How to Save on Disneyland Tickets

Is anyone really shocked that Disneyland raised their prices again? I’m not. But if you’re wondering how to save on Disneyland tickets, you’re in luck! The only downside is… there is a ticking clock. You need to act quickly to save money.

So.. how do I save on Disneyland tickets?

You can lock-in the old Disneyland prices and save up to $90 per ticket with my partners at Get Away Today! They were actually able to keep their tickets at the lower price. But only for a limited time! Especially because a lot of Disney-goers are learning about this loophole to save money.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Q: How much will I save by booking by October 20?
A: That will depend on the type and length of the tickets you choose. Savings start at $32 per ticket, but with Disney Genie+ included, you can save up to $90 per ticket!
Q: How long are they valid?
A: Get Away Today’s DISNEYLAND® tickets are valid for travel now – Jan. 12, 2024.
Q: Do I have to know my travel dates?
A: No, just enter a general date to purchase your tickets. That will be the date that Get Away Today sends your reminders to make theme park reservations as early as 120 days prior to travel. Dates are flexible and can be rescheduled.
Q: Can I put these on a Layaway Plan?
A: Because tickets must be paid in full by October 20, Layaway Plans are temporarily unavailable.

Time to Save Big!

There are only a few days left to purchase tickets at this lower price with Get Away Today so you’ll need to act quickly! Because these savings are so massive, they are able to offer these lower prices until Thursday at 10pm MT. If you are purchasing or upgrading your tickets, it is highly recommended to do so before Thursday to avoid the last minute rush.

Even if you are finding this blog well after the last Disneyland ticket price increase, GAT is still your best bet to save on tickets. Historically they are known for having lower prices and great vacation package deals. That being said, check them out to find the best and lowest prices for your Disney vacations!

Visit Get Away Today to lock in your savings now! And share the savings with others!

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how to update my wardrobe on a budget

How to Update My Wardrobe on a Budget

There are a lot of clothing companies out there, but not all of them are budget-friendly. Not to mention if they do end up being affordable, you may be compromising quality for that price. Here are four resources for how to update your wardrobe on a budget

Thrift stores

I update my wardrobe on a budget with thrift shopping
My favorite thrift store in Escondido has helped me find cute things like Disney Spirit Jerseys!

By no shock to anyone, shopping at thrift stores is convenient, local to you, and very affordable. We are also living in an age of VERY fast fashion. It’s so fast that I can’t even keep up. But the great thing about fast fashion is that it turns up in thrift stores even faster. That being said, if you don’t mind being a little being the latest trend, thrift store shopping will be your best friend.

Not to mention, shopping at thrift stores is HIGHLY sustainable. By shopping preowned items you are reducing the amount of water it takes to make a new piece of clothing, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, and reusing perfectly good items. Talk about eco-friendly!

Thrift store shopping has been my personal number one way to update my wardrobe on a budget.

Poshmark or Mercari

Powerful Disney Bound of Marvel's Captain Marvel Carol Danvers
I made this entire Captain Marvel outfit solely off of purchases from Poshmark!

Both of these online shopping platforms are bringing preowned item shopping online. Now there are still plenty of thrift stores that you can purchase from online. But these two apps have the added bonus of allowing you to sell your items that you no longer want. Donating to thrift stores is great, don’t get me wrong. However, some items still retain a high value rate. And what better way to expense your next purchase than by selling some items first to make it happen.

I have used Poshmark before to create amazing Disney Bounds. The ability to search the app for the EXACT thing that I need and in the size that I wear is just not something I can do at a thrift store. Plus I also sold lots of items on the app and turned around to use those funds to buy items through the app. Overall a great experience and again, all the same sustainability advantages!

Clothes swap

Do you have stylish friends? What about a sibling or two? Or a parent that is looking to get rid of something in their closet? GOOD! Then that means you now have access to calling dibs on items that they may want to give up!

Let your friends and family know that if they plan on giving anything away to let you know first. Tell them that you would love to look through their items to see if there is anything that you would like. I know that I definitely have a few friends who have pieces in their wardrobe that I would love to snag if given the opportunity. Odds are they will definitely let you riffle through anything they plan on giving away.

Update your wardrobe on a budget by doing a clothes swap
This rainbow top is courtesy of my friend letting me borrow from her closet!

But remember to be courteous. Always offer to buy the pieces from them. Don’t assume that they will give it to you for free.

PROTIP: You can even ask your friend if you can just borrow that piece that you’ve been eyeing! For someone like me who has a very stylish best friend who is also a content creator, she knows that sometimes I just want to borrow something from her closet for a picture and a post. Odds are she gets it back right after the photoshoot. See? There are so many ways to update your wardrobe on a budget.

