How to Develop Your Taste in Art

Like wine, art is an acquired taste. Sure anyone can appreciate a great picture of the ocean or a painting of a Disney character. But how do you develop your taste in art when it’s something deeper? Art is an expressive form with the ability to transcend cultures and languages. Whether it be through paintings, sculptures, or photography. Although many appreciate art equally, others may remain indifferent or find it hard to comprehend. So let’s learn how one can broaden their tastes for creativity and appreciation through art!

Understanding the basics

In order to appreciate art, you have to learn its foundational elements. Understanding what makes an artwork great or a particular style or movement valuable can deepen your appreciation of them. You can easily do this just be learning more about a particular piece. What was the intent of the artist? Is it conveying a specific historical event? Are the colors or shapes symbolic? Start with color, shape, perspective, and composition before enrolling in an introductory art history course or reading books about art history. Once you comprehend these fundamental components, you will be able to appreciate even small details in any piece you see!

Tour museums and galleries

Exposing yourself to different art forms is key to expanding your palate, and visiting museums and galleries provides the ideal environment for this development. When attending exhibitions, take your time observing each work of art while reading up on its creator’s inspirations and intentions – seeing art in person brings it alive, sparking emotions you wouldn’t otherwise experience just seeing it online or in print form.

Discuss art with others

Art is subjective, and everyone perceives it differently. I know, what you’re thinking though. “I don’t want to be that art snob that wears fake glasses and a scarf.” Movies and TV shows definitely show a certain perception of the type of person who enjoys art. While some choose to really dive deep into the culture of art, you don’t have it. You could even just go to an art gallery with some friends and talk about which ones you like the most. Which ones you find the funnest, the most colorful, or the ones you would hang in your house. It doesn’t have to be all about discussing the “deeper meaning”. Furthermore, discussing it with others can broaden your horizons and help you see its value from various angles. You would be surprised by how you may start to perceive different pieces.

Develop your unique eye

The goal to develop your taste in art should be finding pieces that resonate with you. Whether that’s on an emotional level or just something that catches your eye visually. A key step toward this is to experiment with various styles, techniques, and themes until you discover your preferences. Even if these differ from what most consider as “good art.” Your personal preferences doesn’t have to be bound by popular opinion. And you shouldn’t have to explain yourself for liking certain things! Love what you love, take risks, and explore your style! Try different media, colors, and textures before investing in more expensive works of art. You can also buy wall art which provides the ideal platform to try pieces before investing in more expensive pieces!

Work on your own interior décor

Nothing will help train your eye and lock in your personal style than decorating your space! Whether that be a whole house or just your office area. Finding what you like can be daunting and possibly expensive. The goal here isn’t to buy a pricey piece right out the gate. Instead go to places like Target, Marshalls, Wayfair, or Amazon to shop. Start by buying things that aren’t expensive or large. From there you will be able to work your way up to more expensive or larger pieces. But nothing is worse than committing to a large piece that you end up having no place for. Or worse – nothing that compliments it. It will also help to bring reference pictures of the space you are decorating along with room measurements. This will not only help you stay within style criteria but also scale criteria.

Create your own art

Making art yourself is one of the best ways to expand your art appreciation. Even if you don’t consider yourself creative, taking some time out of your day to make something will deepen your appreciation of art. By understanding the process of creation, you’ll appreciate all of the efforts an artist puts into their artwork while understanding from their perspective and appreciating art from both perspectives. You can even create art to give to others as a gift. It’s thoughtful as well as personal!

Establishing your taste in art can be an enriching journey. By understanding its fundamentals, visiting museums, discussing it with others, and creating your own work of art, you will open new avenues of creativity and appreciation when it comes to art. Remember, there are no right answers or styles- it all comes down to personal taste! Pablo Picasso said, “Art was made for soul cleansing.” So as you explore it, keep in mind the basic elements while letting your perspective guide your appreciation.