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Save $100 Off – Walking Pad Coupon Code

Trying to keep up with your New Year’s resolution? Or maybe you work remotely and need to incorporate some more movement into your life? Walking Pad has you covered with foldable treadmills – perfect for any home size. So there’s no excuse for not trying! Even more so that you can save $50 off Walking Pad with this coupon code.

To save $100 off of Walking Pad, use the code DONNAGAILBLOG.

You have to meet the minimum purchase of $300 to save $100 with this Walking Pad discount code. But that’s pretty easy to do since all of their foldable treadmills are over that price.

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Many people want to bring exercise equipment in to their home but find it difficult to do. Maybe it’s because they have a smaller living area. Maybe it’s because they don’t like the look of clunky equipment. But with Walking Pad you don’t have to worry about either of those things. They have so many sleek, foldable treadmills to choose from. Not to mention, it easy to set-up and breakdown for your home workouts. And who wouldn’t want to save money with a Walking Pad coupon?

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This product is even a great idea for people who want to exercise while watching TV! I always feel guilty after a day spent binge watching my favorite shows. But now, I can get some steps in while I do so. Making binge watching guilt free once again!

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