What to Do When Facing a Home Repair Crisis

Broken pipes, a leaky roof, rats in the walls, a malfunctioning fridge? Anxiety level 1,000,000! There are a million problems in your home that could make for a home repair crisis. The real dilemma is: should you call someone to fix it for you, or risk the DIY? How do you know when to call in reinforcements?

Here are some tips to follow when faced with a home repair crisis.

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Assess the Situation

First things first – don’t jump right into a “Code Red” situation. Look at the big picture: is your problem something that needs fixing immediately? Or is it just a slightly inconvenient situation? Most home repairs are minor and don’t require immediate action. Is it something that will cause you collateral damage if done incorrectly? Or can you even do it on your own? Figure out whether you even have the option to choose. Nothing is worse than trying to cut corners to save a few bucks but then causing even more damage to your property.


Your next step will be to google, google, google. If you’re reading this blog, you’re already the type to go to the internet with a problem. Do you have a leaky roof? Look up the symptoms online to see if it’s a problem you can eliminate with a hammer and a few nails. Do you have a hole in your wall? Your friendly neighbor Home Depot workers can give you DIY advice easily!

If your problem is a simple leaky faucet, you can fix it with a wrench and a little know-how. But if your plumbing issues come from a well or a pipe that’s hard to access without serious equipment, consider calling a licensed plumber.

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The Pros and Cons of DIY Repair

Doing it yourself is a great way to save money and learn a new skill, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows when you’re finally getting your hands dirty. Here are the benefits and tradeoffs when experiencing a home repair crisis:


  • DIY repairs tend to be cheaper, especially if you already have a toolbox ready. While many situations require specialty tools and training—specialty tools and training rack up a bill
  • You get to learn new skills and become your own handyman. Having a Macgyver in the house is always a great idea!
  • You’ll have more control over the process. You work on your own schedule and dime. Any mistakes or achievements made will be yours to make.
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  • When making repairs on your own, you risk injuring yourself. You risk falling if you’re repairing a roof or a high-up place. Or, if you’re fixing an electrical unit, you can seriously injure yourself. For a more technical home repair crisis, you will want to leave that to the professionals.
  • You risk making mistakes. You’re less knowledgeable about what you’re doing if you’re not a trained repairman. That means you can make common mistakes that can further damage your home without realizing it. DIY repairs are best for small, local problems. However, if you’re not an expert, you could turn a problem into an even bigger problem.
  • There’s a reason people charge so much for home repair. It’s complex and time-consuming. Even minor problems can take over half a day to solve. You could use that time to do something else that you’d prefer to be doing. 


A home repair crisis doesn’t have to be as stressful as the words seem. A proper assessment of the situation and a genuine consideration of hiring outside help will help you make your decision and also help you understand the crisis a bit more. Understand your situation and consider the pros and cons of calling a licensed professional to both solve your problem and stress out less about it. 

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