How to Make an Old House Feel New Again

Old houses have so much charm. They offer more in character because they are far different than the modern cookie-cutter houses you see nowadays. Each house is unique, carrying interesting architectural features that make it stand out in its own way. This alone is why so many people flock to older houses. But how can you make an old house feel new again?

One major issue with old houses is the fact that they sometimes feel stale. This is meant to be your dream home, and it’s a turn-off if it even has a stale smell too. They’re old, so it’s entirely excusable, and just as newer houses can easily be redecorated, it’s the same for old houses too. So, here is how you can make your old house look and feel totally refreshed! 

Embrace the timeless design

While it’s tempting to chase trends, consider embracing timeless design elements that will stand the test of time. Classic colors, neutral tones, and traditional architectural details can enhance your home’s character without feeling dated. There’s a fine line between having a home that looks too modern and too retro. There’s a balance, and it’s usually as simple as combining old and new elements. Think of wall trimming, for example. It’s an old trend, but it’s a timeless one because nearly all spaces can work with this. 

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The exterior is just as important as the interior

This isn’t about the exterior of the house (although that’s going to count). What this means is that how the house operates and how it functions is going to play a major role.  You need to keep in mind that when it comes to old houses, the foundation is very old, the structure is old, and the roof, the siding, the door knobs, and even the pipes are ancient. 

You’re going to need plumbers, roofers, and other handymen that can help you out. So it’s not always about aesthetics, but it’s protecting the house. It’s about protecting the structure, and so on. So, just keep in mind while the interior design of a house matters, functionality matters most because this impacts the general longevity of this house. 

Take a good hard look at the kitchen

Older kitchens just have a certain style, and they’re totally different than modern-day kitchens. Just think back on what an older kitchen looks like; they usually have dark wood everywhere, the cabinets, countertops, you name it. Also, the floors have this super old appearance to them as well. 

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While modern kitchens have this over-the-top white look where everything is marble, the two looks are incredibly distinctive, so why not combine the two? A refresh isn’t always a full kitchen renovation; it can be small, like using adhesives for your countertops. Even switching up the fixtures and finishings can make a huge impact too. 

Be sure to preserve architectural features

This is the lifeblood of an old house. Those unique features that are basically no longer there, that newer homes just lack. Embrace them, let them pop, and do what you can to give them more attention. It’s vital to helping the entire home look better and look more refreshed.

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