707 Street new exclusive Loungefly mini backpacks

NEW Loungefly Backpacks from 707 Street

The uniform of every Disney adult seems to include a Loungefly from their favorite fandom. And the real head-turner is having one of the new Loungefly backpacks before anyone else! It’s good to stay ahead of the game to make sure you can snag the one you want before it sells out. To help you out with that, here are the newest releases from 707 Street as of July 2022. Use the coupon code THANKYOU23 to receive 10% off of 707 Street on orders $150+!

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The newest releases of these awesome mini backpacks

These eight backpacks are just scratching the surface of the newly added merchandise to 707 Street.

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Not seeing a new Loungefly that fits your style?

There are tons more styles, fandoms, and backpacks online. Loungeflys aren’t just for fans of Disney. There is something for everyone! They also have other accessories like wallets, crossbodies, socks, collectible toys, and more. Click any of these categories below to shop those fan-specific products. These won’t cover all products 707 Street has to offer though!

If you want to see more current 707 Street releases, be sure to check out the newest Mickey Mouse Cosplay bag as well as an entire Minnie Mouse Classic Collection! And if you want to see amazing mini backpacks that aren’t Loungefly, check out the incredibly unique bags from Wondapop that are also on 707 Street. Lastly remember to use the coupon code THANKYOU23 to get 10% off of 707 Street on orders $150+.

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