Is there such a thing as a cooling comforter?

If you want the easy answer, then YES! Cooling comforters exist and they are amazing. These comforters help to regulate body temperature during sleep. This helps to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. It’s the best comforter for hot sleepers, women going through menopause, or for those who refuse to turn the AC on at night.

Woman wrapped up in a cooling comforter.

What is the most cooling material for a comforter?

Cooling comforters typically use materials that are breathable, moisture-wicking, and have a cooling effect. Some common materials used include lyocell, bamboo, and silk. They may also feature cooling technologies such as gel-infused fibers or phase-change materials that can absorb and dissipate heat. But the best cooling material for a comforter is actually the Sonora filling found in the Evercool cooling comforter. It has excellent breathability to regulate temperature, and is moisture-wicking as well as quick drying.

What type of comforter is coolest?

When shopping for a cooling comforter, it’s important to consider your personal preferences and needs. Some factors to consider include the level of cooling you require, the size and weight of the comforter, and the quality and durability of the materials used. It’s also a good idea to read reviews from other customers. This will help to give you an idea of how well a comforter performs in terms of cooling and comfort. Some hot sleepers may want a cooling comforter that still has some weight to it. And others may just want a slight cooling effect instead of the top tier, super cold cooling comforter.

Personally, I recommend the Evercool from Rest. I have used it for just about a year now and I was astounded when I first got it. The comforter itself is pretty thin. I thought that there would be no way it would do the job. But it was cool to the touch right out of the box! In fact, it was so cold that my husband and I thought that they had shipped it wet. Don’t worry, it wasn’t. Since my husband is a very hot sleeper but also a serial cuddler, I was not a fan of sleeping next to him in the summer. This comforter has helped him to cool down while sleeping and also allows me to deal with him when he wants to hog my space.

Is there such a thing as a cooling comforter? Yes there are comforters for hot sleepers!

What kind of comforter is best for hot sleepers?

If you are looking for the absolute best cooling comforter that has the ultimate cooling effect, then it’s going to be Evercool. There are plenty of lesser options that you can find on Amazon, and they are great if you are trying to keep to a more strict budget. But be warned. The significantly lower price of other cooling comforters also means you don’t get as a good of a product. I truly believe that nothing will work better than Evercool. However, if you are looking for something that is cheaper than Evercool but can also help you stay cool, then consider Rest’s Performance Sheet Set. It will still keep things nice and cool but you won’t have to swap out your duvet.

Also you may notice that Evercool is listed on Amazon. However, only by shopping on will you get the best price. Not to mention, if you use the links provided in this blog, you’ll be rewarded with 30% off on Evercool or any product on Rest! That’s the plus side of being a Donna Gail Blog reader. The code will be applied once you make it all the way to checkout. It will not show if you are just looking at the listing.

To learn more about Rest Duvet’s products from a reliable source, consider reading my Honest Rest Duvet Reviews.

Pro tips to maximize your time at Disneyland

Pro Tips to Maximize Your Time at Disneyland

Disneyland and every Disney park is becoming increasingly more expensive. What used to be easily affordable is now becoming a luxury item – even for a day trip. With ticket prices up to $179 for just one park, it’s a little insane. If you want to maximize your time at Disneyland, you will need these tips. Not only will it help you get the most out of your expensive ticket, but it will help save you money. Trust me, I am a seasoned Disney-goer!

Download the Disneyland App to maximize your time

Downloading the Disneyland app will help keep your tickets handy at all times. It will also help you to check wait times and plan your attack on the park. Not to mention, you will need the app to use Genie+ or get Lightning Lane passes.

Bring flip flops for water rides

Nothing kills the fun of a day faster than soggy feet. Now although some people may enjoy that squishy sensation, I do not. Pack flip flops into your bag or backpack for your Disney day! Change in to them before getting on any water ride, and viola! You won’t be the one that has to suffer through the consequences or has to run back to the room to change.

Purchase a park hopper ticket

The great thing about Disneyland and California Adventure is that you can do both parks in a day. Especially if you have visited other parks because a lot of the rides are very similar if not the same. More so, with the additional Disneyland tips in this blog, if you only do one park, you’ll be finished with your Disney day so quickly, you will have wished you got the the park hopper.

