Staying Safe on Girls Night Out

There is nothing as fun as going out with your girlfriends for a night on the town. Whether you are having dinner or drinks, being able to let your hair down can be much needed. A girls night out can be just what the doctor ordered, but it can come with some stress. Staying safe on a night with the girls is just as important as enjoying the night itself. So to ensure your safety, here are the top tips to staying safe. Some are a good reminder, and other tips could be something you haven’t considered yet!

1. Bring friends everywhere during Girls Night Out

To the bar, to the food joint, to the bathroom, do not go anywhere alone. You and your friends have to travel in a pack to stay safe. It’s important to do that to reduce your risk of having your drink spiked or being targeted by those who have a poor agenda. 

Girls waiting outside of a bar for an uber

2. Use Uber or other ride-sharing services

You should be able to avoid needing the help of the best DUI attorney, and to think about not driving if possible. Other than staying sober and being the DD yourself, your only option for safe girls night out travel is to travel by ride-sharing services. Uber is a great way to travel and ensure that you are able to stay in the group when you travel. It may cost a little extra to go all out. It’s always good to take public transport, but again, don’t travel alone. Also when your Uber arrives, make sure that the driver is the one that asks for YOUR name. Do not approach a vehicle and ask “are you my Uber?” or “are you [insert driver’s name here]?” This could very well open the door to a predator saying yes for the simple act of getting you in their car.

3. Book your Uber or taxi in advance

Making sure that you book cars that will take you home and to venues is smart. No reason to be flagging down cabs or accidentally getting in a car that isn’t a cab or Uber. Absolutely never get into a cab that’s unlicensed. So if you have a few extra moments, make sure the car you are getting in to has a license plate. You need to ensure that you aren’t taking risks. Additionally, booking your car in advance will ensure that you aren’t standing outside for an extending period of time waiting for a ride. That’s one sure fire way to kill the mood after a fun girls night out!

Two women enjoying girls night out at the bar

4. Watch your drinks at all times while enjoying girls night out

When you’re in a busy bar or a club, you need to ensure that you aren’t getting your drink spiked at all. That means keeping a hand over your drink at all times and minimizing anyone getting near it. An extra step since completely covering your drink with your hand may not be possible when dancing is to by a drink cover. You may have seen the ones by NightCap that cover your drink but double as a scrunchie too! They have easily become the “girls night out” secret bestie. They may look dumb on your drink. But when you consider the alternatives for having your drink spiked, this is a much better option.

It can be nice to be offered a drink, but turn down any drinks that you don’t see being poured and handed directly to you so that no one can add anything. Additionally, if you lose sight of your drink for even a couple of minute, air on the side of caution and get a new one.

A group of women staying safe on girls night out

5. Always keep to well-lit areas

Stay out of the shadows as much as you can. And that often means staying in the crowds and where people can see you. Dark alleyways? No way! Shortcut to the car? Absolutely not! You need to be safe on girls night out and planning your routes and staying out of the shadowed areas keeps you very safe. Avoid walking alone down secluded routes, and make a point of being with your friends wherever you go.

6. Have fun but remember to stay alert

With every one of these tips, you will still need to stay vigilant. Be aware of your girls and make sure that the group stays together. When you are in the Uber or Lyft, make sure the driver is following the directions correctly. If you feel like someone at the bar is invading your space, find security. And if you need someone to walk you to your car, again ask security! I know that many people tend to not ask security at a bar for help in these situations. But I promise you, they are aware that they may be called upon to walk people to their car that do not feel comfortable doing so alone.

Your safety is so important on your girls night out so that you can enjoy every second of your time! As much as these tips sound over-the-top, they ensure your safety from people who look to take advantage of others. If you have an iPhone make sure someone has your location. And call a friend if you don’t feel comfortable driving on your own, in an Uber, or if you just need someone to talk to on your walk to the car. All of this and more will protect you and keep you safe!

How To Make Water Taste Better

Have you ever been on holiday somewhere where the water is safe to drink and couldn’t get enough of it? You’ve drunk more water in a day there than you do at home. Then, once you get back, you drink your own tap water only to find it doesn’t have the same freshness or enjoyable taste.  Although many people say that water doesn’t have a taste and that is why they don’t like it, just as many people say that they don’t like the taste of water and that is why they don’t drink it! 

