Wandering Bear Coffee ‘Pumpkin Spice’ Review

Everything nowadays seems to have a subscription plan. And coffee is no exception to the rule! Sure you can get your coffee from your favorite establishment or drive thru. But it will save you so much more time and money having your coffee at home. Especially when you can treat yourself to the flavor of the season directly from the spout instead of brewing it. Wandering Bear Coffee is a coffee company that offers a subscription plan that allows you to get your favorite flavors, including their popular Pumpkin Spice Coffee Cold Brew Box, directly to your house, pre-brewed and ready to take on the go. But is a subscription plan like this truly necessary? Is the price worth it?

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About Wandering Bear Coffee

Wandering Bear Coffee was founded in 2014 to create deliciously strong and extra smooth cold brew. Their products are brewed with a Fair Trade organic Arabica bean from central Peru. You can purchase their cold brew coffee by 6 or 12-pack cartons, or by box. But their boxes are definitely their most popular and what they are most well known for. Additionally, you can buy by the singular box or you can subscribe to save on multiple boxes or with monthly purchases. And my favorite part about this coffee is that it is shelf stable! It can be kept at room temperature until opened, has no preservatives or additives, and is Keto Friendly, Paleo Friendly, and Vegan.

The prices do vary a little bit, but a box of Wandering Bear Coffee is either 96 ounces or a gallon. For the purpose of this sponsored blog, we will stick to talking about their popular 96 oz boxes. These boxes are around $35.99 to $39.99, and hold 16 glasses of coffee. Do the math and that’s $2.25 per glass! I am willing to bet my Wandering Bear money that that is cheaper than what you are paying for at any other coffee shop. And those prices are only if you buy a singular box. If you buy multiple boxes or subscribe, you will end up saving more per box. You can even use the code WANDERING10 for 10% off of anything!

They offer a wide range of flavored cold brews that have:

  • no added sugar
  • no dairy
  • don’t have lots of calories
  • won’t give you stomach aches
  • 2 espresso shots per glass (roughly 150mg of caffeine per 6 oz glass)
  • organic options
  • your satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

They also offer seasonal flavors that keep their coffee fanatics coming back for more. Especially when the Pumpkin Spice season arrives! With this flavor being one of the most popular of the year for any coffee brand, it’s no surprise that it’s something you need to snag before it sells out.

Wandering Bear Coffee Pumpkin Spice Extra Strong Cold Brew Coffee box

Reviewing the Pumpkin Spice Coffee Cold Brew Box

Starting with the spout, I like that the tap looks like it comes out of the bear’s hand on the side of the box. It was a little difficult to get it out of the side of the box, but that’s also because I didn’t want to be too rough with it and puncture it. Or worse, accidentally rip the tap off of the bag. I don’t know if that’s even possible, but I wasn’t about to test it!

Once you dole yourself out a cup, you can immediately smell the spice of the pumpkin. To me, that is a clear indication that they mean what they advertise – that it is EXTRA strong. However, I was concerned that it being extra strong would be an issue for me. I’m not a fan of getting the jitters. And even for the cold brews that I have had, I was nervous that I would end up having too much of the Wandering Bear cold brew coffee. So I keep my cups rather conservative.

Next, the flavor. Drinking the Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew straight out of the tap is phenomenal! You don’t need creamer, and you don’t need sugar. You can drink this black with no issues on tasting that delicious spice. However, I cut my glass with a little vanilla almond milk just to balance the flavor, and it was perfect. I’ve even put a little 2% milk in it as well, and that also tasted just right. But this isn’t to say that I don’t like it black because I definitely do! This is such a simple and quick way to drink cold brew that it almost makes you wonder why this wasn’t a thing a long time ago!

Needless to say, if you’re a coffee fan, you know Pumpkin Spice everything dominates this season. Just imagine decorating for spooky season with this Extra Strong Cold Brew in hand, or while you watch your favorite Halloween movie.

Final notes

Simply put, I think Wandering Bear Coffee is a great, tasty, and convenient brand. I have no doubt that this will become my new favorite way to save myself lots of time in the morning and save lots of money long term on my coffee. If there was ever a time to give this brand a chance, it’s now while they have their extremely popular Pumpkin Spice Extra Strong Cold Brew flavor. It’s a fan favorite for a reason – plus you’ll want to try it before it sells out. And just remember, use the code WANDERING10 for 10% off!