The Perfect Las Vegas Itinerary for a 4-Day Trip

There is so much to do in Las Vegas. With every trip you can find something new to do every time you go. If you’re looking for the perfect lLas Vegas itinerary for a four day trip there

Woman posing at the Seven Magic Mountains outside of Las Vegas
Seven Magic Mountains

Most of what we did during our stay was driven by the rewards we received by playing the various myVEGAS apps. If you want a full detailed blog about all of those apps and how it works, click here to read that blog! By playing the games on these apps, we were able to save a total of $200 on our trip!

Day 1

Our first unofficial stop was the Seven Magic Mountains which is right outside of Las Vegas! This is such a tourist hotspot so be sure to get there early. We arrived around 7am to take pictures and there was only one other group present.

Woman posing with the flowers at the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden
Conservatory and Botanical Garden at Bellagio

Once we checked in to our room at the Bellagio, we went to redeem our first reward! To redeem your rewards from the app, you have to first stop by a M-Life Reward Desk (located in MOST MGM Grand Resorts) to pick up your membership card. Membership is free! Then depending on the resort, you then have to redeem your rewards for that specific location at each desk in the resort. I think the only resort that didn’t have a desk was Vdara. So we stopped by the Aria to redeem our free cocktail from Aria and our free breakfast at Vdara!

After that, we came back to the Bellagio to explore a little bit more! It was our first time at a fancy-schmancy hotel anyway. They have a beautiful indoor garden with some of the most incredible flower arrangements. It’s free to walk through, but it can get crowded from other visitors wanting to take a look. Most of our Day 1 was just walking around to the casinos closest to us like Caesar’s Palace, Paris, and the Cosmopolitan. Hotel wandering truly is an activity in Vegas. Every hotel has a unique theme and they’ll have fun activities to match!

Day 2 of the perfect Las Vegas itinerary

Glass of champagne at PRIME Steakhouse at the Bellagio
PRIME Steakhouse at Bellagio

We stopped by New York New York because, surprise surprise, we had a reward to redeem for a free beer. But first – breakfast! Because New York New York is a MGM Grand Resort, we were able to use part of our food and beverage credit at the Starbucks inside of the casino and they just charged it to our room at the Bellagio!

Next, we stopped by Luxor to redeem our reward for a free shot. A lot of the rewards you can redeem deal with food and beverage. On our walk back to the Bellagio, we just decided to casino hop our way there. I really recommend casino hopping just because it’s something to do and it’s fun to see the different themes of all of these hotels and casinos! Plus the rewards really helped motivate us to see them all.

After getting back to the Bellagio, we lounged by the pool for a little bit. We soaked in a few rays, got way too hot with dealing with that, and then left. The rest of the day was spent trying to get lucky on some slots because I had a reward for $150 in free play on slots. Later that night my husband and I used another reward at the Bellagio restaurant, PRIME Steakhouse, for two free glasses of champagne with a purchase of an appetizer. So we dressed up all fancy to get our appetizer and left. We saw the other prices on the menu and that was way more than we wanted to spend. The two free glasses of champagne alone were regularly priced at $54!! We did however get McDonald’s afterwards. That’s how you ball on a budget.

Woman lounging poolside at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas
Poolside at the MGM Grand Lazy River

Day 3

We used a reward to get a free room at the MGM Grand because I wanted to experience their epic lazy river! At the time, we could not just buy a day pass to the pool. We had to be a hotel guest. So using that reward to get a free room allowed us to have a nice pool day and experience a new hotel!

After we did some laps around the lazy river, we made our way to the Minus 5 Ice Bar at the Venetian! It’s a really cool experience and a great relief from the heat of the desert. It is also highly recommended to dress accordingly! Wear closed toed shoes, long pants, and layer up. Many people who don’t dress accordingly can only last a few minutes inside and there is no re-entry. Don’t let your money go to waste!

Afterwards, we used our myVEGAS rewards to go to the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef. In full honesty, do not pay for this experience. Regularly, tickets would have been $29 a person, but we walked through the whole thing in 20 minutes. This place is TINY. Do not expect a lot. It was cool seeing the shark room, but other than that we got to the end and we both looked at each other like “that was it..?” Knowing that now, I probably won’t spend my reward points to go again either.

View of the Bellagio fountains from the Paris Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas
The Top of the Paris Eiffel Tower Las Vegas

At night, we walked around the strip and stopped to watch the fountain show at the Bellagio. The show occurs around every 15-30 minutes depending on the time of day. Be sure to check their online schedule so you don’t have to guess when the next show is! Then we got dinner at the Tilted Kilt because they had a great happy hour deal. After dinner we decided to explore the Paris hotel some more. We saw that you could take an elevator up to the top of it and we were sold. Tickets were around $30 a person and the view from the top was gorgeous! You can even watch the fountain show from the top too! You can’t really hear the music but you can see the fountains from a different angle and you can see just how high the water gets.

Avengers mural at the AVENGERS Station in Las Vegas
Avengers STATION

Day 4

As our final day, the only thing we had planned was going to the Avengers STATION! Me being a Marvel nerd, I was so happy. This amazing exhibit can be found at Treasure Island. It was pretty freaking badass seeing all the props from the movie and getting to interact with the exhibit itself. The website that we bought the tickets from was holding a sale and we got a great deal. We were both able to go for $60. Usually tickets are $41 per adult. Also we both got an exclusive pin from the exhibit for free when we checked in! I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend this experience! It was a blast and my little Avengers heart was so full.

Final words on the perfect Las Vegas itinerary

Overall, we got a lot done! Every group’s itinerary will be different, but we couldn’t have asked for a better schedule! If you plan on going to Vegas any time soon or even in the future, definitely check out my other blog to help you save some money and give you some motivation to try some new things! They are always adding new experiences and I can’t wait to rack up some more point and head back there ASAP!

Check out this interactive map for an easier way to view all that I discussed in this blog more easily!

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