2023 Disney Halloween Merchandise You’ll Love

July 31 is officially now the earliest that a Disney park has ever decorated for the season. Walt Disney World, we’re look at you! They can all but break the rules of the summer season, but yet Disneyland has to wait to get spookied up until September 1? Make it make sense! Not to worry though. If you, like WDW, are ready for pumpkins, fall, and everything orange, shopDisney is ready with you! See the best of the best of the 2023 Disney Halloween merchandise.


This new merchandise has just hit shopDisney as of August 7, at 8am PT. These items are sure to go fast as people have already been on the lookout for them and waiting patiently to snag. If you’re seeing this, you’ll need to make your purchase soon for fear of it disappearing mysteriously…

shopDisney Halloween merchandise for 2023

Night Mare Before Christmas

shopDisney just released a brand new line of Nightmare Before Christmas merch for 2023 Disney Halloween time. Over 100+ items for this spooky yet merry movie. Here are some things that are absolutely sure to sell out from this collection:

Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion isn’t just one of the most popular rides. It’s also the name of the newest Disney movie! And no, Eddie Murphy isn’t in this one. As such, shopDisney has done the prudent thing and added a lot of Haunted merch for 2023 Disney Halloween. This is only a small amount of this collection:

Classic Candy Corn

Candy corn colors have always reigned supreme on shopDisney. From Loungefly’s to ears to clothing, the orange, yellow, and white color combination makes everyone go crazy! The 2023 Disney Halloween season is no exception to this craze. Here are some of the favorites:

All the 2023 Halloween Merch is Available Now!

There are over 550 Halloween products currently on shopDisney. We obviously will not be able to cover them all here! But you’ll need to hurry! All collections have officially been released and area already selling out even though it’s only been a short time since they have been on the site. Popular items like Spirit Jerseys and Mickey Jack o Lanterns are sure to be the first to go. Get yours before they disappear!

Wear these items in the park, to one of the Halloween parties in the park, or in the comfort of your home town! There’s also plenty of products to use in your home to bring the spoopy vibes.

707 Street Exclusive Loungefly collection featuring five different Minnie Mouse mini backpacks

The Latest Minnie Mouse Loungefly Collection is DREAMY

Maybe you don’t keep an eye on 707 Street, but after today you will. Because they have finally finished releasing their newest Loungefly collection featuring Minnie Mouse. This collection of five different Loungefly’s gives Minnie a classic and sophisticated look. Making it truly the perfect accessory for the pastel park princess. And yes, you can ONLY get this collection exclusively at 707 Street. Read below for a coupon code too!

Iridescent Sky Minnie Mouse Loungefly Collection, a 707 Street exclusive backpack

Iridescent Sky Minnie Mouse Loungefly

Iridescent products are slowly making a comeback. And that has never been truer than with this collection starting with Iridescent Sky.

Elegance mini backpack. Has a teal colored material, white bow, and shiny silver Mickey shaped studs.


Yes it looks fairly similar to Iridescent Sky. But, it is a matte material. Not to mention, it kind of gives off Tiffany and general bridal vibes. I guess that’s why it’s called Elegance!

The Sweetheart Minnie Mouse Loungefly Collection, a 707 Street exclusive backpack.

The Sweetheart 707 Street Exclusive

Are you making a Minnie Mouse Disney Bound? What about going to Sweetheart’s Nite at Disneyland? Heck you could even use this bag for a Bella Disney Bound too! The Sweetheart Loungefly is sure to add some classic glam regardless of the outfit.

Sakura Loungefly from 707 Street, an exclusive backpack. Has a pink and white colored gradient, white bow, and shiny silver hardware


Pastels aren’t just for spring. And anyone who says so is wrong. The faded tie dye spots on this bag really add an extra razzle dazzle. There are so many shopDisney products, including Spirit Jerseys, that you could match with the Sakura Minnie Mouse Loungefly.

Strawberry Macaron Minnie Mouse Loungefly Collection, a 707 Street exclusive backpack

Strawberry Macaron Minnie Mouse Loungefly

Lastly, and probably the most deliciously named, is the Strawberry Macaron. Bright solid color pinks are perfect for any Disney cutie. It is a little bold, but so is Minnie so it works.

