Tips to Improve Your Personal Productivity

Staying focused for a task or project can sometimes be challenging. We live in an age full of distractions! Our phone being probably the biggest culprit of our lack of focus. But hey the work still needs to get done. As such, we could all benefit from tips to help us improve our personal productivity.

Why it’s important to improve your personal productivity

When you take on any project, staying both productive and focused is key. If you don’t, you risk making mistakes or even drifting away from it entirely. So many people start out projects with the right intentions, but cannot follow them through due to a lack of focus or drive. This happens a lot with people who try to start a business or try to adopt a new habit.

It’s understandable that with a stressful schedule and plenty of anxiety, you might pause what you are doing for a while. The ones who don’t create are the ones that reach success more often. It’s up to you to make the decision on what kind of person you want to be and what kind of project you want. This kind of thinking extends to everyday life, too, so it’s worth switching your mindset somewhat. If you want sustained productivity and success in whatever you do, here are some ideas:

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Tip 1: Write out each task to improve your productivity

It might sound boring to a lot of people, but this is a great idea for anyone wanting to be focused a lot more. When our ideas are exclusively in our minds, we can sometimes forget and even lose motivation. If we write out our plans and put them in front of us, they become real and we feel as though we must complete them. It may only take five minutes or so, but it can change the course of your entire day – whether you are at work or at home.

Tip 2: Remove all distractions if possible

This is easier said than done because a lot of us will not remove distractions that make us feel more comfortable. For instance, a lot of us will feel as though we need our smartphones around us a lot of the time for one reason or another. If you have a workplace or a setup where there are literally no distractions, you’ll get so much more done. Voice-cancelling headphones are great if you wish to avoid unnecessary noise. If you work glasses, it would also be wise to have the best eyeglasses in order to prevent strain and to help focus. 

Tip 3: Create mental breaks and be mindful

It’s proven that regular breaks actually help us to get more done. People often think that breaks stop us and stifle our momentum, but this isn’t true for most people. Getting back in the right head space can allow us to get so much more done because we’ll feel as though we aren’t anywhere near burnout.

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Tip 4: Set achievable goals to improve your personal productivity

This point is very much like the idea of planning out. If you create achievable goals that you are able to follow through, you will get so much more done. You will feel more motivated to take particular boxes and you won’t feel as though it’s an endless cycle.

Tip 5: Switch between tasks

If you feel that taking a break may hinder your productive, try switching tasks. This can be helpful in times where you might come to a roadblock with one task. Or if you are getting to frustrated with a project. Changing gears and pursuing a different task for some time can help clear your mind. It may allow you to settle down, refocus, and come back to the original task with settled nerves or a new idea.

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