Disney Character meet and greet with Princess Tiana on the Mark Twain

Character Meet and Greets BACK at Disney Resorts!

The moment every Disney fan has been waiting for.. Character meet and greets are coming back to the Disney Parks!

This has been news many have long awaited since the Parks reopened after COVID. Many even believed that these more personal, one-on-one moments would never be brought back. But Disney has just announced that these special interactions will be coming back April 18! It seems that this change will happen at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Aulani, and their Disney Cruise line.

How is this any different from what they have already offered guests?

Many character interactions from the last year or so have been socially distanced. This didn’t allow guests to give hugs or have more personalized interactions with these characters. But the ropes are dropping, the hugs are coming back, and no longer will guests have to shout at their favorite characters to try to have a conversation with them!

But I thought this was only going to be available for Galactic Starcruiser?

Galactic Starcruiser is Walt Disney World’s new immersive Star Wars hotel experience. In this experience, guests were able to interact with the onboard characters without masks from either the guest or the character. Many Disney fans were furious as this was a change that hadn’t made its way into the Park. Because of that, many believed that Disney’s money-grabbing ways were getting the best of them. News circled fast that the only way to get a character hug now was to spend $6,000 to be a part of this experience.

But now with this news we are learning that the magic of normalcy will be coming back to the Parks for ALL Disney loving park-goers. mark your calendars because this change is coming 4/18!

What are your thoughts on this big change? Leave a comment!

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how to find Disney stuff on Shein

6 SHEIN Disney Bounds – March 2022

Disney Bounding can be intimidating if you don’t know how to tackle it. And you might even be here because you are wondering how to find Disney stuff on Shein! This website is a catalog of fantastic picks that result in numerous possibilities of outfits for Disney characters. Lucky for you, I am here to help with your search. This month’s character picks come from my loving fiancé who gave me a list and now I’m giving you the outfits!

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1. Gaston Disney Bound

We love a good gender-bend Disney Bound, right? And with a villain we just love to hate (or hate to love..).

Red vest

Mustard blouse

Brown high-waisted pants

Gaston Disney villain Bound
Pocahontas Disney Bound

2. Pocahontas

Finding Disney stuff on Shein becomes easier when they offer so many two-piece sets. And this was the perfect one for such a strong character like Pocahontas.

Two-piece skirt set

Turquoise necklace

Red clutch wallet

3. Russell from Disney Pixar’s “Up”

The Disney Bounding options must be explored! Use the scarf as a neck tie or tie it around your crossbody. You can even use just the top and shorts as a Alberto (from “Luca”) Disney Bound too!

Yellow button up tie top

Brown shorts

Orange and yellow tie dye scarf

Brown crossbody

Russell Disney Bound from Up. How to find Disney stuff on Shein
Dr. Facilier Disney villain Bound

4. Dr. Facilier

Who doesn’t love a good villain’s outfit? Wear this Shein Disney Bound by leaving the button-up open.

Plum button-up

Purple crop top

Plum high-waisted pants

Red bracelet

Skull and crossbones necklace

5. Elsa Disney Bound

If I was going to do an Elsa outfit, then obviously I needed to do her Frozen Fever version for spring time!

Green dress

Flower hair clips

Pink daisy belt

Queen Elsa from Frozen Fever Disney Bound. How to find Disney stuff on Shein
Sulley Disney Bound. How to find Disney stuff on Shein

6. Sulley from Monster’s Inc

Sulley, Sullivan, Kitty – he goes by many names! Not going to lie, this character outfit gave me a run for my money! I think it would come together well if you tied up the button up just at the waist line of the pants.

Polka dot button-up

Lilac halter tank

Mint high-waisted pants

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How to find Disney items on Shein

6 SHEIN Disney Bounds – February 2022

With a new month, we have new inspiration coming in from Shein and the Disney Bounds that we can make! Take a look at these six Shein.com outfits styled after some of your favorite Disney characters. Shop any of the items listed by clicking their links.

For an updated 2023 list of Shein Disney outfits, check out A Full List of Disney Bounds – January 2023!

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1. Mushu Disney Bound

It seemed only proper to start this month’s Shein Disney Bounding series off with Mushu considering today starts Lunar New Year!

Red jacket

Yellow top

Red high-waisted pants

Mushu from Mulan Disney Bound
Disgust from Inside Out Shein Disney Bound

2. Disgust from Inside Out

Well this outfit is far from disgusting! I love this two-piece green set and think that styling-guru, Disgust, would love the look.

Two-piece green set

Purple neck scarf

3. Princess Cinderella (from the live action movie)

This outfit is definitely a different take on the classic Cinderella look. But a few perfectly placed butterfly pieces pull this whole Shein Disney Bound together!

Blue butterfly sleeve top

Blue flowy skirt

Butterfly earrings

Live action Cinderella Shein Disney Bounding
Princess Tiana from Princess and the Frog Shein Disney Bound

4. Princess Tiana

My personal favroite princess has got to be this lady right here. And with Mardi Gras right around the corner, why not get prepared for your Disney Bounding needs!

Mint floral dress

Frog ring

Dangly star earrings

5. Kim Possible Disney Bound

A simple outfit, but often hard to perfect. It can be hard trying to find the best pair of cargo pants that Kim Possible would approve of. But these ones definitely do the Bound justice.

Black turtleneck long sleeve

Military green cargo pants

Kim Possible from Disney Channel Disney Bound
Fear from Inside Out Disney Bound

6. Fear from Inside Out

Don’t be scared of this outfit! Everyone would be so ecstatic to see this outfit walking down Main Street or styled in an awesome post on Instagram.

Black-white zip up crop vest

Blue button up shirt

Dark purple pants

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