shopping small your best bet to find a Loungefly that is not mass-produced and extremely unique. Read until the end to find a 707 Street coupon code!

Get to Know 707 Street and Their Loungefly Exlcusives

707 Street started in 2015 selling women’s apparel out of an apartment and have thus grown into a widely popular retailer of Loungefly exclusive bags like these:

707 Street coupon code. Use the code THANKYOU23 for 10% off of a purchase of $150+

Their preorders are shipped directly from their warehouse by many hard-working hands to make sure their customers receive their items in a timely manner (even though lately shipping has been an issue for many small businesses). And great news – they offer free shipping within the US! But they aren’t just about selling Loungeflys. They also sell collectible toys, socks, and hats.

They are also very accessible to the public and connect as much as they can with their fans. One way they have done this was by hosting a 707 Street Day Event on July 4th weekend next to Disneyland, California featuring their Alice in Wonderland Allover print exclusive Loungefly backpacks. They plan on having another 707 Street Event on July 3rd, 2022 at the same venue and hope to meet more fans in real life again!

There’s Something For Everyone

Whether you are a Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, or literally anything else kind of fan, you are sure to find something that fits your style. Especially by shopping the 707 Street Loungefly Exclusives section. They also make seasonal Loungefly mini backpacks so you can match your bag to a certain holiday like Halloween or Christmas.

But what if you are a more of a fan of smaller crossbodies or even wallets? Does that mean you can’t enjoy the luxury of owning a Loungefly? Absolutely not! With 800 Loungefly products listed on their website right this second, I would be more shocked if you didn’t find something that you loved.

Shop By Category

Click any of these categories below to shop those fan-specific products. These won’t cover all products 707 Street has to offer though! And use the coupon code THANKYOU23 to receive 10% off on 707 Street with orders $150+!

Where to Find 707 Street

Website: https://707street.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/707street/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/707streetshop

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Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@707street

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/707streetshop/_created/

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