No matter which side of the water taste fence you are on, there is very little else that our bodies crave in order to function at its best. Water quite literally keeps us ticking over – so if you are skipping on the clear stuff because you just don’t love it, here are plenty of ideas to help water taste better.


Consuming too much salt is bad for you, so if you choose to go down the savory route, opt for auditions that are low-sodium and low-fat. Bullions and broths are a great way to increase how much water you are consuming, and it tastes great, too. There are many different options, including vegan broth mixes, so this can be a great way to make your water taste better, and it feels a lot more like a treat, too! 

Filter water to make it taste better

When you head to a spa, a hotel, or even a restaurant, often the water tastes crisp and clean because it has been filtered. The filter takes out strange tastes, heavy metals (thin lead and copper), volatile organic compounds, chlorine, and more. 

There is a noticeable visual and taste difference between water that has and has not been filtered. There are so many options when it comes to how you filter your water, from whole-house systems to single bottles; there is one that will suit your lifestyle. Check out Pure Water Filter Hub for all you need and more! 


Because heat and cold can change how we perceive things, it is possible for you to feel like water with ice in it is fresher and better than tap water served at room temperature. If you believe that this is the case, then instead of making plain water ice cubes, get creative. 

You can freeze fruits and vegetables in the ice, and it will infuse your drink with those flavors, too. You can do this in big batches, which means unlike the fresh version, which will only last a short while even in the fridge, this one will last until your ice cubes run out. 

Here are some flavor combinations for your next ice cubes: 

  • Raspberries in a cranberry juice 
  • Grapefruit and thyme
  • Watermelon and basil
  • Mint and blackberries
  • Honey and lemon


Drinking a lot of tea or coffee will have an adverse impact on your hydration levels. However, opting for a caffeine-free tea can help reduce this impact. Green, herbal, red, and fruit teas are great options for making water taste better – and you can drink them warm or cold. 

Regular grocery stores and health food stores tend to stock plenty of options, but if you want to try something new or more authentic in terms of tea, then head to an international grocery store that stocks goods from Asia. 

To make a cold version, brew two tea bags in more water than usual. Once it has cooled, put it in an empty bottle and put it in the fridge. When you’re ready to drink it, add a few ice cubes. Keep in mind that, unlike store-bought ice teas, these won’t be as sweet, so you’ll likely want to add some sweetener or honey. 


For those who like fizzy drinks like cola or lemonade, water can feel boring in comparison. So, one thing that you can do to help fend off that feeling is to invest in sparkling water. 

Or, if you are prepared to make your own fizzy water all the time, a soda maker might just be the best thing. Natural seltzers and carbonated-flavored water are readily available in grocery stores, and they come in a wide range of options, so you’ll never be bored. 

Add sliced fruit to make water taste better 

The fastest way to stop your water-tasting boring is to add some sliced fruit. One of the most refreshing options is the one that they serve in spas – cucumber or lemon water. The flavor isn’t overwhelming, but it is refreshing. 

As an alternative, you can use almost any fruit – or a mix of multiple fruits! The downside is that it doesn’t generally last very long, so you should only make this if you can drink it all relatively quickly. 
For those who are inspired to take their hydration seriously, a filter can be added during a kitchen renovation: The Ultimate Guide to Upgrading Your Kitchen | Donna Gail Blog.

Dust Mites: A Detriment to Your Health

Houses can be home to lots of little creatures that move in without your permission. Many of these pests are well-known and easy for you to spot. For instance, you know when you have a rodent problem or some birds nesting in your roof. It’s also pretty clear when there’s a wasp or bee infestation! However, there’s one household pest that’s less well-known. In fact, most people are unaware that this pest even exists. It’s impossible to see with the naked eye, yet this tiny pest could be everywhere – and it could be harming your health. Dust mites.

What are dust mites?

These tiny little arachnids feed on dead human skin cells. They are usually found in dusty areas of the home. And because they love warm, humid areas, it makes your bed a perfect place to hide. You probably won’t notice them in your house unless you keep waking up with bites. 

Why are they bad?

What’s the problem with these little mites? Are they like bedbugs in the sense that they just bite you? Well, while the bites can be itchy and irritating, they’re only half the story. Dust mites are bad for your health – particularly if you have allergies or asthma.

