Threads App: A New Social Platform by Instagram

Social media managers everywhere are cursing. Creators everywhere are cheering. Look out universe – a NEW social media platform is here! And it’s already making waves and bringing up some great questions. So let’s dive in to Threads and get to know it a little more. Because trust me, you will want to know.

About the new Threads app

Threads is a new social media platform created as an extension (of sorts) of Instagram. But with a twist. Once you download the app and log in to your profile, it will be pretty clear that this app is a spin off of Twitter. Because it’s owned by Instagram, creating your profile is easy. You can import it directly from Instagram with no muss or fuss.

Now you’re probably wondering about gaining followers. Or even just getting the followers that you already have on Instagram to follow you on this app. Good thing they have simplified that too. When you first log in and are connecting your Instagram account to Threads, it will ask you if you want to follow the same people on your Instagram Following list. A simple “yes” and you’re on your way to growing your followership with the same incredible people that follow you on Instagram!

Better yet, if some people who already follow you joined the Threads app before you did, they actually are waiting at the bottom of your notifications for you to accept their request to follow you. This will only happen directly after you have created your account. After that, anyone on your following list that downloads the app and accepts to follow their same following list will start popping in automatically. Like I said, no muss and absolutely NO fuss!

What’s different about this app compared to others

Well here’s the thing, nowadays you can only make some many “different” apps. And Instagram has always been known for taking bits and pieces from other apps to make their experience “better”. They took inspiration from SnapChat and made Instagram Stories. They took inspiration from TikTok and started Reels. Now they’re coming for Twitter with the Threads app. You’ll find very soon after scrolling your Threads feed that this is a different landscape than Twitter.

Since it is so new, take this information with a grain of salt as this app will surely make some big changes in its lifespan. The absolute BIGGEST difference to note for Threads is (drumroll) hashtags don’t exist. Yes, you read that right. No, it’s not time to start hyperventilating (yet). Threads is advancing the social sphere by getting rid of those nasty hashtags and instead banking on relevant content to show you exactly what you want to see. Or so that’s what the hope is. Don’t worry, there is still a search function so if need be you can still find something you are looking for.

On your feed, you will see a lot of content from the people you do know and follow. But you will also see a healthy portion of content from people that you don’t follow. There is currently no option to just see the content from the people that you do follow. You will be able to tell who you don’t follow because on the bottom right of their profile picture icon will be a “+” sign.

There is also no Explore tab. Which means you are quite literally at the mercy of scrolling your feed to see any and all content. That or you search for content specifically.

At this time, there is no information on which content will perform better than others. Is it strictly word-based content? Picture? Video? Who knows. But it is labeled as “Instagram’s text-based conversation app” so as long as the content is sparking conversation of some sort, you must be doing something right!

How will I be able to succeed on the Threads app?

The tone on Threads is 1000% different than any I have seen anywhere else. It honestly feels like a complete reset. A fresh start. Threads, although a sister app to Instagram, is all about sharing YOU. And no I don’t mean sharing “your brand”. As a creator sometimes those lines get blurred. But think about Wendy’s on Twitter – absolutely unhinged and unapologetic. Threads should be like that for everyone. You are encouraged to post whatever you want. But remember – the key to success is going to be authenticity. You will want to show your followers that side of yourself that you may hold back on with other platforms.

It’s about sharing random, funny moments or thoughts. It’s about creating conversation with others. And it’s about sharing your life on a deeper, more personable level than Instagram. This is not to say that brands on this platform won’t succeed because that is not the case. It will just mean that you may see brands taking on a different tone on this app. I have already seen so much content from the brands that I follow that I do not see on Instagram. It’s more off-hand, humorous, and conversational. Take after them and other fun creators and let your hair down! Enjoy the casualness of it all.

Final thoughts on the new Threads app

Once you download the app and start Threading, you’ll notice that this truly does feel like a breath of fresh air. Get involved with the conversation on your feed. Not only with your friends but with brands too! You can share memes, gifs, a quick thought, or you can link to your blog, outfit details, or literally anything else. Joke around, have fun, share your little moments in life, and honestly just live your best social media life. You can download the Threads app on the Apple and Google app stores. And be sure to follow me!