Although all five of the Minnie Mouse Collection Loungefly’s are the same style with different colors, each one has a different look and feel. And anyone who frequently puts Disney outfits together will know the need for diversity in accessories. Just imagine the Disney Bounds you can put together with each? And just remember that these bags are exclusive to 707 Street. That means that you will never find these bags in the Disney parks. So be sure to keep an eye on their site because they are always adding new favorites!

Want a 707 Street coupon code? Use the code THANKYOU23 to get 10% off of your order of $150+.

Thrifyland 101 Anaheim thrift store

Trending Anaheim Thrift Store: Thriftyland 101

Are you a Disney adult? Do you also like thrifting? Good thing you said yes for both because the hot, trending Anaheim thrift store, Thriftyland 101, is the perfect place for you!

Where is Thriftyland?

It is located at 842 N Euclid St, Anaheim, CA 92801. That’s just ten short minutes away from Disneyland!

The parking situation is a little confusing, at least it was for me. But I parked in the neighborhood that was adjoined to the same block and walked the short distance inside.

What does this Anaheim thrift store offer?

Being so close to Disneyland, I’m sure you can imagine what it’s specialty is. You guessed it – Disney merchandise. Some of them are directly from the Disney Parks and still have the tags on them! Jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, and tees for everyone. They also offer a number of different Disney toys and plushies.

This isn’t the entire store though. Only about half of the store’s products are Disney brand. Not only did I buy myself a Disney shirt, but I got a plain, black v neck long sleeve. What can I say? I needed to update my wardrobe with some non-Disney picks.

Thrifting is a great way to live a sustainable life. Giving these clothes new life keeps the cycle going. It also keeps these clothes out of landfills. It’s amazing that Thriftyland is offering places for Disney fans to come together to get merchandise on a budget.

What are the prices like?

Prices are very fair! Normally when shopping Disney items at thrift stores, they tend to not even really be marked off. I was happy to see that these prices were very affordable. Even the ones that still had tags on them were priced reasonably.

I wonder how many awesome Anaheim thrift stores like Thriftyland are out there?

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The Best Disney Christmas Decoration for 2022

If Halloween can be discussed two months before the day, then so can the holiday season. Especially when Disney does it too! We may never get to the same level of holiday decorations as the Disney parks do, but we can try. Without further ado, here are the best Disney Christmas decorations this year!

Indoor Decor

If you’re like me and only have the interior of your condo to really decorate, then also like me you’re going to be all over this list.

Outdoor Decor

There are a lot of outdoor decor at Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Walmart. If you’re looking for those big pieces for your yard, those three stores would be your go-to.

Having some jolly Disney Christmas decorations is a great way to bring some of the magic in to your home. Especially if you can’t make it in to one of the parks this season. No need to have FOMO! Create your most magical experience in your very own home. Enjoy!

Now that your home is holiday ready, time to get your gift list done! Get some Christmas gift inspiration here!

Christmas 2022 Gift Guide

The holiday season is fast approaching. And this Christmas 2022 Gift Guide will help serve some great inspiration. That way you can get your shopping done early! Gifts for him, for her, for them, and even for the littles.

By no means do you have to get the exact things that I link here. But rather, use what I give to help aid your search for that perfect something!

Links on this page may be affiliate links. Affiliate links do not affect your purchase price.

For Him

Whether it’s a personal gift or a gift that you can both benefit from, this is a solid list. I even got my husband this exact air fryer for Christmas last year and he loves it. It’s so easy to use that I also love using it!

For Her

When thinking about holiday gifts for her, think about longevity. What will last her a long time? What will be a staple in her closet? Answering those questions is what led to these selections for this part of the Christmas 2022 Gift Guide.

For Them

These gifts are for anyone who may identify as non-binary and may not want a traditional, gender-associated gift. Or just safe gifts that anyone on your holiday gift list may enjoy!

For The Littles

I found so many great products on Macy’s. And a great resource if you want personalized products for anyone in your life, give Personalization Mall a gander too!

Share this gift guide with someone (if only to give them a hint at what you want..).

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