Improve the customer experience as a money lender

Improve the Customer Experience as a Money Lender

The customer experience is vital in any industry. In fact, over 70% of consumers will stop doing business with a company if they feel the customer experience is lacking. This can be especially important for those in the finance world. Particularly the money lending sector. If people feel that you don’t have their best interests at heart or are making it more complicated than necessary to access your services, chances are, no matter how attractive your options are, they will look elsewhere. So how do you improve the customer service experience as a money lender?

Lending money to a customer

How easy is your process?

Before you do anything, you must continually test your application process and look at how your services impact others. Are potential borrowers able to access information and applications online? Do you need them to send over reams of complicated information and jump through multiple hoops? In a digital age, people expect instant gratification, which is no different when accessing loans, credit cards, or even remortgaging their homes. They want convenience, and they want it now. You need to be able to offer an easy process for applications to make your products more attractive to borrowers.

Be sure to run your tests on mobile devices. Over 90% of people use their mobile phones to make digital purchases and applications. If your process is not easy to use or isn’t compatible with a mobile device, your numbers will suffer. You can even create a money lending app to have borrowers be able to take care of their accounts, applications, and repayments all in one safe and secure place.

Review your information from client’s perspective

Most people don’t understand all of the technical jargon associated with the financial world. And you can’t expect them to – even if they are working with you. So if you don’t clearly explain things in a way they can easily understand, it doesn’t matter how easy the application process is; they will move on and check out another lender.

You need to carefully review the information you are putting out into the world. This will ensure that people looking to make credit applications understand everything involved in lending money from your organization. From APR rates to repayment terms, to default fines for late payments, how you run credit checks, and how their credit can be affected should their account become delinquent. Make sure to present all of this information in easy-to-understand terms. This will ensure that everyone can understand and go into lending with confidence.

Flexible work arrangements in customer service experience

Work on flexibility

Much like anything in the world, people’s needs are likely to change on a whim. While the premise of a loan or credit card application will likely remain the same, the reason people need to borrow money and how they can repay can change. Different circumstances can require faster access or increased loan options and additional financial products to support their changing needs. Lenders need to be aware of the economy and the factors influencing lending. You will need to be flexible in offerings and adjust your lending to meet these changes. Offering increased flexibility in products and terms can attract borrowers and help you improve the customer experience as a money lender.

Conclusion on how to improve the customer experience as a money lender

The customer experience is essential no matter what your business is. If you fail to meet customer expectations at any stage, you will likely lose some customers and damage your reputation too. It isn’t always about the money; a dent in your brand reputation can be hard to recover from, even if you do the work and make the necessary improvements. Your best course of action is to preempt anything that can negate the process for consumers and improve the customer experience before they encounter glitches or flaws in the system. Focusing on this can help you run your business better and be able to tackle problems before they happen.