The issue with this pest is that it harbors allergens. This can trigger things like allergic rhinitis, causing your nose to get stuffy and dry. In fact, if you wake up every morning with a stuffy nose and can’t seem to figure out why, it could be because of dust mites. Similarly, they can cause symptoms in people with asthma, making it harder for you to breathe. 

How do I know if I have dust mites in the home?

If there’s dust, you probably have dust mites. It’s not a given, but excessively dusty areas that rarely get cleaned can spawn these pests. However, the main way to know if they’re an issue is if you suffer from allergic symptoms or have difficulty breathing. Waking up with a stuffy nose or a cough is a telltale sign for sure – as are the obvious signs of a small red dust mite bite. 

How do you deal with them?

The silver lining here is that having dust mites is not a home crisis. There are plenty of ways to deal with dust mites both by yourself and with the help of others. Some pest control services can come in handy if the problem is severe and no other solutions work. Just remember to use a company that provides eco-friendly pest control methods for a sustainable future, rather than loads of chemicals. 

Before you call them up, make an effort to wash all of your bedclothes – including your comforter –  and thoroughly clean your house. Steam-clean carpets and curtains to kill any dust mites and leave everything nice and fresh. If you Google “dust mite sprays” there are some products that claim to help kill mites as well. These tactics should be enough to deal with the issue. If not, call pest control services.

Helpful tips to be more productive with your computer

Helpful Tips To Be More Productive With Your Computer

Working with a computer today is pretty unavoidable. There are screens everywhere, and your laptop can go everywhere with you. While that makes working easier, you might also want to make your work itself easier too. Here are some helpful tips to be more productive with your computer.

woman frustrated with her computer

Learn How to Use Computer Tools

The easiest way to be more productive with your computer is to learn about your computer. Easy enough right? Your computer has so many useful functions to make your life easy. Learning what shortcuts are available will save you precious time when you need to focus on a project instead of learning how to perform an action on your laptop.  

Here are some helpful tips to know for better workplace results.

  • Record a video – There are multiple reasons why you may need to record something. Maybe you are making a presentation for work or you are creating content for social media. To avoid having your entire computer screen in the video, use the guide from to learn how to create a floating window. This will make your content look cleaner, maintain the privacy of your computer, and lend itself to a clean look overall.
  • Learn Keyboard Hacks – While keyboard hacks are not hacks by definition, they are shortcuts or easy versions of performing the same task you can do with your mouse and a drop-down menu.  

If you use your mouse for every action, it may seem strange to set it aside and use your keyboard and trackpad instead. It may take some time to learn all of them but they are beneficial! Keyboard hacks truly are time-saving tools. They allow you to perform your actions quicker because you don’t need to move your hands away from the keyboard to click a mouse.

  • Use Search Engines Wisely – Don’t know something? Google it. Computer problems can be frustrating. But odds are someone else has already experienced the same things you have and already has the answer to solve it.
Helpful Ways To Be More Productive With Your Computer

Clear Your Cache

Cache is software or hardware temporarily stored on your computer and originates from another party. Its primary function is to aid in loading a website’s content faster the next time you visit it.

By clearing your cache, you delete old forms or web pages stored on your computer, thus allowing the new or updated versions to be uploaded quicker. It also frees up space on your computer by removing the stored files. This will definitely help in being more productive with your computer.

Clear Your History

Your computer’s history is a digital log of every website you have visited while using that computer. If your devices and profiles are synced or linked, the history on one device may also show your entire search history from the others.

Taking a few moments to clear your browsing history is a good idea to protect your privacy. After taking this step, address predictions will no longer populate in your search bar until you have searched for an address again. This is a minor inconvenience that is worth the few seconds it will take to perform another search.

dual monitors increase computer productivity

Split Your Screen

Some people have dual monitors in their workspace. And some may plug in a dual monitor for their laptop. But this might not be something you want to do or purchase. You can easily open two windows at the same time to view simultaneously.

All you need to do is open each program and move it to the size you want by hovering your cursor over the edge of the screen. Next, left-click on your trackpad or mouse while moving your finger (on the trackpad) or mouse to the right or left of the screen. Do the opposite for the other program you wish to open. Play with the size of each screen until they are side-by-side, and fill up your screen for easy viewing. You can do the same with one program on top and the other on the bottom if you prefer.

