Bath and Body Works Halloween Collection 2022

Bath and Body Works has really come a long way since 2011. A time when everyone just HAD to have the newest fragrance they carried. Which is why I was surprised to see them as a trending search on Google. This spooky season, people really want to learn more about Bath and Body Halloween 2022!

So let’s discover the 50 plus new items that Bath and Body Works is offering.

Bath and Body Halloween Collection

Their entire collection consists of 10 different scents. Products range from body mist, hand soap, shower gel, body lotion, candles and more! The scents are:

Obviously I can’t smell these scents through the internet. But the label designs are so gorgeous! I have always been a big fan of their scents and fragrances. I have no doubt that this collection is incredible. Not to mention, there is a good range of product types. If you find a scent that you love, then you can round out your home with it!

Bath and Body Works is also well known for their insane deals. With their in-store sales, and after-purchase coupons, it is pretty easy to get locked in an obsession. Currently they have a 5 for $25 mix and match deal for soaps and refills. This is a great way to test a few scents to find your favorite! Not to mention a Buy 3 Get 1 Free deal on body mist and shower gel. Can you see how easy it is to fall down the rabbit whole here? Check out the collection now and be sure to share the deals with your friends!

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The Spoopiest Halloween Small Shop Items for 2022

Spooky season is slowly becoming such a fun season for me. I absolutely love seeing all of the Halloween small shop items from my favorite magical makers. I can’t wait to splurge on all of these shops! If your feed isn’t flooding with Halloween small shop items then let me give you some inspiration with these five shop recommendations.

Click any of the pictures or links to go to that shop or item.

This page contains affiliate links and I may receive a small commission from a purchase. All pictures belong to their respective owners.

Baxter and Co Designs

Want a more subtle Halloween or Disney touch to your home decor? Then check out these laser engraved candle holders! These will look perfect on your coffee table or night stand. Their designs are all so beautiful and detailed.

Wish Upon Magic

Sticker game is STRONG at Wish Upon Magic. They come up with some of the cutest designs. Not to mention that they are dishwasher safe and durable. This makes them great for accessorizing your water bottles!

The Best Day Ever Shop

Spoopy meets preppy at the Best Day Ever Shop! With popular patch options for fanny packs, you can stay on trend and also support a small shop in the process. They truly have such a unique catalog of Halloween items.

Castles and Couture

The great thing about Castles and Couture is that if you love a design, they offer it in multiple styles. That being said, there is a lot of opportunity to find something for your house.

Happiest Tees on Earth

Have you ever ordered a Cinderella Latte at Starbucks? Well you can thank the owner and operator of Happiest Tees on Earth for that! She’s not only known for that, but also for her amazing shirts. They are essential to a Disney park day wardrobe. And when it comes to Halloween items, they have got you covered.

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Fall Festivities at Belmont Park

Mission Beach comes alive for Halloween with the Fall Fest at Belmont Park. All the rides and activities that you love from this iconic San Diego landmark, now ready for a frightfully ghoulish time!

Belmont Park’s Fall Fest Details

This event takes place from September 9th through October 31st. Here are some more of the details regarding fall fest specifically:

  • FREE Trick-or-Treating every Sunday in October
  • Mr Jack O Lantern’s Pumpkin Patch
  • live acoustic performances and festive beer garden Friday nights
  • specialty treats from your favorite stops
  • go karting
  • multiple photo opportunities for fun, seasonal pictures
  • iconic rides and attractions and MORE!
Ice cream with chocolate dipped waffle cone with Halloween colored sprinkles

Although you are welcome to walk around the park for free, if you want to be a part of the action a little more, then you will need to purchase a pass. Although, you can pay individually for the rides, activities, or attractions that you want to do. However with the Ride and Play pass being $60 per person, this is an EXTREMELY fair price! It is a great deal that allows you to do pretty much everything.

Personal Experience

When my husband and I went, we had the Ride and Play Combo pass which included all rides and activities. This included all day turns on the rock wall, LazerMaze, Sky Ropes, mini golf, the roller coaster and rides, and two turns on the zipline. To name a few! We arrived at around 4:45 pm and the park closed at 8pm. We didn’t do everything we could have done with the pass, but we sure did a lot! You will definitely need a decent amount of time if you want to do it all at Belmont Park.

I highly recommend attending. theFall Fest at Belmont Park if you want to mix up your date night activities or do something fun with your kiddos. There are so many things to do. Not to mention you are right next to the beach and those sunset views cannot be beat.

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how to start affiliate marketing

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

Everyone makes it seem like every single influencer is making stacks on stacks with affiliate marketing. But if you are trying to start affiliate marketing for yourself, then this guide will help.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when influencers or creators use commissionable links to make money off of the sales made using that link. Commission will vary across different brands. Using a creator’s affiliate link does not affect the customer’s end price that they pay.

Is it only for popular social media influencers?

Absolutely not. Yes, the majority of people using affiliate marketing and affiliate links are creators with large followings posting on social media. However, bloggers and smaller creators can use affiliate marketing too. The whole purpose is having a group of people who trust your recommendations and would make an educated purchase because of that trust. As long as your engagement rate is high, that’s really the only key factor in being successful with affiliate marketing.

