Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Dates Announced

It may be springtime, but the dates for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2023 at the Walt Disney World Resort have been announced. For select dates starting August 11 through November 1, 2023, you can experience Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

Here are the party dates below:

August: 11, 15, 18, 22, 25, 29

September: 1, 4, 8, 10, 12, 15, 17, 19, 22, 24, 26, 28, 29

October: 1, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 12, 13, 15, 17, 19, 20, 22, 24, 26, 27, 29, 31

November: 1

Disney Halloween party 2023

How to Get Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Tickets

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party tickets will go on sale for Walt Disney World Resort Hotel guests on April 27. Then they will be available for all guests on May 2. Let’s help you purchase these tickets as soon as they’re available! Tickets can be purchased over the phone by calling 855-GET-AWAY for those who have a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel booked beginning April 27. Or tickets will be available for everyone at Get Away Today starting May 2.

In California, the Disneyland Resort just announced that Oogie Boogie Bash will officially return to Disney California Adventure Park in 2023! At this time, no exact dates have been released for Halloween Time or Oogie Boogie Bash.

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When is Splash Mountain Closing? | Get discounted Disney tickets!

The time has finally come, but Splash Mountain is closing down forever at Disneyland Resort on May 31, 2023! It is being re-themed to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure where guests will go down the bayou with their favorite, hard-working princess. But hey, don’t get too bummed out, because you still have the chance to ride it one last time! Get excited because Get Away Today is having a “Splash” sale that you simply cannot miss.

Splash Mountain is closing soon at Disneyland Anaheim
Me regretting sitting in the front row.

Get Away Today Splash Sale

With the promo code SPLASH30, you can get $30 off your Disneyland vacation package (2-night or longer with at least two tickets) for travel from now until May 30, 2023. And guess what? This offer can be combined with their Extra Day Free ticket offer and Extra Night Free offer for even more savings! Who doesn’t love a good deal?

Imagine experiencing Splash Mountain and all the fun that’s currently happening throughout the Resort. Late April to May is the perfect time to visit the Resort, and there is so much happening with the Disney100 Celebration in full-swing. You can have a blast while enjoying all the Disney magic, and maybe even shed a tear or two as you say goodbye to Splash Mountain before its closing.

Don’t procrastinate, because this offer is only available until this Saturday, April 15. You won’t want to miss out on the chance to ride this classic attraction one last time!

Remember, Get Away Today has got your back. They’ll hook you up with the perfect vacation package, so you can focus on making magical memories with your loved ones. And with Splash Mountain closing, GAT will help you get to ride this classic before it’s too late. So, what are you waiting for? Book your package now and get ready for some unforgettable fun at Disneyland Resort!

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What’s unique to Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland Paris, also known as Euro Disney, opened its gates on April 12, 1992. It’s the only Disney Park in Europe. And like every Disney park, it has several unique features that set it apart from other parks around the world. Because no two Disney parks are the same. This ensures that every new park that you visit is memorable and offers something new to do!

From exclusive rides to special events, here are some things that are unique to Disneyland Paris.

Things you can only do at Disneyland Paris

Crush’s Coaster

This is a thrilling rollercoaster ride that takes you on an underwater adventure inspired by the movie “Finding Nemo”. You’ll spin, dip, and swirl through a colorful coral reef and encounter characters like Crush the turtle and Bruce the shark. The ride is located in the Walt Disney Studios Park and is a must-do for thrill-seekers. Unfortunately it was under refurbishment during my recent trip there in mid-March. Because I can only experience this at Disneyland Paris, I will have to come back and experience it!

La Tanière du Dragon

This attraction is unique to Disneyland Paris and takes you on a journey through a dragon’s lair. You’ll wind your way through dark corridors and encounter the dragon himself, who breathes smoke and sparks. The attraction is located in Sleeping Beauty Castle and is a fun and slightly spooky experience. The entrance is located to the left side of the front of the castle.

Mickey and the Magician

This show is exclusive to Disneyland Paris and features Mickey Mouse as a magician’s apprentice. The show combines music, magic, and Disney characters to create a dazzling performance. You’ll see characters like Cinderella, Elsa, and Genie as they help Mickey master his magic.

Disneyland Paris' front entrance architecture

Disneyland Paris’ architecture

The architecture at Disneyland Paris is unique and combines elements of classic Disney style with European design. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, for example, is inspired by the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany and features intricate details and stunning stained glass windows. But don’t get this castle confused with Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland in Anaheim. Every park has a castle unique to the property. There are no two castles that are the same! The park also has areas that are inspired by different European countries, like Main Street USA, which is modeled after a quaint French town.

