How to Create a Star Wars Disney Bound

Whether you’re going to Batuu, the Empire Strips Back, or any other Star Wars related event, you may want to consider dressing the part. A Star Wars themed Disney Bound will be sure to make your outfit take focus! But it can be a little daunting to create an outfit from scratch. Especially when modeled after costumes from a galaxy far, far away. Not to fret, that’s what I’m here to help you accomplish with ease!

Look over these classic Star Wars characters and use the links to get the exact outfits for yourself. Or you can use these collages as inspiration while you shop in thrift stores or in your own closet.

Star Wars character Disney Bounds

Light Side Jedi inspired outfit

Light Side Jedi

To make your look a little more fashionable, add a nice cape coat in tan or brown! You can also purchase actual Jedi robes in Galaxy’s Edge.

Dark Side Sith inspired outfit

Dark Side Sith

The great thing about this outfit is that it’s essentially the Jedi look but different color options from the online store. Great for a bestie duo look!

Princess Leia in white Star Wars Disney Bound

Leia in white Star Wars Disney Bound

Wouldn’t you know it – they don’t really make dresses with hoods on them. Weird, I know. So you have to get a little creative for this one!

Chewbacca Star Wars Disney Bound


You will probably want to try this Star Wars Disney Bound out during the winter seasons.

Han Solo Disney Bound for women

Han Solo

You could also swap this belt out for a garter holster belt to hold your blaster!

Luke Skywalker on Tatooine inspired Star Wars outfit

Luke Skywalker on Tatooine

Do you like Luke, or do you just like staying cool during the hot days in the parks? The galaxy may never know.

Baby Yoda Grogu Disney Bound for women

Grogu – Baby Yoda

Yes I am reusing the same pants from the Luke look. Why? Because doubling up on looks will really help you to Disney Bound on a budget!

Darth Vade Star Wars outfit

Darth Vader

If the cape looks familiar, it’s because it’s the same one used for the Dark Side Sith bound. But Darth Vader is easy – just wear all black with some hints of silver!

Din Djarin Mandalorian Disney Bound

Din Djarin – Mando Star Wars outfit

Mando is a little more difficult to make a simple Disney Bound for. But you can always add more accessories if needed. Also I would recommend wearing a cami under the silver tank.

A lot of these Star Wars Disney Bounds can also be accessorized with Loungeflys for a finishing touch. I recommend checking out 707 Street as they have tons of exclusive Loungefly backpacks and wallets. Use the code THANKYOU23 to get 10% off of your order of $150+ on 707 Street too!

Because Disney Bounding can tend to be an expensive hobby, I try to find different ways to Disney Bound on a budget. Sometimes even just using one unique item can help you Disney Bound for multiple characters! Most of the outfits that I make for any Disney Bound, especially for Star Wars outfits, always leads me to the thrift store. But additional resources can be used. I like using Shein because it offers a large catalog of items making it very easy to find exactly what you envision.

However, your biggest resource to start will always be your closet! get creative with the items that you already own. Who knows – you may already have a complete look waiting for you to take to Batuu.

A full list of Shein Disney Bounds outfits

A Full List of SHEIN Disney Bounds – January 2023

I have written so many Shein Disney Bound blogs and, with it, provided a great list to choose from. However, it’s time to update the list! And this time, I am focusing on park-friendly outfits. By park-friendly, I mean that you can easily and comfortably wear these into any Disney park. But don’t think jeans and a t-shirt. These Shein Disney outfits are for those who love looking cute in the park. Who love making Disney content. Who always attend Dapper Day every year. Sound like you?

If so, then here is a MASSIVE list of characters for your next SHEIN Disney outfits:

Marie from the Aristocats

Dare to be classy during your next park day with this cute Shein Disney Bound of everyone’s favorite lady.

Captain Hook

We love a good villain gender bend Disney Bound! To mimic Captain Hook’s hook hand, you could always get a silver glove for one hand.


Next time you find yourself on Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, you will need this perfectly on point outfit.

