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6 SHEIN Disney Bounds – February 2022

With a new month, we have new inspiration coming in from Shein and the Disney Bounds that we can make! Take a look at these six outfits styled after some of your favorite Disney characters. Shop any of the items listed by clicking their links.

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1. Mushu Disney Bound

It seemed only proper to start this month’s Shein Disney Bounding series off with Mushu considering today starts Lunar New Year!

Red jacket

Yellow top

Red high-waisted pants

Mushu from Mulan Disney Bound
Disgust from Inside Out Shein Disney Bound

2. Disgust from Inside Out

Well this outfit is far from disgusting! I love this two-piece green set and think that styling-guru, Disgust, would love the look.

Two-piece green set

Purple neck scarf

3. Princess Cinderella (from the live action movie)

This outfit is definitely a different take on the classic Cinderella look. But a few perfectly placed butterfly pieces pull this whole Shein Disney Bound together!

Blue butterfly sleeve top

Blue flowy skirt

Butterfly earrings

Live action Cinderella Shein Disney Bounding
Princess Tiana from Princess and the Frog Shein Disney Bound

4. Princess Tiana

My personal favroite princess has got to be this lady right here. And with Mardi Gras right around the corner, why not get prepared for your Disney Bounding needs!

Mint floral dress

Frog ring

Dangly star earrings

5. Kim Possible Disney Bound

A simple outfit, but often hard to perfect. It can be hard trying to find the best pair of cargo pants that Kim Possible would approve of. But these ones definitely do the Bound justice.

Black turtleneck long sleeve

Military green cargo pants

Kim Possible from Disney Channel Disney Bound
Fear from Inside Out Disney Bound

6. Fear from Inside Out

Don’t be scared of this outfit! Everyone would be so ecstatic to see this outfit walking down Main Street or styled in an awesome post on Instagram.

Black-white zip up crop vest

Blue button up shirt

Dark purple pants

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shein Disney Bounds

7 SHEIN Disney Bounds – January 2022

By now you have read How to Disney Bound on a Budget and realize that most all of my Disney Bounds come from pieces that I find on SHEIN. Here are seven complete Disney Bound outfit ideas that you can shop right now on

For an updated 2023 list of Shein Disney outfits, check out A Full List of Disney Bounds – January 2023!

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1. Princess Rapunzel Disney Bound

I’m so glad I left my tower to show you this perfect Disney Bound outfit for Disney princess, Rapunzel!

Pink corset

Two-piece purple jacket and skirt set

Princess Rapunzel Shein Disney Bound
Cruella De Vil Live Action Shein Disney Outfit

2. Cruella De Vil

As soon as I saw this jumpsuit on Shein, I couldn’t help but be reminded of how iconic Emma Stone was in the new Cruella De Vil movie. This outfit could be a great outfit for Dapper Day or a date night.

Polka dot puff sleeve jumpsuit

Red elastic waist belt

3. Princess Merida

It’s January, it’s cold, and plaid thrives in this weather. Get all snuggled up on your own in this jacket perfect for a Merida Disney OOTD.

Long plaid jacket

Velvet emerald green tank

Emerald green pants

Princess Merida Shein Disney Bound
Black Suit Spider-Man Disney Bound Outfit

4. Spider-Man (Black Suit) Disney Marvel Bound

Evil Spider-Man? Yes please! You can even make this a Spider-Man mixed with Venom outfit. Either way it’s a perfect Shein Disney Bound.

Spider web cut out top

Black colorblock pants

5. Princess Belle

I am not a big Beauty and the Beast fan, but seeing this piece on Shein was a must for a Belle Disney Bound. Personally I would also pair this with some thick leggings underneath or even just yellow pants.

Rose headband

Yellow lantern sleeve dress

Yellow suede shoes

Princess Belle Disney Shein Outfit
Tron Program Sam Flynn Disney Bound Outfit

6. TRON Program

Alright, maybe I’m the only one who loves Tron, but I do know that the people who do like Tron are die-hards like me. This outfit is for all of you who loved my Tron outfit that I bought a few years ago!

Black with white contrast two-piece set

7. Princess Aurora Disney Bound

Finally to wrap up this month’s Shein Disney Bound outfits blog is Aurora! There are so many perfect pieces that could have made this outfit what it is, but I just love this blazer so much. here

Baby blue overcoat

Lace long sleeve top

Pink trouser pants

Princess Aurora Sleeping Beauty Shein Disney Outfit

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