Easy Bathroom Remodel Suggestions

If you want to breathe life into your home, then doing an easy bathroom remodel is one of the best ways to do it. Bathrooms are a good place to start because they’re small. This means you can save money on upgrades, but still add value to your home. Even if you only upgrade a little at a time. Of course, you can rip the whole thing out and start again, but it’s not the best idea if you are trying to save some cash. The good news is that with some hard work or the right help from electricians, contractors, or websites like PlumbersStock.com, you can make sure that your bathroom is exactly what you want it to be. So what bathroom remodel ideas should you look at to start?

1. Look at any existing issues first.

This one should be a no-brainer. If your bathroom has a problem, this should be your first priority to fix. There’s no point in replacing flooring if you have a leaking shower or a plumbing issue. If you renovate over a problem, you’ve essentially wasted your money. Because you’ll have to rip out your renovations to fix the underlying issue. That being said, before you start, look around and evaluate everything first. Find and resolve those problems, and move forward from there! Consider modern tapware and plumbing items here because these are going to last you the longest.

white bathroom vanity with plenty of storage

2. Add some storage for easy bathroom remodel.

Bathrooms are notoriously tiny rooms. If you ensure that your bathroom has additional storage, you’re going to end up with a stylish space that is both visually appealing and practical all at the same time. You can do this in a few ways. You can:

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  • upgrade your sink vanity to have more drawers or shelving
  • add a shower caddy to keep your shower clear of obstacles
  • place a laundry basket to keep your floor clear of dirty clothes or towels
  • add an additional bathroom caddy that is separate from your vanity to hold clean towels, toilet paper, or other toiletries

Not all of these additions need to be permanent fixtures. However the permanent fixtures will be the ones that add value to your home. Although storage adds monetary value to the space, it’s the value it adds to your peace of mind that is most important. 

3. Update the look.

This one is probably the easiest of your bathroom remodel ideas. The reason being is that more often than not, you won’t need professional help. The best way to update the look of a tired bathroom is a fresh coat of paint. With it being such a small room, you could easily finish a new paint job in a day. Once you have that paint job complete, time to start decorating to match! With lighting, rugs, and artwork, you can update the entire look of your bathroom. These updates can help you bring it up to a more stylish setting or just update an outdated area of your house.

Easy and valuable bathroom remodel suggestions

4. Look to increase the house value.

Renovations will always add value to your home, but bathroom renovations can really help to give it the edge. Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms of the house. Many home buyers look to the bathroom as a determining factor for their home purchase. Is it too small? Is it not functional? Are the fixtures outdated? You can increase the value with better shower pressure or an upgraded flooring material. Even a simple backsplash in the shower can do wonders! You can then add a higher price to the overall sales value if you have it listed on the market. New bathrooms give you something to enjoy, but it is also a great investment.

And easy bathroom remodel suggestion is to replace the shower head

5. Make it more functional.

Functionality can mean a lot of different things. Maybe it means swapping out the shower head for something more updated. Other times it could mean adding in a second sink so that you and your partner can get ready at the same time. Another idea could be to replace your shower curtain with glass to enclose your shower. Doing upgrades like this can ensure that your bathroom adds functionality and is a preferred space to spend time in. If you have a busy household, then you need to renovate to make it functional to suit the whole family. A simple addition of a laundry basket can help make sure that your bathroom’s floor stays relatively neat.

6. Make it more energy efficient.

When you buy a house, you also buy its problems. Furthermore, you also buy its outdated fixtures. An easy bathroom remodel for this area would be to swap out your lightbulbs for LEDs. But for more intense work, you’ll need the right electrician and plumber. They can help make your bathroom a much more energy efficient place. Lean into being more environmentally conscious with timed shower heads and low flow toilets. You can even use water saving fixtures in the bath and sinks, as well as radiant flooring to make the space much more energy efficient.

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7. Upgrade your child’s safety.

Kids and bathrooms don’t mix without supervision. One of the best renovations that you can make to get it to the next level is to make your bathroom a child-safe place. With slip resistant floors and shower screens, you can make a point of making the bathroom safer for children. This will ensure that you are offering a better space for a family should they be the ones to buy the house when it’s off the market. 

There are so many easy bathroom remodel suggestions to pursue. But the point is that whatever you want to achieve can be done when you plan it out properly. If you want to sell the house, then you know that the upgrades are going to be an investment. If you are just upgrading for your own use, you have to plan your budget and make a renovation plan that makes you comfortable. Toilet suite upgrades and plumbing upgrades are just the beginning!