Three ways to Disney Bound on a budget tips

How to Disney Bound on a Budget

As you know from Six Reasons Why You Should NEVER Clear Your Closet Out If You Want To Disney Bound, it is extremely important to never get rid of what’s in your closet because Disney Bounding is a pretty expensive hobby! So how do you make sure you can still keep your Disney Bounds fresh, frequent, and cute but not break the bank? Here’s how you are going to Disney Bound on a budget.

I won’t drag this out any longer, shopping at

Thrift stores are nothing like they used to be

I grew up bouncing from thrift store to thrift store with my mom. The long hours, the disorganized atmosphere, and that weird smell that they all seemed to have all gave me the impression that thrift stores are, in all matters of the word, “icky”.

But over the last few years, I started to see so many people finding adorable Disney finds by shopping at thrift stores. Not to mention, finding pieces that seemed way too new to already be in a thrift store. So I decided to go back and I was so pleasantly surprised with how organized the thrift stores I went to were now!

Since then, I have frequented thrift stores as my go-to for finding Disney Bounds with ease! The bill has always been so cost-friendly and the quality has actually been shockingly good. I guess you can thank fast-fashion for that because that fashion sure turns up in thrift stores pretty darn fast. For those in the San Diego area, my absolute favorite thrift store is Valley Thrift Store. I can’t tell you how many things I have found there, including actual Disney Parks products.

What to consider while thrift shopping

I think one of the biggest things you need to remember while thrift store shopping is to not go in with one specific idea of what you want or need. It’s good to have direction, but it isn’t a good idea to have one exact thing you want otherwise you will walk out disappointed.

The other big thing I think you need to remember while shopping is to remember that you don’t HAVE to shop. What I mean by that is to remember what you have in your own closet at home. There’s no need to waste money on something you can easily incorporate into your outfit that you already have.

Below I have attached some pictures of my content that would not be possible without thrifting:

Carlos Disney Bound from the DCOM The Descendants
Carlos from the Descendants
Olaf Disney Bound inspired from Frozen 2
Olaf from Frozen
Great Disney products found at thrift stores
Not necessarily a Bound, but a perfect example of finding cool Disney merch!

Poshmark has given me a more accurate searching tool for Disney Bounding on a budget

Now, if you can’t find any thrift store finds that suit you or don’t have ones near you, then I highly recommend getting addicted to Poshmark like I have. Through this site, I was able to find the types of pieces that I wasn’t able to find while shopping. Not to mention that I scored an incredible deal on them.

Poshmark listings are pretty much like shopping thousands of thrift stores in an online setting. Not to mention, I can make some side money selling the pieces that I have grown out of or don’t have a need for anymore. {If you want to jumpstart your own closet, use my code DONNA_FAABORG when signing up for a new account and you will receive $10 to spend on the app!}

Here’s some examples of complete Disney Bound outfits that I have found on Poshmark:

Yess from Wreck It Ralph 2 Disney Bound
Yesss from Wreck It Ralph 2
Stromtrooper Disney Bound with Darth Vader crossbody bag
Stormtrooper in Galaxy’s Edge
Dark Side inspired outfit in Galaxy's Edge
A general Star Wars Dark Side look

Shein has a huge catalog to find amazing Disney Bound ideas

Lastly, Shein is an online store that has a huge library of great finds for Disney Bounds. The prices are usually pretty low and there are pages and pages of pieces to explore. The only downside is that some of the item are pretty hit or miss in terms of fit and quality. I really only shop on Shein for more specific things I am trying to find for my Disney Bounds. Below I have attached some pictures of outfits that were put together solely from Shein: (shop these looks by clicking the picture or following me on LikeToKnow.It)

Slave Princess Jasmine Disney Bound from Aladdin
Slave Jasmine from Aladdin
Princess Rapunzel Disney Bound and Legally Blonde crossover
Rapunzel from Tangled and “Legally Blonde” crossover
Ahsoka Tano Star Wars Disney Bound
Ahsoka Tano from the Clone Wars animated series

Use these resources to Disney Bound on a budget regularly!

Overall I am coming to realize that I never should have given away any of my old clothes because I probably got rid of so many great things that I could have used for future Disney Bounds! So as much as your significant others may beg you to empty your closet, just let them know that by cleaning it, that just means you have to spend more to create future outfits.

I hope if you had a similar opinion about thrift stores that this blog will help you give them a second chance. Start shopping and get ready to make some awesome Disney Bounds! Look out for more blogs to get inspiration on how to continue to Disney Bound on a budget.