How do I start affiliate marketing and using affiliate links?

how does affiliate marketing work

The simple answer is with a platform that connects users to trackable, commissionable links.

The most popular sites to use to start with affiliate marketing are:

All of these platforms require you to apply in some way. Reward Style and Shop Style require you to apply to access the site as a whole. They will do a deep dive of your social accounts or websites to ensure that they are only accepting people who take their pages seriously and will be actively using their links. They don’t necessarily have a follower requirement, but as you can imagine, they won’t accept someone who only has 30 followers. Your acceptance chances are high as long as you are showing good, consistent content on your pages. Once accepted on these sites, you can start using commissionable links for thousands of stores instantly. and CJ Affiliate work a little differently. For one, it’s easier to be accepted on these sites. But once accepted on the site, you can not link to any brand sites automatically. You will then have to apply to brands specifically to use affiliate links with them. Not every brand you apply to will accept your application.

In addition to these options, some brands will work directly with a person without using one of these sites. When that happens, the brand will give out your own personal tracking link to use when posting or talking about the brand or product.

How do I get paid?

When someone purchases something using your trackable link, the sale will ping to the system that that sale was made because of your recommendation. Based on the brand’s commission rate, you will get X% of the sale you made. It is imperative to use your links when posting as that will be the only way to get paid.

If you recommend something using your link, and someone purchases in-store, you will not get any commission from that sale. If someone clicks the link on their phone but completes the purchase on their desktop computer, you will not get any commission from that sale. To get paid with affiliate marketing, the click and purchase must happen on the same device.

Consistency is key with affiliate marketing. The more high quality links published means more opportunity for payment. The links do not stay live forever. Most affiliate links will only leave a 30-day cookie trail. That means that if a purchase is made on the 31st day, you won’t be paid. Encourage quick purchases by linking products during sales or high shopping seasons.

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The BEST myVEGAS Tips and Tricks

If you have found this blog, odds are that you are looking for the best myVEGAS tips and tricks to earn Loyalty points quickly. Good thing giving the most helpful myVEGAS information is kind of my speciality. So let’s get in to it! What are the best tips for playing the myVEGAS apps?

Pro tip: the last one is a TRUE game changer.

1. Log in everyday

Log in everyday to get your daily bonus. The more consecutive days that you log in, the higher that the daily bonus will get! Even if you are just trying to stockpile coins to play with, logging in everyday helps to make sure that when you do want to play, you will have enough coins to do so.

2. Connect all myVEGAS apps to your Facebook account

If you have a Facebook, then log in to the apps with your account. Some of the apps require a Facebook account to play and to connect your Loyalty Points to one another. Not only that but once you are connected to Facebook, the apps will start sending you daily emails with tons of free coins. And don’t worry. The emails will go to your Promotions folder. You won’t have to worry about them clogging your primary inbox.

Get all the myVEGAS apps for Android or for iPhone here.

3. Use the myVEGAS Facebook page to get more free coins

The myVEGAS Facebook page is extremely helpful when it comes to getting coins. They post about 4 times a day with free coin opportunities. Better yet is that those links are good for a few days. So if you happen to be low on coins, you can go on Facebook and click those links for the past few days and take advantage of all those free coins.

4. Play MGM Slots Live and myVEGAS Bingo

These two apps have the most unique way to earn Loyalty Points. With the other apps, you have to play to earn those Points. Not with these two apps! These two actually run on a timer. That means that upon opening the app, between 1 to 3 minutes (depending on the app) your meter will fill up and award you Loyalty Points. That’s right, you don’t even have to play the games! Which also means you don’t have to worry about getting more coins to play if you run out. Open the apps, let them sit while you do work or chores, and enjoy racking up the Loyalty Points.

5. Watch the ads

Need more coins? Watch the ads. Not only that but some of the ads will even give you Loyalty Points. That’s a great way to fast track your success for free rewards.

6. Do NOT buy coins or boosts

There are literally so many ways to get coins. Why would you pay this app? Get your free rewards by getting your coins for free too.

best hotel prices in Las Vegas

7. AutoSpin and walk away

If you have followed the above myVEGAS tips and tricks so far, then you probably have accumulated a decent amount of coins. AutoSpin and forget about it. If you have a lot of coins, then you shouldn’t run out unless you’re betting WAY too much. Go do the laundry. Be a productive member of society. Let this app do its thing and get you the Loyalty Points. Just remember to stop playing once you see the green check mark appear next to your Loyalty Points.

8. Leave the apps idle if you want a break AND a bonus

Ok this one is the exact opposite of #1 but for a good reason. Logging in every day is definitely a chore. But did you know that if you leave the apps alone for a month (or longer), you can get a huge bonus? That’s right! To reward you and entice you to get back to playing the games, myVEGAS will give you a large Loyalty Point bonus once you open the apps back up after a long time. In some instances, I have gained 30,000 Loyalty Points PER app that I left idle and then opened back up after a month or two.

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