Front entrance to Grand Legacy Hotel in Anaheim. Staying close to the park will help to maximize your time at Disneyland

Book an off-property hotel within walking distance

The best way to get in to the park as early as possible and to stay as late as possible is having a hotel room nearby. This will ensure that you can be up early to get in to the park. But it will also help you to have a place to crash without having to drive while tired. Not to mention many hotels near Disneyland are the same if not less walking distance than some of the Disney hotels. My personal favorite is the Grand Legacy Hotel. From the hotel lobby to the Disney security checkpoint is about 7 minutes.

Be there at rope drop to maximize your time at Disneyland

“Rope drop” is just a fancy way of saying “when the park opens”. And to be clear, it is very different than the Extra Magic Hour. Extra Magic Hour is only for guests who have a Disney hotel reservation. But this Disneyland tip goes hand in hand with the off-property hotel tip. If you have a close hotel, doing rope drop should be so easy! Even if you don’t have a great place in line for rope drop, you will still be ahead of so many other people who didn’t want to wake up that early.

Have a “left” mentality

Much of our life is geared towards the right. Department stores and grocery stores usually put the most important products on the right. We drive on the right side of the road. So without even knowing it, we are trained to go right. But I can tell you right now, the best game plan for starting your day at Disney is to go left. On the left are some of the most iconic rides that will inevitably be some of the longest lines in the day. That includes Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Haunted Mansion. All of which can easily have a wait time over an hour long by midday. Go left and save Space Mountain for later.

Add on Disney Genie+ to maximize your time in Disneyland

Use Genie+

You may not need Genie+ if you plan your trip for the middle of a weekday in the offseason. But why risk it? Genie+ is Disney’s newer version of fastpasses. Except now it will cost you $20-25 per ticket. The price will vary depending on whether or not it’s a peak day. You will be able to book your times for rides directly through the Disneyland app. And you can even browse the rides you want to get a “fastpass” for before booking. But similar to fastpasses, you will have a wait time between booking your next “fastpass” time slot. This is one of the most necessary Disneyland tips to make sure you can get everything done. Yes it is an extra expense but it will ensure that you can get on as many rides as possible.

Do the big rides during shows or parades

Rise of the Resistance, Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, and Radiator Spring Racers are probably the longest lines you will experience. If you can’t get to the park early enough or if you don’t purchase Genie+, your next best option is to just wait until a show starts. While everyone is distracted watching the parade or fireworks, you can make your way to one of these rides! It’s not guaranteed that the lines will be empty, but you should generally see that they are shorter.

Mobile order food and drinks at Disneyland to maximize your time. You can even order alcoholic beverages!

Mobile order your food and drinks

The only lines you are waiting in today are the lines for rides. We do not have time to wait for you to stand in another 15 minute line to get your food and then wait for it to be made. Mobile order your food using the Disneyland app. Not only can you select your items easily, but you can choose when you pick it up. That means you can be in line for a ride and then set up a mobile order for when you get off the ride. That’s true maximization right there!

Bring snacks and refillable water bottles

Disneyland lets you bring in your own food and drinks. So why wouldn’t you? Although Disney food is delicious, it’s expensive. Save the food money for your meals and bring in your own snacks. This will help you cut costs and waiting time for food. Plus Disneyland has plenty of water fountains to refill your water bottles. I recommend getting one from Corkcicle! I bought the Spider-Man canteen and I use it all the time. They have so many cool Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars water bottles and tumblers to choose from. I also recommend bringing some Liquid IV packets along for your Disney day. With all the walking you will do in the day, you will need to stay hydrated. And your electrolytes will need some extra help. If you do decide to get Liquid IV, I recommend purchasing through their online website and not by going to a grocery store. The grocery store prices are much more expensive. Not to mention, you can save 20% off your purchase on Liquid IV with the code DONNAGAILBLOG.

Single Rider line sign for Radiator Spring Racers. This line can be used to maximize your time at Disneyland.

Try Single Rider lines to maximize your time at Disneyland

Single Rider lines are not always available at every ride. But when they are they can be extremely helpful in maximizing your time at Disneyland. If you can handle riding a ride without your group, use Single Rider. You will get the entire time waiting in line together and you’ll only be separated right before getting on the ride. And if you’re lucky, in some cases they will take multiple people from the Single Ride line. Which could mean that you and your friend could ride together. But be warned. Using the Single Rider line leaves the assumption that you and your party will be separated. Do not use the Single Rider line to try to worm your way to the front and ride with your friends. I would recommend using Single Rider for rides that you have either already done maybe at another park. Or on rides that you don’t mind not sharing with your friend. Either way, Single Rider is a great way to maximize your time at Disneyland if used properly.

