Everything you need to know about how to play myVEGAS Bingo

myVEGAS Bingo Tips and Best Practices

I will never be done talking about the amazing benefits of playing the myVEGAS apps. Now they have added a fifth app to their gaming experience, here are my best myVEGAS Bingo tips.

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myVEGAS Bingo Tips and Beginner Tricks

myVEGAS Bingo adds a completely different gaming experience to myVEGAS games. This is the first time that they are adding Bingo as a game to play with their apps. Most of their games center around slot games. You can easily put those on Auto Spin, walk away from your phone, and rack up the Loyalty Points. But myVEGAS Bingo requires you to be an active participant in the game. You’ll need to daub your way to victory using powerups and some essential Bingo strategy.

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How do I gain loyalty points on myVEGAS Bingo?

There’s a huge difference between how you gain points in the other apps and how you gain in myVEGAS Bingo. For the other apps, every time you would spin the slot, you would fill up your Loyalty Points tank based on how much your bet was. Once filled, it would reward you Loyalty Points based on your gaming level. For example, I am level 435 in the myVEGAS Slots app. Every time I fill up my Loyalty tank in that app, it awards me 500 Loyalty Points. Essentially a higher level means a higher Loyalty Point payout in those other apps.

myVEGAS Bingo Loyalty Reward Points meter

For myVEGAS Bingo, it’s still the same that once you fill your Loyalty tank it will award you Loyalty Points. BUT….

  • The Loyalty Points amount is a FIXED amount of 50 Loyalty points. This will not increase at all with your level within the app, and..
  • Your Loyalty Points Tank is filled by your TIME SPENT in the app. Specifically one minute will award you 50 Loyalty Points. The meter fills up like a clock going one full rotation around.

This means that you could literally have no in-game money to spend on playing the Bingo games and you can still fill up your Loyalty tank max for the day. All you would have to do is open the app to gain Loyalty Points – no game play needed.

How many Loyalty Points can I gain in a single day playing myVEGAS Bingo?

Want to know how many Loyalty Points you can stack up in a single day on any myVEGAS app? I’ve got the answer!

Basic myVEGAS Bingo Strategy Tips

Like any gaming app, you can develop a strategy to put the best odds in your favor. MyVEGAS Bingo is no different. But here are a few tips for myVEGAS Bingo that will help regardless.

myVEGAS Bingo Powerups tips

Powerups are essential to gaining the upper hand. You can “buy” a stack of 3 Powerups or a stack of 6 Powerups for one game. You “purchase” these Powerups using Diamonds. These Diamonds are just a form of free currency in the game but are used specifically for Powerups. They cannot be used to buy anything else. I always buy all 6 Powerups. If you don’t like the hand you are dealt, you can always buy another stack of Powerups. But just remember that you can only play with one single stack. Once you choose the stack you want to play with, the rest are trashed. You won’t be able to use them on another game.

Powerups and Tips to Use Them

Sometimes these games move very quickly and when that happens, you may not get to use all of your Powerups in that game. The easiest way to avoid that is to make every daub count. You can play one-card, two-card, or four-card Bingo. Based on how many cards you are playing, you will have to daub a certain amount of spaces before a Powerup is activated. For four-card Bingo, you have to daub any three squares to activate one Powerup. Don’t wait to use your Powerups. Once you use a Powerup, it will have a cool-down time. It will be about 5 seconds before you can start activating another Powerup. You can still daub while this 5-second delay occurs, but those daubs will not go towards activating the Powerup.


If you are lucky enough to have the Extra Daub Powerup as the last Powerup in your bank, which can come in the form of 1-extra, 2-extra, or 3-extra daubs, I will ALWAYS hold off on using that one until most of the Bingos have been called. Each game only has 32 Bingos that can be called, and remember that you are playing against other people. Having an Extra Daub as the last powerup gives you the advantage for one final way to get one of the last Bingos. I will usually wait until there is 10 Bingos left to be called before I use that Powerup. The reason being is that if I use it too soon, then I am essentially taking numbers off the board that could have been called in that timeframe before the end of the game.


Final thoughts on myVEGAS Bingo tips

Again, everyone comes up with their own way of doing things. However, these are my absolute must-dos if you plan on making the most of your gameplay within the app right off the bat.

If you want to download this app, click here for iPhone download, and click here for Android download.

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