Staying Safe on Girls Night Out

There is nothing as fun as going out with your girlfriends for a night on the town. Whether you are having dinner or drinks, being able to let your hair down can be much needed. A girls night out can be just what the doctor ordered, but it can come with some stress. Staying safe on a night with the girls is just as important as enjoying the night itself. So to ensure your safety, here are the top tips to staying safe. Some are a good reminder, and other tips could be something you haven’t considered yet!

1. Bring friends everywhere during Girls Night Out

To the bar, to the food joint, to the bathroom, do not go anywhere alone. You and your friends have to travel in a pack to stay safe. It’s important to do that to reduce your risk of having your drink spiked or being targeted by those who have a poor agenda. 

Girls waiting outside of a bar for an uber

2. Use Uber or other ride-sharing services

You should be able to avoid needing the help of the best DUI attorney, and to think about not driving if possible. Other than staying sober and being the DD yourself, your only option for safe girls night out travel is to travel by ride-sharing services. Uber is a great way to travel and ensure that you are able to stay in the group when you travel. It may cost a little extra to go all out. It’s always good to take public transport, but again, don’t travel alone. Also when your Uber arrives, make sure that the driver is the one that asks for YOUR name. Do not approach a vehicle and ask “are you my Uber?” or “are you [insert driver’s name here]?” This could very well open the door to a predator saying yes for the simple act of getting you in their car.

3. Book your Uber or taxi in advance

Making sure that you book cars that will take you home and to venues is smart. No reason to be flagging down cabs or accidentally getting in a car that isn’t a cab or Uber. Absolutely never get into a cab that’s unlicensed. So if you have a few extra moments, make sure the car you are getting in to has a license plate. You need to ensure that you aren’t taking risks. Additionally, booking your car in advance will ensure that you aren’t standing outside for an extending period of time waiting for a ride. That’s one sure fire way to kill the mood after a fun girls night out!

Two women enjoying girls night out at the bar

4. Watch your drinks at all times while enjoying girls night out

When you’re in a busy bar or a club, you need to ensure that you aren’t getting your drink spiked at all. That means keeping a hand over your drink at all times and minimizing anyone getting near it. An extra step since completely covering your drink with your hand may not be possible when dancing is to by a drink cover. You may have seen the ones by NightCap that cover your drink but double as a scrunchie too! They have easily become the “girls night out” secret bestie. They may look dumb on your drink. But when you consider the alternatives for having your drink spiked, this is a much better option.

It can be nice to be offered a drink, but turn down any drinks that you don’t see being poured and handed directly to you so that no one can add anything. Additionally, if you lose sight of your drink for even a couple of minute, air on the side of caution and get a new one.

A group of women staying safe on girls night out

5. Always keep to well-lit areas

Stay out of the shadows as much as you can. And that often means staying in the crowds and where people can see you. Dark alleyways? No way! Shortcut to the car? Absolutely not! You need to be safe on girls night out and planning your routes and staying out of the shadowed areas keeps you very safe. Avoid walking alone down secluded routes, and make a point of being with your friends wherever you go.

6. Have fun but remember to stay alert

With every one of these tips, you will still need to stay vigilant. Be aware of your girls and make sure that the group stays together. When you are in the Uber or Lyft, make sure the driver is following the directions correctly. If you feel like someone at the bar is invading your space, find security. And if you need someone to walk you to your car, again ask security! I know that many people tend to not ask security at a bar for help in these situations. But I promise you, they are aware that they may be called upon to walk people to their car that do not feel comfortable doing so alone.

Your safety is so important on your girls night out so that you can enjoy every second of your time! As much as these tips sound over-the-top, they ensure your safety from people who look to take advantage of others. If you have an iPhone make sure someone has your location. And call a friend if you don’t feel comfortable driving on your own, in an Uber, or if you just need someone to talk to on your walk to the car. All of this and more will protect you and keep you safe!