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain

Don’t expect this to be like the Hyperspace Mountain at Disneyland Anaheim. Because Hyperspace in Anaheim is just an overlay to the Space Mountain ride. But Hyperspace Mountain at Disneyland Paris is a thrilling space-themed roller coaster ride that takes guests on an immersive journey through the Star Wars universe. The ride has over-the-shoulder restraints so you know it’s intense! The ride’s track is designed to simulate a high-speed chase through space, complete with corkscrew twists, a 360 flip, and drops. With its combination of thrilling speed and immersive theming, Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain is a must-ride attraction for Star Wars fans and thrill-seekers alike.

Phantom Manor

Phantom Manor is a popular attraction at Disneyland Paris that is essentially this park’s version of the Haunted Mansion. “What makes Haunted Mansion so special across Disney Parks is that each one is located in a different land.” (10 Fun Facts in Celebration of Disneyland Paris’ 30th Anniversary) This version is set in the Old West and features a range of eerie scenes and special effects. Guests board a “doom buggy” and travel through the manor, encountering ghostly apparitions, creaking doors, and a haunted ballroom. The attraction is known for its intricate details and immersive theming, making it a must-visit for fans of spooky experiences and Disney parks alike. And honestly, it was kind of on the creepier side!

The Curious Labyrinth is something you can only do at Disneyland Paris

The Curious Labyrinth

The Curious Labyrinth is a popular attraction at Disneyland Paris, located in the Fantasyland section of the park. It is based on the story of Alice in Wonderland and invites guests to navigate a maze of hedges to reach the center of the labyrinth, where they can meet the Queen of Hearts. The labyrinth is filled with interactive features such as a talking doorknob, a maze of mirrors, and a Cheshire Cat who disappears and reappears. The Curious Labyrinth offers a fun and challenging experience for guests of all ages, and is a must-see attraction for fans of the Alice in Wonderland story. And at the top of this little castle pictured above close to the end of the maze is a slide! This is truly something that you can only do at Disneyland Paris.

Disney Illuminations

This nighttime spectacular is a breathtaking display of fireworks, projections, and music. The show takes place in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle and features scenes from classic Disney movies like The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King. The show is a perfect way to end a day at Disneyland Paris.

Avengers Assemble: Flight Force

Flight Force is an exhilarating attraction located in the Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris. The ride takes guests on a thrilling journey where they become recruits of the Avengers, boarding a high-tech aircraft and soaring through the skies. Flight Force is a must-see attraction for Marvel fans and theme park enthusiasts alike. It was an incredible ride and truly for those who love roller coasters.

Avengers Campus merch that is unique to Disneyland Paris

Exclusive merchandise

Disneyland Paris has its own unique merchandise that you can’t find at any other Disney Park. Loungefly backpacks or wallets and Spirit Jerseys, for example, are popular items that have exclusive renditions just for Disneyland Paris. The park also has special merchandise for holidays like Halloween and Christmas, which are worth checking out. However, I did notice during my recent visit that Disneyland Paris really caters more to kids merchandise. The only place that I found truly great adult merchandise was Avengers Campus. And if you want to know what Loungefly’s to bring to Disneyland Paris to match all of these amazing, exclusive attractions, check out “The Best Loungefly’s for Disneyland Paris.”

707 Street French inspired Loungefly bags

In conclusion, Disneyland Paris has several unique features that make it a must-visit for Disney fans. From exclusive rides and shows to special merchandise and architecture, there’s something for everyone at this magical park. So next time you’re in Europe, be sure to add Disneyland Paris to your itinerary and experience the magic for yourself! And be sure to check out all the things you can do during your first visit to Paris so that you are completely ready for adventure.

A full list of Shein Disney Bounds outfits

A Full List of SHEIN Disney Bounds – January 2023

I have written so many Shein Disney Bound blogs and, with it, provided a great list to choose from. However, it’s time to update the list! And this time, I am focusing on park-friendly outfits. By park-friendly, I mean that you can easily and comfortably wear these into any Disney park. But don’t think jeans and a t-shirt. These Shein Disney outfits are for those who love looking cute in the park. Who love making Disney content. Who always attend Dapper Day every year. Sound like you?

If so, then here is a MASSIVE list of characters for your next SHEIN Disney outfits:

Marie from the Aristocats

Dare to be classy during your next park day with this cute Shein Disney Bound of everyone’s favorite lady.

Captain Hook

We love a good villain gender bend Disney Bound! To mimic Captain Hook’s hook hand, you could always get a silver glove for one hand.


Next time you find yourself on Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, you will need this perfectly on point outfit.

Russell from Up

This is a great outfit for summers in the parks. Especially when you prefer function over flare. Be sure to do a character meet and great with Kevin!

