Disney Style on a Budget: One “Her Universe” Halloween Tee, Three Outfits

I am telling you – the Halloween merch game gets better and better for apparel every year. And this year, Her Universe is bringing the fire! I was recently gifted this adorable Disney Halloween Stripe Collar Crop Top (it comes in Plus sizes HERE), and I couldn’t help but to style it in three different ways!

I am all about giving you the best style advice on how to turn one piece in to many outfits. Especially when you are styling on a budget, because you need to make your purchases count. But it can be tough to do that when it feels like one specific piece can only be styled one way. That can sometimes feel like it’s a waste of money. So hopefully by styling this Her Universe crop top three different ways, you can get some ideas on how to keep wearing it all spooky season long!

I should also note that all of these outfits were put together using items that I already had. Nothing additional was purchased to make this happen! So I encourage you to shop in your own closet first before spending more money on putting an outfit together. But let’s get to styling this cute Disney Halloween tee!

All Black – Simple and Spooky

I styled this striped top by first tying it up just a little bit. Second, I paired it with an all black, pleated skit. I thought about wearing fishnets stockings, but opted to wear knee high black socks instead. Lastly, I wore a pair of my favorite black wedges and voila!

Styling my Disney Halloween tee from her Universe with a black pleated skirt, black knee high socks, and a pair of black wedges. This look is simple and cute!
A close up of my simple and spooky Halloween outfit. My Halloween Disney shirt is tied up in the front and the collar has a few Mickey Mouse shaped pumpkins and other cute embroidery.
Spoopy way to style a Her Universe Disney Halloween tee
Posing in a wooden area to show my Her Universe Disney Halloween striped crop top tee. This outfit is to show how to style this crop with a mostly black outfit. The shirt is tied in the front, with a black skirt, knee high socks, and black wedges. Perfect for the Halloween season!

Accent Colors – Ready to Show Halloween Spirit

If I’m being honest, this second outfit is my absolute favorite! I wore the shirt normally with a pair of black high-waisted pants. I then decided to pair it with a cute orange crossbody bag. And lastly, I paired it with my electric purple heels! I have had these heels for years and they are still one of my favorites. There aren’t a lot of opportunities to wear them, but why not wear them during Halloween time, right?

Located in a bright, fall setting, I am showing how to style this crop top from Her Universe for the Halloween season. I matched the colors of the stripes in the shirt to my outfit. I am wearing a pair of black high-waisted pants, an orange crossbody bag, and a pair of electric purple heels. I am posing on a bench so you can easily see the entire outfit.
A detail picture of my outfit featuring the accent colors to match the Disney Halloween style crop top from Her Universe. You can see better how the shirt fits and wear it lands on my waistline. You can also see the embroidery of the collar matches the orange of my crossbody bag perfectly!
Posing on a sidewalk in fall, I am showing how the whole outfit came together. The crop top has a white collar, and black, purple, and orange stripes. The orange in the shirt was matched to the bag I have. And the purple of the shirt was matched to my heels. Both of these two pops of color really help to show that the crop top is the center of attention!

Seasonal Colors – Time to “Fall” in Love

With Halloween being in Fall, might as well dress for the season! This outfit is inspired by some of my favorite fall colors. I wore the crop top with just the top button buttoned, a brown cami, and a pair of army green skinny jeans. And every fall season calls for a pair of comfortable booties, so I styled this outfit with my favorite pair.

October is for Halloween - but it's also for fall colors too. So why not combine them both with this outfit featuring the striped crop top from Her Universe! I styled the shirt by only leaving the top button buttoned, a brown cami underneath, and a pair of army green skinny jeans. For a final touch of fall, I styled it with my favorite pair of brown booties.
A detail shot of my fall outfit with my Halloween shirt as the focal point. With the shirt open with the exception of the top button staying close, You can see more from the colors of fall. My white Chanel bag also helps the white collar pop too which makes you notice just how cute the Mickey Halloween pumpkins are on the embroidery!
how to style a Disney Halloween tee
Feeling a little sassy in my fall outfit with my Halloween crop top to really make the whole outfit pop! In this pose, you can see how the outfit flows together, how the shirt moves off of my side ad back, and how great these skinny jeans fit the fall aesthetic in this park.

I am loving everything about these outfits and I get more and more excited about Halloween with every new product announcement. Which is shocking because I didn’t used to like Halloween or it’s general color aesthetic before. But it turns out that I had to fall in love with a different kind of Halloween. Before, I used to think that Halloween was only for people who liked scary, spooky things. However, we know now that there is the spooky side and the spoopy side! I prefer the side of Halloween that’s more about cute ways to decorate your house, the fun things small shops are putting out, or even just the cute apparel that places like Her Universe are dropping.

This Disney Halloween Stripe Collar Crop Top was so much fun to style and I can’t wait to find more Disney Halloween products that I love too.

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