Book your hotel and tickets with Get Away Today

Only the pros know to book with Get Away Today. It’s not very well known and that’s fine because the deals are insane. And if everyone knew, they may not be able to run them! Get Away Today gets you the best prices. Not just for hotels but for entry tickets as well! This more so applies for if you are booking multiple nights and multiple park days. But give them a look for your Disney or non-Disney trips. They can help you plan vacations to multiple locations including cruises. Try out all of these Disneyland tips the next time you visit! You would be surprised with how much you can get done.

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Improve the customer experience as a money lender

Improve the Customer Experience as a Money Lender

The customer experience is vital in any industry. In fact, over 70% of consumers will stop doing business with a company if they feel the customer experience is lacking. This can be especially important for those in the finance world. Particularly the money lending sector. If people feel that you don’t have their best interests at heart or are making it more complicated than necessary to access your services, chances are, no matter how attractive your options are, they will look elsewhere. So how do you improve the customer service experience as a money lender?

Lending money to a customer

How easy is your process?

Before you do anything, you must continually test your application process and look at how your services impact others. Are potential borrowers able to access information and applications online? Do you need them to send over reams of complicated information and jump through multiple hoops? In a digital age, people expect instant gratification, which is no different when accessing loans, credit cards, or even remortgaging their homes. They want convenience, and they want it now. You need to be able to offer an easy process for applications to make your products more attractive to borrowers.

Be sure to run your tests on mobile devices. Over 90% of people use their mobile phones to make digital purchases and applications. If your process is not easy to use or isn’t compatible with a mobile device, your numbers will suffer. You can even create a money lending app to have borrowers be able to take care of their accounts, applications, and repayments all in one safe and secure place.

Review your information from client’s perspective

Most people don’t understand all of the technical jargon associated with the financial world. And you can’t expect them to – even if they are working with you. So if you don’t clearly explain things in a way they can easily understand, it doesn’t matter how easy the application process is; they will move on and check out another lender.

You need to carefully review the information you are putting out into the world. This will ensure that people looking to make credit applications understand everything involved in lending money from your organization. From APR rates to repayment terms, to default fines for late payments, how you run credit checks, and how their credit can be affected should their account become delinquent. Make sure to present all of this information in easy-to-understand terms. This will ensure that everyone can understand and go into lending with confidence.

Flexible work arrangements in customer service experience

Work on flexibility

Much like anything in the world, people’s needs are likely to change on a whim. While the premise of a loan or credit card application will likely remain the same, the reason people need to borrow money and how they can repay can change. Different circumstances can require faster access or increased loan options and additional financial products to support their changing needs. Lenders need to be aware of the economy and the factors influencing lending. You will need to be flexible in offerings and adjust your lending to meet these changes. Offering increased flexibility in products and terms can attract borrowers and help you improve the customer experience as a money lender.

Conclusion on how to improve the customer experience as a money lender

The customer experience is essential no matter what your business is. If you fail to meet customer expectations at any stage, you will likely lose some customers and damage your reputation too. It isn’t always about the money; a dent in your brand reputation can be hard to recover from, even if you do the work and make the necessary improvements. Your best course of action is to preempt anything that can negate the process for consumers and improve the customer experience before they encounter glitches or flaws in the system. Focusing on this can help you run your business better and be able to tackle problems before they happen.

Tips to prevent water damage and protect your home

Tips to Prevent Water Damage and Protect Your Home

Not everyone will have to deal with severe water damage in their home. But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen to you. Water damage is a serious problem that can cause all kinds of issues. Although many people believe severe water damage only happens from hurricanes or crazy weather situations, this isn’t always the case. Water can do so much damage in terms of structural issues, health hazards, and extremely costly repairs. This is why every homeowner must take steps to prevent water damage and protect your home. Here are some ways you can do that.

Maintain The Gutters And Downspouts Properly

Most homeowners don’t really think about the gutters or downspouts of their homes. Again this is understandable because they feel as though there are other things going on in their lives that are more important. If you take time out of your day to check out the gutters, you will be able to remove any kind of debris so that they can function properly. Closed gutters can cause water to overflow meaning potential damage to the foundation. The walls and roof also might be dealt some damage. Maintaining these areas properly will mean that water will be channeled away from your home.

Ensure You Have Efficient Landscaping In Your Home

You don’t have to be an experienced landscaper to evaluate and analyze the landscaping of your home. Just like your gutters, you want to make sure that water is directed away from the foundation. The ground should slope away from the house so that water does not gather near the structure. French trains or gravel trenches can help out if you are struggling in this department. Placing plants and shrubs near your home might also help as they will be able to absorb excess water.