Reduce your new wardrobe purchases

Now even after trying to incorporate preowned items into your wardrobe, there will still be times of wanting something brand spanking new. And that’s fine! Keeping to a budget does not mean that you can’t ever treat yourself. It simply means that you plan your budget with that purchase in mind.

So if you can’t reuse, then reduce! When you go through making your purchases for new items, try your best to reduce the amount you buy. Especially if it’s fast fashion. I know that I put together Disney Bounds through the massive catalog that is Shein, and part of that reason is because I can show you items that are easily accessible. But I still encourage you to treat those videos and outfit collages as inspiration. Then take that inspiration to the thrift store or onto Poshmark.

I have used all of these ways listed here to update my wardrobe on a budget. And you can update your wardrobe in a very sustainable way too!

Want more eco-friendly blogs and tips? Read more on Donna Gail Blog.

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how many loyalty points can i earn in myvegas in one day

How Many Loyalty Points Can I Earn in a Day on myVEGAS?

This blog will dive in to how many Loyalty Points that you can earn on each myVEGAS app before your daily green check mark of completion shows up. Don’t know what the green check mark is? Read What is this green check mark on myVEGAS to find out!

If you aren’t familiar with the myVEGAS apps, I suggest that you read my extremely popular blog Making the Most of the myVEGAS apps for an intro into what it is and how to earn. And if you’re already an expert and want to fast-track your success in gaining Loyalty Points, then read the BEST myVEGAS Tips and Tricks.

DISCLAIMER: The amount of Loyalty Points you can earn in a day may depend on certain levels or in-app promotions. This is just my personal experience with the amount you can earn in a single day.

Now let’s get in to it!

There are SEVEN apps you can earn on! Let’s see how many MyVEGAS Loyalty Points you can earn on each in a day.

myVEGAS Slots Loyalty Points

The amount you earn in Loyalty Points every time you fill up your Loyalty Meter will be based on your in app level. Currently I am Level 380 and I earn 400 Loyalty Points every time I fill the meter up. Higher bets will fill your Meter up faster. I also receive 400 Loyalty Points simply for doing my daily login. You can earn up to 4,600 Loyalty Points on myVEGAS Slots in one gaming day.

POP! Slots

The amount you earn in Loyalty Points every time you fill up your Loyalty Meter will be based on your in app level. Currently I am Level 37 and I earn 200 Loyalty Points every time I fill the meter up. Higher bets will fill your Meter up faster. You can earn up to 3,000 Loyalty Points on POP! Slots in one gaming day.

myVEGAS Blackjack

The amount you earn in Loyalty Points every time you fill up your Loyalty Meter will be based on your in app level. Currently I am Level 47 and I earn 110 Loyalty Points every time I fill the meter up. Higher bets will fill your Meter up faster.

And be prepared to spend A LOT of time on this app to reach the cap. The meter actually has to be filled up 5 times in order to award your Loyalty Points. And after spending half a day trying to reach the green check mark, I never succeeded and gave up. You can earn around 5,000 Loyalty Points on myVEGAS Blackjack in one gaming day.

Konami Slots Loyalty Points

The amount you earn in Loyalty Points every time you fill up your Loyalty Meter will be based on your in app level. Currently I am Level 168 and I earn 400 Loyalty Points every time I fill the meter up. Higher bets will fill your Meter up faster. You can earn up to 4,800 Loyalty Points on Konami Slots in one gaming day.

myVEGAS Bingo

The amount you earn in Loyalty Points is a FIXED amount and does NOT increase with your level within the app. Every time you fill up your Loyalty Meter it will award you 50 Loyalty Points. Now, this app is VERY different from earning on the other apps. Where the other apps fill up the Meter based on your bet amount, this app is on a TIMED Meter.

Open the app and your Loyalty Meter will change from a faded version of the Meter to a full color version of the Meter and that is the Meter filling up. It fills up all the way in a minute and a half and then it will award you the 50 Loyalty Points. This means that you literally do not even need to play the game to earn Points. As long as the app is open, it will award Loyalty Points! You can earn up to 3,000 Loyalty Points on myVEGAS Bingo in one gaming day.


MGM Slots Live

Similar to myVEGAS Bingo, this Loyalty Points meter is also on a timer. However, when you first open the app, it will start by giving you 100 Loyalty Points every time you fill up the meter. But, it will slowly increase that amount the longer you spend on the app. By the time that you are close to your cap, it will be rewarding you 300 Loyalty Points every time you fill it up. Open the app and play, or open the app and do nothing – either way you will get the points! It fills up all the way in two minutes when you first start playing in your day, and three minutes by the time you get close to the end of your gaming day on the app. You can earn up to 3,900 Loyalty Points on MGM Slots Live in one gaming day.

myVEGAS Slots on Facebook Loyalty Points

The amount you earn in Loyalty Points is a FIXED amount and does NOT increase with your level within the app. Every time you fill up your Loyalty Meter, it will award you 10 Loyalty Points. You can earn up to 1,075 Loyalty Points on myVEGAS Slots on Facebook in one gaming day.

