Howard Johnson Anaheim

If you are planning your next Disneyland trip, then you need to make your reservation to stay at the Howard Johnson Anaheim Hotel and Water Playground immediately!
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      Well for starters, it is an 8 minute walk (or less if you have long legs like me) to the front entrance of Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure!         Now, me being a native San Diegan, usually I just drive to Disney the morning of my park day and it's not so fun to spend 1.5+ hours making that drive! I would much rather stay at the Hojo, wake up at an appropriate time, and walk over there.
      Also the park can get pretty hot so you and the family can cool off at their water playground!        But don't worry, if you are like me and don't have any kids, you can still have fun in this area! But if you would rather relax a little more, there is a garden pool that you can lounge by or take a dip in!
They are currently in Part One of a three part renovation (with the second part coming very soon!) Amazing water playground Across the street from Disneyland Great value family suites and kid-friendly Face painting twice a month!
With everything I mentioned, why wouldn’t you want your next trip to Disneyland to also include the Howard Johnson Anaheim Hotel? What’s even better is that I can offer you a discount RIGHT NOW!
Receive 20% off if you are a Disney Annual Passholder with the Corporate Code: 1000025935
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You will need to provide proof of your annual pass to receive the 20% off. If you have any questions you can contact HOJO at
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