Are Glasses from Pair Eyewear Worth the Hype?

If your Tik Tok ads are anything like mine, then maybe you have seen an ad or two from Pair Eyewear. And if you haven’t heard of them, then you absolutely need to! This review of the interchangeable glasses from Pair Eyewear will definitely change up your perception of wearing glasses on the daily.

Out with the old…

One of the reasons that I won’t get a tattoo is because once it’s there, it’s there forever. I am not really a fan of that level of permanence when it comes to what I put on my body. That also includes my personal fashion and the accessories that follow.

Usually when I purchase glasses, I get the style that I can wear with almost anything. That’s not exactly fun because not every pair of glasses will work with every outfit. And I am not buying multiple pair of prescription glasses for the sake of being able to change them out for one outfit.

And in with the new interchangeable glasses from Pair!

honest review of Pair Eyewear glasses

Enter Pair Eyewear to the sponsored ads that get pushed to my feed every day. (Seriously Pair, are you spending all of your ad dollars on getting your content in front of my face?)

What drew me to their brand was the fact that they had these magnetic top frames that you could place on top of your prescription glasses. The top frames were listed at about $25 a piece for most. That’s a heck of a lot cheaper than buying all new glasses.

I also wanted to get blue light filtering glasses since I spend so much time staring at screens. Pair was the first brand that I found that did this for prescription lens!

How much does Pair Eyewear cost?

I bought the crystal clear Casper prescription frames for $60. I added on blue-light filtering for an additional $49. And because I wanted a way to jazz up my frames, I also purchased a Spider-Man top frame for $30 and a Silver Sparkle frame for $25. I was also able to use a referral code from Pair Eyewear that gave me $25 off of my first order with them! This coupon is only good as long as your order is over $85 before the coupon is applied.

In total, I spent $150 after the coupon and taxes for my Pair Eyewear order! For purchasing glasses, this is an incredible price.

Overall, I adore these glasses and the interchangeable frames. I have even purchased two more frames since my first order: giraffe spots frames and a sunglass topper! I really enjoy being able to easily go from outside to inside without having to change out my glasses. With my glasses from Pair Eyewear, I can just take my sunglasses top frame off and I’m good!

I highly recommend switching to Pair the next time you are considering getting new glasses.

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Bath and Body Works Halloween Collection 2022

Bath and Body Works has really come a long way since 2011. A time when everyone just HAD to have the newest fragrance they carried. Which is why I was surprised to see them as a trending search on Google. This spooky season, people really want to learn more about Bath and Body Halloween 2022!

So let’s discover the 50 plus new items that Bath and Body Works is offering.

Bath and Body Halloween Collection

Their entire collection consists of 10 different scents. Products range from body mist, hand soap, shower gel, body lotion, candles and more! The scents are:

Obviously I can’t smell these scents through the internet. But the label designs are so gorgeous! I have always been a big fan of their scents and fragrances. I have no doubt that this collection is incredible. Not to mention, there is a good range of product types. If you find a scent that you love, then you can round out your home with it!

Bath and Body Works is also well known for their insane deals. With their in-store sales, and after-purchase coupons, it is pretty easy to get locked in an obsession. Currently they have a 5 for $25 mix and match deal for soaps and refills. This is a great way to test a few scents to find your favorite! Not to mention a Buy 3 Get 1 Free deal on body mist and shower gel. Can you see how easy it is to fall down the rabbit whole here? Check out the collection now and be sure to share the deals with your friends!

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NEW Pixar Toy Story Collection from CASETiFY

Once upon a time, OtterBox was the place to get your newest Disney phone case. Now it’s Casetify! Having just launched their newest release, this Pixar Toy Story collection from Casetify is sure to take you to infinity and beyond!

Ready for a little throwback? Following the links listed on this page will allow me to receive a small commission from any purchase’s made on those sites. Using my links do not increase your overall purchase price.

This Disney and Pixar release includes 12 designs featuring:

  • Andy’s cloud wall
  • Woody
  • Buzz
  • Jesse
  • Lotso
  • Forky
  • Slinky
  • the green aliens
  • and MORE!

Casetify has made this collection for the following devices and accessories:

One of the biggest questions I had going from being an OtterBox enthusiast to Casetify was “will their products protect my phone?”. There never seems to be enough options that will truly protect my phone from cracks and drop damage. OtterBox for the longest time was literally your only option for great protection. However, now that Casetify is working with Disney regularly for their collections, OtterBox is out. And Casetify is in!

Keep a watchful eye on more to come from Casetify. They are the best place to get Disney phone and electronic accessories! And to help bring a little magic into your everyday life. In the meantime, see the whole CASETiFY Disney and Pixar Toy Story collection on their website now!

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Evercool from Rest Duvet coupon code

Does Evercool Really Work For Hot Sleepers?

Like Rob Thomas sang in “Smooth” by Santana, man it’s a HOT one! Now that my husband and I own our own condo, we needed an efficient way to cool ourselves at night. And turning the AC way down was not the solution. A cooling comforter was! Specifically the Evercool Cooling Comforter from Rest Duvet. But does Evercool really work?