Russell from Up

This is a great outfit for summers in the parks. Especially when you prefer function over flare. Be sure to do a character meet and great with Kevin!

Jane from Tarzan

Jane’s outfit closely resembles Belle’s. The key to make the distinction is to have the purple bandana. And having a monkey plushie would help too!


You’ll love this Shein Disney outfit as much as Gaston loves his reflection. And I’m sure he would agree.


Tiana is FINALLY getting the love she deserves in the park. Not only with a brand new ride, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, but with a new restaurant at Disneyland too!

Mickey Mouse

We all need a classic character to Bound every once in a while. And it doesn’t get more classic than the main mouse himself.


I know what you’re thinking. “A corset isn’t park-friendly.” But this is perfect for Dapper Day. Or for those who like dressing up while in the park!


I am seriously adding everything to my cart as we speak. There could not be a more perfect Shein Disney Bound for Spider-Man than this.


Belle’s defining accessories are going to be books and roses. Be sure to have the classic rose-colored pop of color to make the distinction!

Ralph from Wreck It Ralph

Wreck It Ralph is definitely an underrated movie. Give it some love with this Shein Disney outfit!


One of the most famous scenes in Sleeping Beauty is the “make it pink, make it blue” scene. You can use one of these sets or both to create some really fun transition content. Or you can mix and match them!


Playboy, billionaire, fashion icon. Turn heads while you’re saving the world. Getting apperloth items are great for superhero Disney Bounds.


Remember that your Disney Bound essentially comes down to how you accessorize. Make sure your Merida outfit has some sort of bow and arrow accessory!

Black Panther

If that isn’t the perfect shirt for Black Panther, then I don’t know what is. Keep it simple with mostly black with some slight pops of silver.


Again, this shirt SCREAMS R2-D2. And although the listed items come from Shein, I personally would opt to get the exclusive R2-D2 Loungefly from 707 Street to complete the look.

Although all of these Disney inspired outfits are from Shein, this is not your only option. I make most all of my Disney Bounds by purchasing clothing at the thrift store. If anything this list should serve as inspiration! Use the collages as a reference point to find what suits you. And better than that, be sure to check your closet first before shopping for something new. Disney Bounding can be a rather expensive hobby so being resourceful will help you in the long run. Not to mention that I made these collages with the intention of using different items for every single character. But in reality, when I make my Disney outfits, I am constantly reusing the same pieces in different ways. And you should too!

Need more inspo? Read even more Disney Bound outfit blogs!

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shein Disney Bounds

7 SHEIN Disney Bounds – January 2022

By now you have read How to Disney Bound on a Budget and realize that most all of my Disney Bounds come from pieces that I find on SHEIN. Here are seven complete Disney Bound outfit ideas that you can shop right now on

For an updated 2023 list of Shein Disney outfits, check out A Full List of Disney Bounds – January 2023!

What follows are affiliate links.

1. Princess Rapunzel Disney Bound

I’m so glad I left my tower to show you this perfect Disney Bound outfit for Disney princess, Rapunzel!

Pink corset

Two-piece purple jacket and skirt set

Princess Rapunzel Shein Disney Bound
Cruella De Vil Live Action Shein Disney Outfit

2. Cruella De Vil

As soon as I saw this jumpsuit on Shein, I couldn’t help but be reminded of how iconic Emma Stone was in the new Cruella De Vil movie. This outfit could be a great outfit for Dapper Day or a date night.

Polka dot puff sleeve jumpsuit

Red elastic waist belt

3. Princess Merida

It’s January, it’s cold, and plaid thrives in this weather. Get all snuggled up on your own in this jacket perfect for a Merida Disney OOTD.

Long plaid jacket

Velvet emerald green tank

Emerald green pants

Princess Merida Shein Disney Bound
Black Suit Spider-Man Disney Bound Outfit

4. Spider-Man (Black Suit) Disney Marvel Bound

Evil Spider-Man? Yes please! You can even make this a Spider-Man mixed with Venom outfit. Either way it’s a perfect Shein Disney Bound.

