Top Tips for Traveling with Your Dog

More people are taking their dogs on vacation with them. Especially since 2020! Families just don’t want to leave their furry best friends behind. As such, they’ve adapted the way that they plan their vacations. If you’re thinking about planning a trip with your furry companion, you’ll be pleased to know there are many ways to make it easy. Are you ready to start traveling with your dog with ease.

1. Make sure you have updated vaccinations before traveling with your dog

This one is first because it’s the most important. Make sure your dog is up to date on all vaccinations and rabies shots. New places means new chances for your dog to be exposed to something that could make them sick. And nothing will put a wrench in your travel plans like having to find emergency services for your pup. Not to mention the stress it will put on your dog for being in a strange place and not feeling well. Talk to your veterinarian before traveling with your dog to ensure that the places you are traveling to don’t require additional shots.

2. Get a dog-friendly app

There’s an app for everything, including traveling with your dog. Whether you’re going on a road trip or flying to a foreign country, there are apps that will allow you to locate dog parks, dog cafes, and pet-friendly places to stay and visit. For example, All Trails is an app that allows you to find the best trails for you and your dog to enjoy your walks.

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Pet First Aid is another app that’s useful to download before your trip. In the event of an accident, it allows you to find the nearest vet or emergency pet hospital. There are so many apps you may find useful while on your travels so it will help to do your research before you go.

3. Look up pet friendly hotels

There are more pet friendly places to stay than ever before. Many people assume that if they’re planning a vacation to a certain place they’ll need to leave their dog at home because pets won’t be permitted in hotels or motels. The truth is, wherever you’re going, it’s likely there’s a pet friendly option.

For instance, California is well-known for its luscious beaches and surfing opportunities. If your dog likes jumping on the board with you, don’t leave him at home. There are many options for places to stay, like a motel in Turlock, which has tons of great beaches.

Additionally if you want something nicer, Millennium Hotels has pet-friendly resorts. Popular locations for them include the Biltmore Los Angeles, the Lakefront Anchorage, and the Grand Hotel Palace Rome. You can also get budget-friendly but still nice options with Hilton Hotels and Marriott Bonvoy.

Woman traveling with her dog in a pet carrier backpack

4. Take a pet carrier to travel with your dog

No matter what breed or size of dog you have, they may not want to explore for as long as you. There are many ways you can allow your dog to rest while you still explore your surroundings. Some people like to use dog pushchairs so their dog can lie down and rest.

Other people use pet carriers that look like backpacks. Simply slide your dog into a suit and place the carrier straps over your shoulders. If you have a large dog who is unsuited to pet carriers, you may need to plan your stops so your dog can get the rest they need.

5. Carry all dog essentials

Just like traveling with a child, you won’t be able to leave your hotel without the essentials. The first and foremost being your dog’s leash. Most places will insist that your dog is leashed at all times.

A collapsible dog bowl is ideal when exploring with your furry friend, especially in warm weather. Take a bottle of water with you and offer your dog plenty of fluid throughout the day. If you’re heading to the beach, it can also help to take an umbrella with you to offer your dog some shade should he need it.

If you are doing lots of adventuring or walking, you also may want to invest is dog booties. For hiking on rocky paths, this will help ensure their feet stay protected. Over if you are wandering through street after street, this will protect their pads from the hot pavement.

Dog traveling in the back of a van with a couple

6. Respect that others may not like dogs

A top tip to remember when traveling with your dog is that not all people like dogs. Unfortunately, there are many people who would rather not share the same space with dogs. Be mindful of others, especially young children who can be scared of even the smallest dog.

Keep your dog on a leash when you need to and keep a distance from other people. If others want to approach your dog, make sure your dog behaves well and remove your dog from any interaction that could over excite them or make them respond aggressively.


7. Adjust your insurance when traveling with your dog

If your dog is covered by medical insurance, you may need to inform your insurance provider that you’re traveling. In most cases, it won’t make a difference to your premiums. But your insurer may be able to give you some tips for health and safety while you travel and a list of vets that you could use while you’re away. You may want to take copies of documentation with you in case of an emergency.

You may have to save up your money to ensure you have everything you need for you and your dog. But the major plus side is that traveling with your dog is easier than you think. As long as you’re properly prepared. Now where are you and your pup headed to?

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