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About Evercool

Before we even got the Evercool, I had even wondered if cooling comforters even exist. But boy do they! We recently got the Evercool cooling comforter from Rest. Shockingly enough, it has only been available for close to a year now. Since then, it has already been recommended by Healthline and Goodhousekeeping as one of the best cooling comforters of 2023! Based on those two recommendations alone, I was convinced it could help my husband not be a hot sleeper anymore. Honestly he radiates heat and always wants to cuddle me. I love him to pieces but my goodness I cannot stand how hot he makes our bed feel.

Just upon opening the package, we were both shocked at how cool it actually was. It felt like it had just been taken out of the fridge. It is cooler than cotton, bamboo, silk, and Tencel! Not only that, but it was super soft.

And if you think that was all it was good for, there’s more! It’s also got three times the moisture wicking power compared to regular comforters. Hand in hand with that is that it is quick-drying making caring and washing it a breeze. Needless to say, we were excited to see if it lived up to it’s hype. So.. does Evercool really work for hot sleepers?

Evercool cooling comforter from Rest Duvet

Our Trial Run

Our previous solution for hot nights was to swap out our thick comforter for a thin blanket. Although that was a better solution than keeping the thick comforter, it still didn’t help as much. We immediately put Evercool on our bed and kept all of our sleeping habits exactly the same. Same bamboo sheets, same amount of pillows on the bed, and the AC set to 76 degrees.

Hopping in to bed for the first time, it still felt like the comforter was just cold on its own. Both my husband and I slept great that night. I didn’t feel like the bed was overheating because of him being a hot sleeper. I also felt like I had uninterrupted sleep because I wasn’t waking up from being hot.

After trying it for a week, I don’t think my husband wants to go back to any other blanket. He likes to say that he’s a little “cold burrito” when he’s wrapped up in Evercool. And for me, on some nights I felt like it did TOO good of a job and I had to rely on getting another blanket to warm me back up! But I run pretty cold as it is (my husband hates it when I touch him with my cold feet and hands). As an added bonus, our husky also likes taking his naps on our comforter now too, and that’s not something he normally does.

Overall Thoughts about Evercool Cooling Comforter

I would definitely recommend using Evercool to others if you want to sleep less hot, have less night sweat, less waking up due to overheating, or just want to lower your AC bill. And if that bright blue color that Evercool is known for isn’t your bedroom aesthetic, they just released a brand new grey color! In short, yes Evercool really works.

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Reviewing the Portable Movie Projector Cinemood

Read to the bottom for a discount on Cinemood!

As the temperature starts to rise, and spring and summer nights become a haven for spending time with friends outside, have you ever wanted to have a movie night out there with them? I don’t know about you, but I love inviting friends over for a camp fire and some adult beverages. But even more so, I love just having a nice conversation while watching a fun movie or show!

I’m also the type of person to hang out with friends and pretty much use those movies or shows as background noise to a conversation, but it’s also nice to watch something new together!

Now it’s not exactly common for people to have TVs outside, so you would need some sort of projector – enter Cinemood! I have had my Cinemood for about six months now and let me tell you, I love it.

Cinemood is a portable movie projector and connects to your phone for easy mobility through the app. Since I have really only had it during the colder seasons, I haven’t used it as an outdoor movie experience yet. But I love using it to project my shows on my bedroom ceiling. I have also projected it onto a white board in a separate room in my house that didn’t have a TV so my friends and I could chat, enjoy some food, and watch a movie together.

This little projector is small but mighty! It can connect to all your favorite streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube and more! One of the big things they advertise that it can do is entertain your kids with fun, educational games or bed time stories. I also see lots of parents using it as a way to keep their kids entertained on flights or at restaurants. Since I don’t have kids, I just use it to stream shows and movies in more creative ways.

More about the device itself:

  • Its compact for easy transport
  • It has an internal and silent fan that cools the system down
  • There’s about five hours of battery life
  • You can download movies or shows from a service like Netflix, take it to a place that may not have service, and it can stream those shows that you saved!
  • Based on what you are projecting on, you can even adjust the focal setting to get the most crisp picture
  • And my personal favorite, you can even connect it to a Bluetooth speaker so that you can get an even louder volume. I personally think the volume isn’t that loud so being able to get a louder volume with a Bluetooth speaker is a definite plus.

If you plan to take it outside, you definitely will need to set something up to project it on like a white board or a white sheet otherwise it just won’t work to see the show easily. You can also use it to project onto your garage door and do a little mock drive-in type of theater! Also be sure to take care of it when you do take it outside – it’s not indestructible! So be sure to make sure you don’t take it out when it rains and that you don’t put it directly on the ground. That could possibly lead to something tripping on it or kicking it. Easy to say, I personally love my Cinemood 360 and I love the options it provides for getting creative with how we watch content on the go.

This isn’t to say that I am so hooked on television that I can’t live without it for a weekend out and about. However, I love being able to have the option to have my favorite shows so that when my boyfriend and I get to a point in our busy day where we just want to cuddle, we have the option to do that even without a TV.

There are different versions of this device and the 360 version is the second tier. Based on your needs you may want to go to the lower tier or the higher tier!

Whichever product you got, I have got you covered! You can use my code DONNAGAIL to receive $100 off of your Cinemood. This coupon code can be used on any Cinemood product. I am so excited to get even more creative with where my boyfriend and I can connect and laugh over our favorite shows. Next stop, I’m thinking a movie night out in the desert.. 😉

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