Spider web cut out top

Black colorblock pants

5. Princess Belle

I am not a big Beauty and the Beast fan, but seeing this piece on Shein was a must for a Belle Disney Bound. Personally I would also pair this with some thick leggings underneath or even just yellow pants.

Rose headband

Yellow lantern sleeve dress

Yellow suede shoes

Princess Belle Disney Shein Outfit
Tron Program Sam Flynn Disney Bound Outfit

6. TRON Program

Alright, maybe I’m the only one who loves Tron, but I do know that the people who do like Tron are die-hards like me. This outfit is for all of you who loved my Tron outfit that I bought a few years ago!

Black with white contrast two-piece set

7. Princess Aurora Disney Bound

Finally to wrap up this month’s Shein Disney Bound outfits blog is Aurora! There are so many perfect pieces that could have made this outfit what it is, but I just love this blazer so much. here

Baby blue overcoat

Lace long sleeve top

Pink trouser pants

Princess Aurora Sleeping Beauty Shein Disney Outfit

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A style guide on how to Disney Bound on a budget

Disney Bound on a Budget with One Blue Jumpsuit Outfit

Disney Bounding can be quite the expensive hobby. Even if you regularly shop for new outfits at thrift stores or PoshMark, it still adds up. But even just one great item can help you update your wardrobe on a budget. One blue jumpsuit can be transformed into three different characters for Disney Bounding outfits! blue Disney Bound outfit

Yess from Wreck it Ralph Disney Bound. Big fuzzy blue jacket with a bright red purse and blue heart sunglasses

Disney Bound #1: Yess from Wreck It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet

I originally bought this blue outfit for a Yess Disney Bound, and similar to the big blue floofy jacket, I didn’t think it would find anything other use for it. I paired the outfit with a red Harvey’s bag with some heart bag charms and a pair of heart-shaped blue glasses.

Jacket: Poshmark

Blue Heart Sunglasses: Amazon

Red Fuzzy Bag Chains: Amazon

Red Harvey’s Bag: Poshmark

Disney Bound #2: Captain Marvel

A simple approach to such an iconic female Marvel character! I put on my red leather jacket, a pair of gold wedges, and a gold necklace. Doing a Disney Bound that has as much flare as her suit would have been near impossible, but just imagine me living my best life walking around Avengers Campus!

Red Leather Jacket: Thrift Store

Gold Necklace: Thrift Store

Gold Wedge Heels: Poshmark

Captain Marvel Disney Bound. Red jacket, blue jumpsuit, and gold sneaker wedges.
Sadness from Inside Out Disney Bound. Wearing a oversized white knit sweater over jumpsuit.

Disney Bound #3: Sadness from Inside Out

It’s pretty difficult to find blue pants that aren’t just a pair of blue jeans. Solution: Use a blue jumpsuit and just pop a comfy sweater on over it and BAM! Now you are rocking one comfy Sadness Disney Bound! Honestly though, this was an extremely comfortable outfit and I would have no problem rocking it for a day lounging at home.

White Knit Sweater: Thrift Store

blue Disney Bound outfit

One simple purchase of a blue jumpsuit outfit turned into so many cute Disney Bounds. And I’m sure the list could continue with even more! You will still need some accent pieces to pull off the look to make sure people know who you are trying to convey. However, this is a great lesson in reusing items to continue bringing a fresh look to your Park days, your style gallery, or your social media. Check out more great tips on How to Disney Bound on a Budget. Because one of the biggest ways to save is to not spend!

Do you have any other Disney Bounding suggestions or any questions on how you can put something together? Drop your comments below!

Three ways to Disney Bound on a budget tips

How to Disney Bound on a Budget

As you know from Six Reasons Why You Should NEVER Clear Your Closet Out If You Want To Disney Bound, it is extremely important to never get rid of what’s in your closet because Disney Bounding is a pretty expensive hobby! So how do you make sure you can still keep your Disney Bounds fresh, frequent, and cute but not break the bank? Here’s how you are going to Disney Bound on a budget.

