The Truth About the Glasses Quality from Lens Direct

Gone are the days of being forced to buy from the limited glasses options from your optometrist. More and more online glasses brands are popping up. And now they are offering a wider range of styles so you don’t have to compromise on one that you only think is “so-so”. But with so many online stores, it’s hard to trust who is providing great products. Especially since we are so used to being able to try on glasses first before buying them. So what’s the truth about the glasses quality from Lens Direct? I got three pairs of glasses from them to find out!

Product options from Lens Direct

As expected, Lens Direct has “regular” prescription glasses frames and lens. But they also offer contact lens, sunglasses, and lens replacement. The process to get prescription lens is quite simple! They just ask you to upload your prescription for your optometrist as well as do a quick picture of yourself to get your pupil distance. This ensures that when your prescription lens are made, that the focal point is correct based on your personal eye distance.

My Trial Run with Lens Direct

I was gifted three pairs of prescription glasses from Lens Direct. Despite being sent these glasses, that will not affect my review. As such, here are the pros and cons of each of the three glasses I was sent! Links provided are affiliate links.

No frame, Baruch cat eye glasses from Lens Direct

Baruch – Cat Eye

  • Price: $94
  • Includes: Frame, prescription lenses, anti-scratch coating, UV protection and anti-glare
  • Lightweight: Very lightweight
  • Feels on nose: Very comfortable
  • Durability: Not durable
  • Bendable: Very bendy

They say first impressions matter, and my first impressions of these glasses as well as Lens Direct as a whole was “underwhelmed and disappointed”. Right out of the box, they were so fragile looking and feeling. They came out of the box with one lens bent towards my face a little more than the other. But because there is no encompassing frame around the edges, trying to take the sides and nose bridge to bend it back was stressful. I felt like I was going to accidentally snap it.

Despite it feeling “flimsy”, I actually do really like these glasses. I like how lightweight they are. I like that they work with every single outfit. And I LOVE that when they are on, they look like I’m not even wearing glasses. So in pictures, it looks like natural me instead of 4-eyes me. However, I don’t think $94 is an accurate price representation of what you get.

Cat eye prescription glasses


  • Price: $54
  • Includes: Frame, prescription lenses, anti-scratch coating, UV protection and anti-glare
  • Lightweight: Medium weight
  • Feels on nose: Somewhat comfortable/uncomfortable
  • Durability: Durable
  • Bendable: Somewhat bendy

Compared to the Baruch glasses from Lens Direct, these have more structure while still staying on the lightweight side. This frame shape is such a timeless look and it works for many people’s faces. I like that even though I got the blue, it still works for most outfits. The bridge of the nose does get a little uncomfortable after a full day of wear. But overall, the price is great and the glasses don’t bend easily. I have also seen these glasses as low as $34.

Lens Direct glasses - style "Rose" in pink and turquoise color


  • Price: $69.99
  • Includes: Frame, prescription lenses, anti-scratch coating, UV protection and anti-glare
  • Lightweight: Medium weight
  • Feels on nose: Comfortable
  • Durability: Very durable
  • Bendable: No bend

First of all, I have seen the price on these glasses as low as $14.95. I was shocked that they were $15 – even if they had been on sale. These glasses are sturdy, don’t have any bend to them, and still feel relatively lightweight. For being the “heaviest” of the three that I got from Lens Direct, they are still so comfortable on the bridge of your nose. The glasses themselves are great. But because of their textured look and color, I can’t really wear them with every outfit. Especially for a fancier, evening outfit. But for the price, you could easily buy these as your at-home glasses and get another pair for all-outfit kind of wearability.

Final thoughts on the glasses quality from Lens Direct

Overall, I really do enjoy the quality and variety of Lens Direct. Their process of ordering prescription glasses is pretty easy. I think some of the prices they have are questionable considering some days they seem to be really expensive and then other days they are super cheap. So I would definitely keep an eye on their site to see when they have a sale so you can get the best price since they have so much range.

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