About Me!

Hello! And thank you for checking out my blog!

My name is Donna Gail (and that’s my middle name, not my last name), I am 26 years old, and I am a born and raised San Diegan! I currently work as a tour operator for the Flightline and Jungle Ropes Safaris at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and in my free time I do this blog and run my small shop on the side! My other interests also include country line dancing at my favorite places around San Diego.

If you have been following me for awhile, then you know how this little page of mine came to be. But for those of you that are new here, I actually started my journey into social media with the start of my small shop, Brand By You, five years ago! With the insane changes made to Instagram in October of 2017, soon me and my page started taking a hit. It pulled my business down, but also it pulled my self-esteem down. I mean this was my career after all and after about a year of struggling against the algorithm, having to get a new job (or two), and all the while trying to hold on to the last bit of sanity I had, I started my blog.

It started as a brand off of my business and focused on Disney topics. But six months into blogging, I got inspired to start talking about my personal life a little more and it was a huge hit! Granted the biggest hit was my huge break-up post, but I enjyed the feeling of creating real content again that people were being receptive too. I loved even more the feedback from people saying that my posts were refreshing, inspiring, and helpful to their own lives.

So here I am, on my own blog-specific site to try to continue these helpful and magcal posts for you! I honestly never thought I would be a blogger, but I am having a great time of doing it. It’s giving me reasons to explore more, to experience more, and to truly live a little more!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being here. I hope there is something here for you.

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