In short, you can earn a grand total of 25,375 Loyalty Points across all myVEGAS apps in one single day!

Want to see what kind of free rooms you can score by playing these games? Check out my free room from the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas here!

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What is the green check mark on my vegas apps

What is the Green Check Mark on myVEGAS?

If you are here, then odds are you have been playing the myVEGAS apps. Furthermore, you are seeing a little green check mark next to your Loyalty Points tank. So what is this green check mark that you are seeing on myVEGAS?

What is this green check mark?

Simply put, that green check mark means you have maxed out your potential to earn Loyalty Points on that specific myVEGAS app. You have reached your myVEGAS daily limit. These apps are smart and they know to put a cap on your limit for earning Loyalty Points in a given day so that you can’t just be consistently earning Points all day nonstop.

Once you see that green check mark, you will not be able to earn anymore Loyalty Points on that specific myVEGAS app. Want to know how many Loyalty Points you can stack up in a single day? I’ve got the answer!

Does this mean I can’t earn more Loyalty Points on other apps too?

Absolutely not! Just because you see the green check mark on one app does not mean you will automatically be done on other apps. If you are playing all of the myVEGAS apps (read up on How to Make the Most of Earning on myVEGAS here), then there is still potential to earn.

This green check mark only shows your daily limit for that specific app. Once you see the green check mark on one app, you can still easily open up one of the other apps and keep playing to earn more Loyalty Points!


When will the green check mark disappear for me to start earn again?

Like any limitation, it does not last forever. The green check mark will disappear at the start of the next gaming day. Thus beginning a new myVEGAS daily limit. Unfortunately I have yet to determine the exact time that the gaming day resets. However an easy rule to follow is that if you start playing at 12pm and you see the check mark at 5pm, then don’t start playing again until 12pm the next day. This way you will know at least on your end that it has been a full 24 hours.

But of course, feel free to check in with the app if you are curious to see if the check mark is gone. I am also not sure if the gaming day resets for ALL apps at the same time or if each app has a different gaming day restart.

Need more myVEGAS questions answered? Check out the myVEGAS FAQs!

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Girl cups her fiancé's arm showing her engagement ring

My Cost-Friendly, Lab Created Engagement Ring

Behind every loving relationship is the daunting financial task of purchasing an engagement ring. But it doesn’t have to be. My engagement ring with 2 carats that had professional jewelers fooled with how perfect the diamonds were for the price was only $1,700. How was it so cost-friendly? Because I have a lab-created engagement ring!

Following the links listed on this page will allow me to receive a small commission from any purchase’s made on those sites. Using my links do not increase your overall purchase price.

The average cost of engagement rings

The old bar that was set for the cost of an engagement ring was three month’s salary. Maybe it’s just my personal preference, but that’s pretty expensive! The average that American couples spent on an engagement ring in 2020 was $3,756, which is less than the $7,829 average couples spent in 2018! I am seeing other reports saying that $6,000 is also a fair, average price to pay for an engagement ring, and right now I am floored by those numbers.

So what are lab-created diamonds and why are they so inexpensive?

Well to be honest with you, they are exactly what they sound like. They are diamonds created in a lab. So yes, these diamonds are real, but no they were not dug up from the ground by someone. Everything about these diamonds has been perfected in a lab – color, cut, clarity, and carat. These can all be made to the exact specifications of what the buyer wants. Even when I took my ring in to a jeweler, the only reason they could tell that the diamonds were lab-created was because the inside of the band says “Lab Created”. Other than that, they said they would have had no idea. And if that isn’t validation without the price tag, then I don’t know what is.

Not to mention for my sustainability lovers out there, these rings are just that – ethically made and sustainable products! No need to worry about where your diamonds came from, or if mining workers were exploited or underpaid for their work. These diamonds are real, reliably sourced, and made in a safe environment. And who wouldn’t love the price difference on lab-created diamonds?

Where my fiancé bought mine

Kay Jewelers! Originally, I was looking at a very similar ring at Jared that was not made with lab-created diamonds, but somehow Cody knows what I like more than I do and picked this perfect one out for me with Kay. Even more so to compare pricing, the one I picked out at Jared was about $3,000 and was half a carat less in weight, and Cody bought my lab-created engagement ring at Kay for $1,700 and it also included a lifetime warranty on all the diamonds. Even looking at my ring right now on Kay Jewelers, it’s actually only $1,300!

Here are some other examples of lab-created engagement rings on Kay Jewelers (all are linked):

Overall, I adore my ring and I really don’t give a hoot about the diamonds being lab-created because they are perfect. And let’s be real, no one ever walks up to you and asks if your diamonds were created in a lab or if they were dug up from the ground. At the end of the day, they’re still diamonds!

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