Making the Most of myVEGAS Reward Points

If you want to make the most of your trip to Las Vegas, then have I got the scoop for you! I am going to inform you about all the myVEGAS apps to use to gain free rewards for your time in Las Vegas, including how to get FREE rooms from MGM Resort hotels on the Strip! There are other vacation spots besides Vegas that you can use the points at, but the focus is definitely on Vegas specifically. And if you want to read about everything we did during our trip (including all the things we scored from these rewards), read my blog “The Perfect 4-Day Itinerary for Las Vegas“!

What apps to use

There are six apps in the myVEGAS family that, once connected, you will be able to connect all loyalty points gained across all the apps into one big bank! The five apps are:

Although having a Facebook account isn’t required, it can help immensely to gain more points! Especially since Konami Slots, myVEGAS Blackjack, and myVEGAS on Facebook will all require that you have a Facebook to connect your loyalty points into one pool and purchase rewards. However, if you don’t have a Facebook, you can still play and gain loyalty points to redeem free rewards. Just hook up your email or Apple ID to myVEGAS Slots and POP! Slots.


Want to know how many Loyalty Points you can stack up in a single day? I’ve got the answer!

Do I have to pay to use it?

A screenshot of the Facebook Daily Bonus of the myVEGAS games that can get you free rewards while you are in Vegas. No purchases required to get these rewards.

All of these apps are FREE! There are in-app purchases, but it is not required to purchase anything to gain points. Every day you will get a Daily Bonus for each app, and every two hours you can collect a Time Bonus that will give you extra coins! You can even receive daily emails with even MORE free coins to collect for most apps.

Even on Facebook you can make quite a bit! If you go to the myVEGAS Facebook page, they post regularly with updates, but every update also has a link to collect MORE free coins – either through the Facebook game or through myVEGAS Slots (sometimes both!!). And those links don’t expire for six days, so if you started playing right now, or if you don’t check Facebook for a few days, you can go back as far as 6 days ago and collect ALL of those free coins. So there’s really no need to pay to buy more coins to play the slots on the app because there are so many opportunities for free coins.

What are Loyalty Points and how do I gain them?

Loyalty Points will be how you buy the in-app rewards. You gain Loyalty Points by filling up your Loyalty Points “tank”. It starts filling up with each spin. The higher you make your bets per spin, the faster it fills up! Once it fills up, it will give you a certain amount of Loyalty Points based on your level within the app. The higher your in-app level, the more Loyalty Points you will gain. Each app has a different “tank” and each tank will award a different amount depending on the level you are on that certain app.

Also the higher level you are, the more spins/higher spin amounts it will take to fill up your tank. Per day across all apps, I can gain around 10,000 Loyalty Points. However that amount is smaller if for some reason I have more going on in my day and can’t have the games running on Auto. But again just remember to be aware of that green check mark next to your Loyalty Points! Once you see that, stop spinning or you will waste your coins.

What does the green check mark next to the Loyalty Points mean?

The green check mark you are seeing next to your Loyalty Points means that you have hit your maximum amount of earnings for your gaming day on that particular app. For more information on the myVEGAS green check mark, read What is the Green Check Mark on myVEGAS.

How long does it take to gain enough points for my trip?

I have been playing myVEGAS Slots for about a year, but I didn’t download or play the other apps until maybe a month before my trip. That’s when I was REALLY set on gaining Loyalty Points because at that point the trip to Vegas was already planned.

That being said, I really only played religiously for a month or two to gain what I needed to buy everything for Vegas. What’s great about gaining the points is that you can put the game on Auto Spin and walk away from it.

PRO TIP: If you don’t play the apps for a long enough time and then reopen them, the apps will reward you for coming back. I did this and was automatically awarded about 20,000 Loyalty Points per app that I opened!!


These apps are designed to get you to go to Vegas and spend your money, and what better way than to entice you to come on over with a major boost in Loyalty Points. So play the apps, get some steam going, AND THEN STOP. Give it a month or so and reopen the apps. You will be pleasantly surprised with how much you can earn for doing nothing.

Two phone screenshots of my redeemed and refunded rewards on the myVEGAS Slots Game app. It is very easy and straight forward to not only "purchase" rewards, but also cancel rewards if for some reason you need to cancel. You will be refunded the full amount of your Loyalty Points when you cancel your rewards!

How to purchase and cancel myVEGAS rewards

It’s always fun to look at the Rewards page prior to buying just to get a feel for how much you need to gain to purchase that reward with your Loyalty Points. Most every single hotel, including the Bellagio, offer FREE rooms! That’s right COMPLIMENTARY rooms are available for the BEST MGM Resort hotels on the Strip!! However, you may have to pay for the room fees and taxes though. But still, it’s a good deal!

Before purchasing a reward though, make sure that the reward won’t expire before you can use it. If for some reason you do purchase a reward and you don’t use it, don’t worry! You can Cancel the reward and get your points back! Easy peezy!

Two Pages New Arrivals in May 2023

Best course of action for buying/using rewards

We also kind of did a “divide and conquer” situation to buy rewards. I used my Loyalty Points to buy the bigger rewards such as our comped room at the MGM Grand or two free glasses of champagne at Prime at the Bellagio, and Cody used his Loyalty Points for 2-for-1 deals since those tended to be a lot cheaper. We found that this was the best way to gain as many myVEGAS rewards possible to keep our overall vacation bill as low as possible. But then there were rewards that we both bought to make sure we could do them together, like the Mandalay Shark Reef reward and the free shot at Centra reward.

Rewards aren’t just for Vegas!

Overall there’s no right or wrong way to get the rewards. You will find your own little system for your own trip that will help you and the person or people you go with to have the best time and maximize how much you are able to save. Especially since they offer rewards in other MGM Resorts across the nation. There are also rewards for Royal Caribbean cruises, and even Sycuan Casino here in San Diego!


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    If you feel like doing a write up about what you guys did in Vegas and how COVID19 effected it, your readers would definitely read!! Next time you should go on a trip save your insta stories in a highlight! I wish I had written down all of the helpful info you shared while in Vegas. Thanks for this post about rewards though, it does help some with planning!!

    • Yes I keep telling myself to write everything down in blog form of our schedule! I will definitely consider saving Highlights! I could easily go back and add them all but I have always felt that no one actually looks at them haha But once I get the blog up and going, I will add the Highlights up for it, even if it is temporary. Thank you for that suggestion!

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    • It will reset after that game day is over! So if you hit that green check mark half way in the game day, then you’ll only have to wat twelve hours until the next game day starts. I’m not sure when the game clock resets to an exact time, but that green check mark is just your indication on your cap for that game day (so maximum reset time of 24 hours). So if you log in to the game and it’s giving you your daily bonus, that means that it is a new day and you’re good to go to start working towards more Loyalty Points.

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