Helpful tips to be more productive with your computer

Helpful Tips To Be More Productive With Your Computer

Working with a computer today is pretty unavoidable. There are screens everywhere, and your laptop can go everywhere with you. While that makes working easier, you might also want to make your work itself easier too. Here are some helpful tips to be more productive with your computer.

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Learn How to Use Computer Tools

The easiest way to be more productive with your computer is to learn about your computer. Easy enough right? Your computer has so many useful functions to make your life easy. Learning what shortcuts are available will save you precious time when you need to focus on a project instead of learning how to perform an action on your laptop.  

Here are some helpful tips to know for better workplace results.

  • Record a video – There are multiple reasons why you may need to record something. Maybe you are making a presentation for work or you are creating content for social media. To avoid having your entire computer screen in the video, use the guide from to learn how to create a floating window. This will make your content look cleaner, maintain the privacy of your computer, and lend itself to a clean look overall.
  • Learn Keyboard Hacks – While keyboard hacks are not hacks by definition, they are shortcuts or easy versions of performing the same task you can do with your mouse and a drop-down menu.  

If you use your mouse for every action, it may seem strange to set it aside and use your keyboard and trackpad instead. It may take some time to learn all of them but they are beneficial! Keyboard hacks truly are time-saving tools. They allow you to perform your actions quicker because you don’t need to move your hands away from the keyboard to click a mouse.

  • Use Search Engines Wisely – Don’t know something? Google it. Computer problems can be frustrating. But odds are someone else has already experienced the same things you have and already has the answer to solve it.
Helpful Ways To Be More Productive With Your Computer

Clear Your Cache

Cache is software or hardware temporarily stored on your computer and originates from another party. Its primary function is to aid in loading a website’s content faster the next time you visit it.

By clearing your cache, you delete old forms or web pages stored on your computer, thus allowing the new or updated versions to be uploaded quicker. It also frees up space on your computer by removing the stored files. This will definitely help in being more productive with your computer.

Clear Your History

Your computer’s history is a digital log of every website you have visited while using that computer. If your devices and profiles are synced or linked, the history on one device may also show your entire search history from the others.

Taking a few moments to clear your browsing history is a good idea to protect your privacy. After taking this step, address predictions will no longer populate in your search bar until you have searched for an address again. This is a minor inconvenience that is worth the few seconds it will take to perform another search.

dual monitors increase computer productivity

Split Your Screen

Some people have dual monitors in their workspace. And some may plug in a dual monitor for their laptop. But this might not be something you want to do or purchase. You can easily open two windows at the same time to view simultaneously.

All you need to do is open each program and move it to the size you want by hovering your cursor over the edge of the screen. Next, left-click on your trackpad or mouse while moving your finger (on the trackpad) or mouse to the right or left of the screen. Do the opposite for the other program you wish to open. Play with the size of each screen until they are side-by-side, and fill up your screen for easy viewing. You can do the same with one program on top and the other on the bottom if you prefer.

Pay Attention to Your Body

Sitting or standing in front of a computer screen for too long can cause neck and eye strain. Make it a priority to take breaks to move your body throughout the day. If you are prone to get in the zone and forget, set an alarm to remind you to get up and move around. Take a walk around the office, up and down the stairwell, or around the block if you work from the comfort of your home.

blue light filtering glasses help protect your eyes while working with screens

Eye strain and other discomfort that comes from staring at a computer screen for a long time can be frustrating. Mitigate any problems before they occur by taking breaks and being mindful of how your screen is placed before you. Also consider getting blue light filtering glasses to help with eye strain. If you’re a full-time glasses wearer – don’t worry! You can get your normal prescription with blue light filtering too.

Use these helpful tips and keep learning new things. This will make your tasks quick and easy so you can focus on your job. And, who knows? Maybe all the time you have saved means you can take a half day on Friday!