You Should NEVER Clear Your Closet Out If You Want To Disney Bound

This is for anyone that is being told that they need to downsize their closet. Don’t listen to them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. One of the best Disney Bounding tips? Don’t clear out your closet and here’s why!

Loki Disney Bounding in an elevator
Classy Loki Disney Bound

1. Disney Bounding is an expensive hobby.

By purchasing items that may only work for one character, the shopping bill adds up. Which is why it’s imperative that you don’t get rid of items that could be reused for another picture! For example, this green blazer I bought for a Loki Bound is something I didn’t think I would wear again. But I actually found so much use for it for a Slytherin outfit and countless holiday outfits! Also what if you took a picture of your Aladdin Disney Bound in the parks with Aladdin himself, but now you think it would also be cool to take it on a vacation where you might be visiting some sand dunes? Boom! You get two awesome pictures for the price of keeping one whole outfit.

2. Every new Disney movie is an opportunity to see new characters and make new Bounds.

We have no idea what new characters we will fall in love with in the future and who knows? That one cardigan you donated a month ago would have been PERFECT for that new character! If only you didn’t get rid of it….. And this also applies to OLD shows too! When was the last time you watched That’s So Raven or Even Stevens? It’s possible to get inspired by one of their outfits to do a throwback look! But what you aren’t done with these Disney Bounding tips yet.

3. The more you get involved with Bounding, the easier it will be to come up with new ideas!

Bounding, like any hobby we might have, will only become easier to do with more time and practice with putting together outfits! Inspiration will come easier and new outfits can start appearing out of pieces that we have had in our closets for a long time. So now that one t-shirt and colored pair of pants that you have been hesitant on getting rid of can now be used together for a whole new look that your friends or followers will be sure to recognize!

Ahsoka Tano Disney Bounding with lightsaber
Ahsoka Tano Disney Bound

4. It hurts zero people’s wallet to keep clothes you’ve already purchased.

Ok this reason might be Hoarder 101, but inspiration can come whenever. You don’t want to possibly have to buy something to make the perfect Disney Bound when you already had the perfect thing, but you got rid of it. I can’t tell you how many times I said I would only use something I bought once, but easily found other times to wear it. For example, the outfit I used for Ahsoka Tano (striped blue jeans and a neon orange crop top) is something I never thought I would wear for anything else. Rightfully so – it’s a little outrageous! However, one of my followers pointed out that it would also be a perfect outfit for a Lizzie McGuire Bound of Kate or Miranda when they wore the same outfit!! WHAT!

Miranda and Kate wearing the same outfit in Lizzie McGuire gif
How perfect is it compared to what I was using for Ahsoka Tano?

5. A new relationship is new opportunities for couple Bounds!

Yes, maybe you did a beautiful Ariel Bound, but now you’ve found yourself a Prince Eric and you want him to look the part! (Lucky for your guy, Prince Eric is pretty dang easy for a guy that only owns jeans and plain white t-shirts. Add a red accent piece and his outfit is complete.) So now you can Bound with him for some cute pictures to show everyone just how handsome and supportive he is of how big your closet is! Don’t get rid of your clothes if there is a significant other or best friend that you could easily Bound with and make some cute as frick content.

6. Mix and match to success!

Woman Disney Bounding as Elsa with Olaf graphic and magic snow
Taking the Bound in a more conceptual manner!

There is nothing better than buying a shirt for one character and a pair of pants for another character and finding that the two together make a completely other character. What’s even better than that is using a piece from your closet that you already had because you thought it was cute and now you can use it for a Bound! That will help reduce the cost of a future Bound if you only need to buy one new piece to complete a look than buy a whole new outfit. Even for this Elsa Bound I did, I have had that sweater for about six years. It only dawned on me to use it for a Bound maybe a week ago. Behind the times? Of course. Totally worked for the post? DUH!

The one exception to these Disney Bounding tips

There is one exception to this rule of not getting rid of things in your closet. When clothes don’t fit. This is the absolute only way my boyfriend will ever get me to get rid of my clothes. Other than that, I just get kind of creative as to where I put my clothes.

If you are indeed running out of closet space, what I do is cycle my clothes in and out based on season. If I have a skirt that is great for a Rapunzel Bound but I can’t wear it during the cold seasons, then I can cycle it out for the season. It doesn’t need to be in my immediate closet! I can easily pack into a box with other spring or summer items, and revisit the box in the next season. Out of sight but never far enough away where you can’t get to it if inspiration strikes!

Any way you slice it, keeping your clothes will only help your wallet! Not to mention it will also help you continue to make amazing outfits that other Disney fans will adore!

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