What industries are growing fastest?

Looking to get hired (or start a new business) within a booming niche? What about starting a blog or creating content around popular topics? From 2020 to 2023, we have seen huge advancements and big changes in how we go about our day to day life. In big part, thanks to the advancements of these fast growing industries. Below are just some of the niche industries that are taking off right now – and how to get involved.

Artificial intelligence is one of the fastest growing industries

AI is taking 2023 by storm. We’re looking at you Chat GPT. And just like the old saying goes: “Innovate or die”. And boy are companies and brands using AI to innovate like crazy. As such, artificial intelligence is easily one of the fastest growing industries right now.

AI programs are now able to do everything from writing novels to creating digitally-generated realistic photos from a couple of text prompts. Have you seen the insane work that the new Generative Fill function on Photoshop is doing? To think that this is merely the start of its advancements is wild. AI is rapidly developing and will likely have all kinds of practical applications in the future that we cannot fathom right now.

Data scientists and machine learning engineers are becoming more in demand and could be ideal careers for tech-savvy individuals. Of course, there are many other roles that AI firms need to fill that don’t require technical knowledge. This includes talent sourcing, help desk support and general marketing. Alternatively, if you’re ambitious, you could consider creating your own AI programs. But of course, starting your own AI program could be tricky in this fast-paced industry. Unless you have a great understanding of AI as well as launching a brand, it may just be better to get in to this industry by getting a job with a company that is already off and running.

Solar energy

If you live in the burbs, then no doubt you’ve had numerous salespeople come to your door to talk solar. It’s been on everyone’s radar for years. And as of recently is finally becoming less of a luxury and more of a common household energy solution. Solar energy is likely to be the primary energy source of the future.

More homeowners and business owners are choosing to install solar panels on their properties. And as such a growing number of trained solar panel engineers are being required to keep with this demand. Solar farms are also becoming a popular alternative to fossil fuel power stations, including community solar LMI projects that provide solar power to their local area. Starting your own solar farm could be an option to consider if you have the available space. Alternatively, there are all kinds of other roles to consider within the solar industry including manufacturing, suppling, and marketing.


Let’s give a round of applause to 2020 for this industry being one of the fastest growing. In a time where in-person treatment was only for absolute emergencies, doctors everywhere currently to telemedicine. Telemedicine involves providing remote medical assistance to patients. This includes virtual appointments with doctors and nurses, remote sale of pharmaceuticals, and remote monitoring. If you have a background in healthcare, a telemedicine career could be something worth looking into. Especially because being fully remote will allow more flexibility in your schedule. There are also many opportunities for those working in tech including helping to create and manage telemedicine portals, as well as creating new machinery to monitor patients remotely.

Home automation

IoT (or, Internet Of Technology) is becoming increasingly integrated into homes. This includes smart heating, smart AC, smart lighting and smart home security. You could get into this industry by working for a firm that installs such tech in homes. Alternatively, there may be the option of launching your own home automation home development service. Those with a tech background may even be able to help engineer IoT technology for homes such as new fancy appliances or even more advanced heating systems. When it comes to energy efficiency with appliances, we as a society are still far from the end of the line. That being said, there is huge opportunity to produce the next big thing in smart home technology.

Cybersecurity: a fast and popular growing industry for a job

As tech becomes more advanced, so must cybersecurity. The growth of IoT technology will require new forms of cybersecurity to be developed. AI is also a major risk factor that cybersecurity firms are having to consider . ‘Good’ AI will need to be consistently developed to fend off the ‘bad’ AI. Cybersecurity firms will need to hire more tech experts to help protect against the increasing risks. Of course, there are many other cybersecurity roles that will need filling too from cybersecurity marketing to cybersecurity HR. Eager entrepreneurs with a tech background can even consider starting their own cybersecurity firm. Which could include providing IT support for companies or developing cybersecurity software.

All of these industries are growing fast for a reason. Because as we advance ourselves and society, technology is never far behind. In some cases, it can feel like it’s moving faster than we can adapt! And for some, they may feel like these advancements make them feel like they want to be farther from these tech changes. But it will only keep advancing and as such we must advance with it. Getting a job or starting a business in one of these fastest growing industries will surely lead to success!