Ensure You Receive Regular Inspections

Inspecting your systems regularly will help you prevent potential leaks. Even if you aren’t an expert, you can give it a good visual inspection. Dripping faucets, strange water readings, and water stains are typical signs of leaks. You could also get in touch with companies that deal with water extraction and water damage restoration if you need any help with both prevention and dealing with issues as they happen. This kind of proactive approach will help you save so much money in the long run. Not to mention it will save you a few headaches too.

Do What You Can To Ensure It Is Adequately Waterproofed

If you have a waterproofed home, you will be in the best possible position. Waterproof coatings and sealants will be a great addition to protect your home from water damage. A moisture barrier or vapor barrier could be installed in order to prevent moisture from seeping in. Sump pumps tend to also be very popular. If you have these waterproofing methods, you’ll be ahead of the game in terms of any potential water damage.

We often think about security, having an allergy-free home, and avoiding all kinds of other mishaps. Water damage tends to be ignored because it seems like such an unlikely event most of the time. As mentioned before, anybody can fall into this kind of trap. The good thing about dealing with water damage is that there are so many simple things that can be done in terms of prevention. Staying vigilant and doing regular maintenance on your own will help you to prevent water damage and protect your home.

How to improve the energy efficiency of an older home

How To Improve Energy Efficiency in an Older House

With newly built homes, energy efficiency is now considered one of the most important features. But older homes simply don’t have the same energy-saving features that we do now. That being said, if you live in an older house, you may be used to paying higher utility bills. This doesn’t have to be the case anymore! There is a range of things that you can do to make your older home more energy efficient and save on your pnm bill. Here are some of the simple things you can do to improve the energy efficiency of an older house.

Woman replacing old lightbulbs with LEDs

Replace your light bulbs to improve energy efficiency

This is one of the easiest and most affordable things you can do to make your home more energy-efficient. If you are still using the older style light bulbs, swap them out with modern LED lights. These can save up to six times as much energy. Not to mention, they won’t give off as much heat. This will also help to keep your home nice and cool, especially in the summer.

You could also add a new lighting system to your home. By installing things like motion sensor switches, you can make sure that the lights are turned off if the room is empty without having to think about it. You can also get systems that allow you to control your lighting from a smartphone app. This means you can turn your lights off if you forgot to do so before more. Or you can even turn your lights on when you aren’t home at night to deter robbers.

OhmConnect sign-up

Hook your energy utility service up to OhmConnect

OhmConnect is a free service that rewards you with giftcards or PayPal cashouts simply by reducing your energy usage. Once you hook your utility service up to OhmConnect, it automatically tracks what you save. After that, Ohm will start sending you Ohm Hour alerts. These alerts are Ohm’s way of trying to reduce the energy usage during certain peak times. You will earn “Watts” for how much energy you save during these Ohm hours which can be used to redeem rewards. During the summer, you can expect to see an Ohm Hour a few times a week – making it super easy to rack up rewards quickly. Last summer, I cashed out $75 in one month because of the energy I saved. It’s kind of a win-win honestly. You’re reducing your energy bill AND getting rewarded for it.

Replace showers, faucets, and toilets

Older toilets use a lot more water each time you flush them than more modern ones. You may also have leaky faucets and shower heads in an older home. These are all fairly simple and affordable to replace, and modern low-flow toilets can significantly reduce the amount of water that you use.

Solar power on a house can greatly improve the energy efficiency of your home

Look at alternative sources of energy to improve energy efficiency

While these cost more upfront, alternative sources of energy can save you big money in the long run. By switching to geothermal, wind, or solar energy, you will reduce your energy bill significantly. Of course, where you live plays a big part in the type of alternative energy that is best for you. But it is a great thing to do for both the environment and your bank account.

Fix gaps and leaks in windows and doors or replace them

In many households, windows and doors are the biggest sources of leaked air. Many older houses have the original single pane windows, or older versions of double-glazing, which are pretty ineffective at keeping air in. Older wooden doors also tend to warp and shrink because of humidity and fluctuating temperatures. The drafts caused by this will make it incredibly cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Swapping these out for new, more energy-efficient windows and doors will make your improve the energy efficiency of your older home.

As well as saving you money, making energy-efficient changes to your older house also reduces the impact that you have on the environment. It will also greatly increase the value of your home as a whole!