Pay Attention to Your Body

Sitting or standing in front of a computer screen for too long can cause neck and eye strain. Make it a priority to take breaks to move your body throughout the day. If you are prone to get in the zone and forget, set an alarm to remind you to get up and move around. Take a walk around the office, up and down the stairwell, or around the block if you work from the comfort of your home.

blue light filtering glasses help protect your eyes while working with screens

Eye strain and other discomfort that comes from staring at a computer screen for a long time can be frustrating. Mitigate any problems before they occur by taking breaks and being mindful of how your screen is placed before you. Also consider getting blue light filtering glasses to help with eye strain. If you’re a full-time glasses wearer – don’t worry! You can get your normal prescription with blue light filtering too.

Use these helpful tips and keep learning new things. This will make your tasks quick and easy so you can focus on your job. And, who knows? Maybe all the time you have saved means you can take a half day on Friday!

Tips To Keep Your Home and Family Allergy-Free

Let’s face it – allergies suck. They’re uncomfortable, inconvenient, and downright annoying. And having a powerful defense against irritating airborne substances is critical! Fortunately, there are some easy and effective tips to keep your home and family allergy-free. These could very well help you to keep everyone healthier this season.

Here are some practical recommendations that won’t break the bank:

Identify the allergy triggers in your home

It is important to prevent the buildup of allergens in your home. However, identifying the cause of your symptoms can be challenging. That is where some detective work comes into play. Check carpets, curtains, bedding, pets, plants, and mold growth. Those hidden allergens are everywhere! By recognizing potential triggers, you’ll be one step closer to finding relief and creating an allergy-friendly home environment. Knowing what bothers your allergies is one of the most essential tips to stay allergy-free.

Keep your floors clean

Our floors take a lot of abuse daily, from muddy footprints to pet hair. Regular sweeping, mopping, and hiring carpet cleaner services will prevent allergies and respiratory problems. You can also make your home a shoe-free zone by asking guests or family members to remove their shoes when they enter your home. By taking extra steps daily, you can reduce floor contamination. This will keep your feet safe and create a healthier living space for yourself and those around you.

Improve the quality of your indoor air

Breathing dirty air can cause allergies and other health problems. That’s why investing in an air purifier is so important. Using an air purifier can enhance the air quality in your home or office environment, leading to a healthier and more comfortable living space. These devices filter the air of dust, pollen, pet hair and other irritants to provide us with clean and fresh air to breathe.

Talk to your doctor about allergy medication

If all else fails in your own attempts to reduce your allergies, talk to your doctor. They can recommend over-the-counter or prescription drugs that will reduce inflammation and allergic reactions based on your symptoms and triggers. But remember, not all medicines work for everyone, so consult with your physician before trying anything new.

Invest in allergen-fighting bedding for better sleep

This is about to be one of the biggest, life-changing tips to stay allergy-free this year. Allergens tend to collect in beds. Allergen-fighting bedding uses unique fabrics that reduce the buildup on mattresses and pillows. This makes it an ideal choice for helping create a more comfortable, healthy sleeping environment. Check out the hypoallergenic bedding products from Rest Duvet. You can save 30% off simply by being a Donna Gail Blog reader! Just click the Rest Duvet link.

Be mindful of what you spray in your home

From cleaning products to air fresheners, many rely on aerosol sprays daily to keep their homes smelling fresh. Unfortunately, many of these sprays contain harsh chemicals which may trigger an allergic reaction. To minimize your chances of this, be mindful when using aerosol sprays. Instead, opt for natural alternatives like essential oil diffusers or all-natural cleaning products. After all, there are so many products to choose from nowadays.

Maintain your home’s ventilation

To improve air quality and reduce allergens in your living space, ventilate your home regularly and efficiently. A lack of ventilation can lead to mold growth, mildew buildup, and dust particles buildup. The best solution is to open your windows regularly! Use exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms, or install an air purifier with a fresh air exchange feature. You’ll be amazed at what a difference this makes in indoor air quality!

Your home should be a sanctuary – not a place where allergies follow you. Simply put – you should have an allergy-free home. These are the best and easiest tips to stay allergy-free this season. All without breaking the bank.

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