3 Things To Know Before Visiting The USA

The United States of America has long been a popular destination for holidays. With its diverse culture, array of places to visit, and countless things to do, it’s easy to see why. That doesn’t mean visiting the USA is the easiest thing to do. Outside of the travel arrangements themselves, you’ll need to worry about a few other factors. It’ll be a bit of a culture shock, after all, so you’ll have to know a few things before you go. While some are obvious, a few others wouldn’t be, making them worth looking through.

Visiting The USA: 3 Things To Know

Visiting Route 66 while in the USA

1. You’ll Need Transport

Depending on where you’re visiting in the USA, you could need your own set of wheels when you’re there. Cities like New York have adequate public transport and taxis, but that isn’t the case everywhere else. It could be more difficult to get around than you would’ve thought, even if you’re only staying for a weekend or even going to Disneyland. Make sure you have an international driving license on you for when you get there. While you might not end up needing this, it’s better to have it, just in case you do. Keep the road rules in mind when you’re driving, and you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

2. You’ll Have Plenty Of Places To Stay

America is one of the largest countries you can visit, which means there’ll be plenty of places to stay. From apartment rentals to St. Pete’s Beach Resorts, it’s worth looking into your options before you book anything. While that could mean digging around a bit, you could find something truly special to book. It’ll be more than worth the time it took you to find it. It might even mean you’ll end up saving yourself a bit of money once you’ve looked around. With how expensive the rest of your holiday can be, it’s worth saving a little whenever you can while visiting the USA.

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While visiting the USA, tipping is expected at restaurants.

3. Tips Are Expected

America’s tipping culture is unlike any other country’s, and you’ll have to be aware of this before getting there. You’ll be expected to tip for practically everything, and it’s seen as rude if you don’t. No matter what kind of service you get, leaving a tip is expected.The only difference is how much of a tip you’ll leave. For a poor service, about 10% to 15% is suggested, with this getting higher and higher for great service. Be prepared to spend a decent bit more than you would’ve thought, especially if you’re eating out a lot.

Visiting The USA: Wrapping Up

Visiting the USA is recommended for quite a few reasons. You’ll take in more than a few sights, get a feel for the country’s diverse culture, and get to grips with countless other things. That doesn’t mean you should just hop on a plane and get going.It’s worth knowing about a few things before you get there, as they can have a large impact on your trip. While that means spending a little extra time looking through things, it’ll impact your vacation and be more than worth it.

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  1. I am from the UK and visiting the United States of America has always been my dream, and now, after visiting it a couple of times, I can agree with this article. The wheels are really needed, it is not like that here in London, for example. If you want to get anywhere in America, you will need a car or anything, because taxi there is far from cheap. Also, aside from that we as tourists were provided with lots of places to visit, we were kind of frustrated over the amount of tips we had to leave. This moment still like “what…” for me hahaha. But I enjoyed visiting the country that is opposite to my culture, but speaks the same language as I do!

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