Everything you need to know about Sesame Place San Diego

Everything You Need to Know About Sesame Place San Diego

When planning your next San Diego adventure, especially when you have little ones, one activity to consider is Sesame Place San Diego. This theme park is associated to SeaWorld San Diego and is located in Chula Vista at 2052 Entertainment Cir, Chula Vista, CA 91911. Some locals may recognize this is as the old Aquatica Waterpark, located right next to the North Island Credit Union Ampitheatre.

With this being a waterpark, as you can imagine during the summer time, this is a San Diego favorite! Remember to plan your trips accordingly and if you need help, be sure to check out Get Away Today.

What is the difference between Sesame Place and Sesame Street Bay of Play?

Sesame Place is located in Chula Vista and is a themed waterpark. Sesame Street Bay of Play is located inside SeaWorld San Diego and is a section of the park dedicated to all things Sesame Street.

Does it only have water rides?

No! Sesame Place has water slides, theme park style rides, parades, and shows.

Do parents need to purchase a ticket?

Yes. All guests over two years old will need to have a valid ticket for entry.

Is Sesame Place included in SeaWorld San Diego?

That depends on which ticket you purchase! There are tickets for both Sesame Place and SeaWorld combined since they are two separate parks, and then there are also tickets for just a single park. But Sesame Place is not located inside of SeaWorld San Diego. You also do not need to purchase a SeaWorld San Diego ticket before purchasing a Sesame Place ticket.

How many rides are at Sesame Place San Diego?

There are 8 family-friendly rides and 10 waterslides that are all inspired by Sesame Street.

What age is Sesame Place for?

Although it is for all ages, it is generally for kids that are 3 to 10 years old.

Are prices reasonable?

During the off-season, ticket prices are $44.99 per person. Peak season pricing is $84.99 per person. In my opinion that seems a little expensive for a waterpark that is themed solely for small children. But to each their own!

Is Sesame Street San Diego worth it?

Sesame Street San Diego is located inside of SeaWorld. At the end of the day, paying for your SeaWorld San Diego ticket also includes Sesame Street Bay of Play because it is inside of the park. Obviously it is more for families with younger kids. If you’re going to SeaWorld solely for Bay of Play, I would say it isn’t worth it. But the great thing about this situation is that if you truly don’t find it worth your time for you or your kiddos, you have all of SeaWorld left to explore!

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