Jane from Tarzan

Jane’s outfit closely resembles Belle’s. The key to make the distinction is to have the purple bandana. And having a monkey plushie would help too!


You’ll love this Shein Disney outfit as much as Gaston loves his reflection. And I’m sure he would agree.


Tiana is FINALLY getting the love she deserves in the park. Not only with a brand new ride, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, but with a new restaurant at Disneyland too!

Mickey Mouse

We all need a classic character to Bound every once in a while. And it doesn’t get more classic than the main mouse himself.


I know what you’re thinking. “A corset isn’t park-friendly.” But this is perfect for Dapper Day. Or for those who like dressing up while in the park!


I am seriously adding everything to my cart as we speak. There could not be a more perfect Shein Disney Bound for Spider-Man than this.


Belle’s defining accessories are going to be books and roses. Be sure to have the classic rose-colored pop of color to make the distinction!

Ralph from Wreck It Ralph

Wreck It Ralph is definitely an underrated movie. Give it some love with this Shein Disney outfit!


One of the most famous scenes in Sleeping Beauty is the “make it pink, make it blue” scene. You can use one of these sets or both to create some really fun transition content. Or you can mix and match them!


Playboy, billionaire, fashion icon. Turn heads while you’re saving the world. Getting apperloth items are great for superhero Disney Bounds.


Remember that your Disney Bound essentially comes down to how you accessorize. Make sure your Merida outfit has some sort of bow and arrow accessory!

Black Panther

If that isn’t the perfect shirt for Black Panther, then I don’t know what is. Keep it simple with mostly black with some slight pops of silver.


Again, this shirt SCREAMS R2-D2. And although the listed items come from Shein, I personally would opt to get the exclusive R2-D2 Loungefly from 707 Street to complete the look.

Although all of these Disney inspired outfits are from Shein, this is not your only option. I make most all of my Disney Bounds by purchasing clothing at the thrift store. If anything this list should serve as inspiration! Use the collages as a reference point to find what suits you. And better than that, be sure to check your closet first before shopping for something new. Disney Bounding can be a rather expensive hobby so being resourceful will help you in the long run. Not to mention that I made these collages with the intention of using different items for every single character. But in reality, when I make my Disney outfits, I am constantly reusing the same pieces in different ways. And you should too!

Need more inspo? Read even more Disney Bound outfit blogs!

Affiliate links are included in this blog.

The best Loungefly's for Disneyland Paris

The Best Loungefly’s for Disneyland Paris

You’re going to Disneyland Paris?! Oh mon dieu, how wonderful! Like any Disney park, Disneyland Paris has its own aesthetic and featured attractions. Simply put, it’s unique! And what better way to match the aesthetic of this beautiful park than to accessorize for your trip. Get ready for the best Loungeflys for Disneyland Paris.

What Disney movies took place in France?

There happens to be so many Disney movies that take place in France. Two of which take place in Paris itself!

  • Aristocats
  • Cinderella
  • Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Tangled
  • Ratatouille

The Aristocats and Ratatouille both take place in Paris.

What is unique to Disneyland Paris?

For starters, like all Disney parks, Disneyland Paris’s castle is the only one of its kind! It is also a continuation of Sleeping Beauty’s castle. But don’t worry! It looks nothing like Sleeping Beauty’s castle in Disneyland, Anaheim. There are no castles that are the same.

Secondly, this park has an absolutely incredible Alice in Wonderland maze attraction, the Curious Labyrinth. It’s themed beautifully and fully transports you into Wonderland. Having a perfect outfit for this section of the park would make for some great pictures.

In terms of rides, you can also only ride Crush’s Coaster at Disneyland Paris. This makes cruising the EAC that much more fun! Adding a Crush themed mini backpack would make a great Loungefly for Disneyland Paris.

And for those who love Pirates of the Caribbean (which let’s be real, that’s everyone), they have a whole pirates-themed land. Time to dress in your favorite sea-adventure gear and take some fun pictures!

Lastly, get ready for thrill because you can only ride the heart-racing Avengers Assemble: Flight Force at the Avengers Campus in Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris.


Which Loungefly’s you should get

Based on which Disney movies were set in France and what makes this park unique from other Disney parks, here are my recommendations on which Loungefly’s to get for Disneyland Paris:

This is in no way an exhaustive list. Not only are there more options for the movie titles that I have chosen. But 707 Street adds new Loungefly’s all the time. Not to mention, there are some Loungefly’s that you can get by shopping with them specifically. Including more bags for Disneyland Paris! And if you’ve never been to the City of Light, be sure to read everything you need to do during your first time in Paris.

Want to see some awesome, EXCLUSIVE Loungefly’s? Click here!