I won’t drag this out any longer, shopping at

Thrift stores are nothing like they used to be

I grew up bouncing from thrift store to thrift store with my mom. The long hours, the disorganized atmosphere, and that weird smell that they all seemed to have all gave me the impression that thrift stores are, in all matters of the word, “icky”.

But over the last few years, I started to see so many people finding adorable Disney finds by shopping at thrift stores. Not to mention, finding pieces that seemed way too new to already be in a thrift store. So I decided to go back and I was so pleasantly surprised with how organized the thrift stores I went to were now!

Since then, I have frequented thrift stores as my go-to for finding Disney Bounds with ease! The bill has always been so cost-friendly and the quality has actually been shockingly good. I guess you can thank fast-fashion for that because that fashion sure turns up in thrift stores pretty darn fast. For those in the San Diego area, my absolute favorite thrift store is Valley Thrift Store. I can’t tell you how many things I have found there, including actual Disney Parks products.

What to consider while thrift shopping

I think one of the biggest things you need to remember while thrift store shopping is to not go in with one specific idea of what you want or need. It’s good to have direction, but it isn’t a good idea to have one exact thing you want otherwise you will walk out disappointed.

The other big thing I think you need to remember while shopping is to remember that you don’t HAVE to shop. What I mean by that is to remember what you have in your own closet at home. There’s no need to waste money on something you can easily incorporate into your outfit that you already have.

Below I have attached some pictures of my content that would not be possible without thrifting:

Carlos Disney Bound from the DCOM The Descendants
Carlos from the Descendants
Olaf Disney Bound inspired from Frozen 2
Olaf from Frozen
Great Disney products found at thrift stores
Not necessarily a Bound, but a perfect example of finding cool Disney merch!

Poshmark has given me a more accurate searching tool for Disney Bounding on a budget

Now, if you can’t find any thrift store finds that suit you or don’t have ones near you, then I highly recommend getting addicted to Poshmark like I have. Through this site, I was able to find the types of pieces that I wasn’t able to find while shopping. Not to mention that I scored an incredible deal on them.

Poshmark listings are pretty much like shopping thousands of thrift stores in an online setting. Not to mention, I can make some side money selling the pieces that I have grown out of or don’t have a need for anymore. {If you want to jumpstart your own closet, use my code DONNA_FAABORG when signing up for a new account and you will receive $10 to spend on the app!}

Here’s some examples of complete Disney Bound outfits that I have found on Poshmark:

Yess from Wreck It Ralph 2 Disney Bound
Yesss from Wreck It Ralph 2
Stromtrooper Disney Bound with Darth Vader crossbody bag
Stormtrooper in Galaxy’s Edge
Dark Side inspired outfit in Galaxy's Edge
A general Star Wars Dark Side look

Shein has a huge catalog to find amazing Disney Bound ideas

Lastly, Shein is an online store that has a huge library of great finds for Disney Bounds. The prices are usually pretty low and there are pages and pages of pieces to explore. The only downside is that some of the item are pretty hit or miss in terms of fit and quality. I really only shop on Shein for more specific things I am trying to find for my Disney Bounds. Below I have attached some pictures of outfits that were put together solely from Shein: (shop these looks by clicking the picture or following me on LikeToKnow.It)

Slave Princess Jasmine Disney Bound from Aladdin
Slave Jasmine from Aladdin
Princess Rapunzel Disney Bound and Legally Blonde crossover
Rapunzel from Tangled and “Legally Blonde” crossover
Ahsoka Tano Star Wars Disney Bound
Ahsoka Tano from the Clone Wars animated series

Use these resources to Disney Bound on a budget regularly!

Overall I am coming to realize that I never should have given away any of my old clothes because I probably got rid of so many great things that I could have used for future Disney Bounds! So as much as your significant others may beg you to empty your closet, just let them know that by cleaning it, that just means you have to spend more to create future outfits.

I hope if you had a similar opinion about thrift stores that this blog will help you give them a second chance. Start shopping and get ready to make some awesome Disney Bounds! Look out for more blogs to get inspiration on how to continue to Disney Bound on a budget.