A Night Out with Rooftop Cinema Club San Diego

Recently Rooftop Cinema Club invited me for a night out at their San Diego rooftop location at the Manchester Grand Hyatt to watch Raya and the Last Dragon. To sum up the evening in one word, it was PHENOMENAL. But before we get too far in to this blog, I do want to note that this experience isn’t just for San Diegans – Rooftop Cinema Club has locations all over including Los Angeles, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, New York, Tampa, and London!

With the San Diego location being in the heart of Downtown San Diego, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for a girl’s night out with my friend, Saralyn. Not to mention with it being our first time seeing Raya and the Last Dragon, we also decided to dress for the occasion! A Disney Bound was an absolute must. How did we do?

We parked in the Self-Parking for Grand Hyatt and, with RCC validation, was only $11! So much cheaper than trying to park in Seaport Village and walking over.

Rooftop Cinema Club (RCC) opened their doors an hour before this screening, so in that hour we were able to take part in their “Social Cinema”. They had some games to play like large stacked Jenga, ping pong, and cornhole. We soaked in the views of San Diego, took some cute pictures with the views and their nice photo op they had! Pre-COVID, they normally provide pillows and blankets, but since they are still in their transitional period into being back in full swing, they didn’t have them this time. But they encourage viewers to bring their own!

Tickets are sold exclusively online. For 18-and-over moviegoers and 13-and-over moviegoers on “Teen Tuesday,” tickets start at $17.50 (Sun-Thurs) and $18.50 (Fri & Sat) for a single adjustable lounge seat. For $20.50 (Sun-Thurs) and $21.50 (Fri & Sat), guests 18-and-over can purchase a single lounge seat that comes with a 46 oz. bucket of popcorn. And for couples, RCC offers a special double-sized love-seat that also comes with a 46 oz. bucket of popcorn for each guest, and those tickets are $24 (Sun-Thurs) and $25 a piece (Fri & Sat) and must be booked in pairs. They also offer a 15% military discount and a 10% student discount for guests 18-and-over (valid ID required at check-in). Lastly for family-friendly screenings, tickets are $13.50 for a “Kids” lounge seat (ages 12-and-under). Booking fees apply. All information above is provided by RCC and may only be the ticket prices for San Diego moviegoers! Be sure to check online to see the location prices for the viewing you want to go to!

Based on the day, RCC shows one or two movies a night and they have themed nights as well for kiddos, teens, and adults! For the first screening (if applicable to the day), you can enter in an hour before, and for the second viewing (if there is one, but there wasn’t for the night we went), you can enter in thirty minutes before. They have all of their upcoming shows on their website through August 1st currently. Keep in mind, they sell out pretty far in advance so if you see a show that you want to see, act quickly so you can have a night out in this amazing place too. I am especially excited for their Christmas in July themed nights when Elf will be playing! It’s my favorite Christmas movie!

All seats are provided with a sanitized pair of headphones so that you can hear everything in the movie and block out any possible distractions or other conversations going on. And if you need any help at all, the staff there is so friendly and happy to help.

Bridesmaid Proposal with Saralyn

Before we went to our Love Seat, we grabbed our snacks and some drinks. RCC is completely cashless so make sure you bring a debit or credit card. I thought this event would be the perfect place to do a bridesmaid proposal to Saralyn. The staff was able to write “Will you be my bridesmaid?” on her popcorn and oh my gosh it was adorable! She was so happy that she almost forgot to answer the question. But after all of that, we grabbed our seats and we got the perfect view! We had people in front of us but they did not block our view at all.

After that, all there was really left to do was enjoy the show. It was so amazing being able to watch a new movie somewhere other than my couch. I can’t even remember the last movie I saw in a theater but this experience was so magical and the perfect reintroduction to watching new movies at a movie theater again. And why wouldn’t I want a great view to go with my movie and popcorn?

Lastly, and this is HUGE, The Manchester Grand Hyatt is offering a 30% room discount for guests who would like to stay at the hotel following a night at Rooftop Cinema Club Embarcadero. The discount code is available on the cinema email ticket confirmations for online bookings. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions. This is an INSANE deal because this hotel is absolutely STUNNING.

Check out my 2 minute YouTube video of this amazing place and views of the hotel as well to get the full scoop on everything there was to see and just the general atmosphere of it all.

Be sure to check out Rooftop Cinema Club and find a screening that you will love too!

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A 3-Day Guide to Las Vegas in Summer 2021

My friends and me at the Illenium concert at Allegiant Stadium

Last year I wrote the Perfect 4 Day Itinerary to Las Vegas during COVID times. And now a year later as things continue to open up and restrictions are not as severe, Las Vegas is getting back to being the top of the summer getaway list! There is so much to do an experience, and it’s not just about being 21 years old and going clubbing.

Now, it might have been a little chaotic going on the July 4th weekend, but my friends and I wanted to go to the Illenium concert and that just so happened to fall on one of the busiest holiday weekends of the year. But we had a great time obviously, and here is everything we did to give you some ideas for your next trip.

And before I get started on this guide, a lot of what I am going to talk about were rewards I got FOR FREE by playing the myVEGAS apps, which you can read about HERE.

Day 0 – July 2nd

The reason I say Day 0 is because we actually decided to leave the night before we had originally planned to get there. We left San Diego around 9:30pm, bought a room at the OYO for about $141, and arrived at the hotel around 1:50am. When we checked in, they said they had run out of the standard rooms that we had booked and gave us an upgrade! Although that was realy nice of them to do, none of us were impressed by the OYO. The garage was cramped, the elevators were dirty, the hallways smelled of cigarette smoke, and the rooms were extremely outdated. My friends that I was staying with said their sheets made them itchy and that there was hair left over in the shower. Also as we were checking out (on Day 1 of our trip), the fire alarm went out three seconds after we had gotten off of the elevator and none of the staff reacted to it. So, overall not a fan.

Day 1 – July 3rd

Free drinks with myVEGAS rewards

PHEW! Made it out of the OYO in one piece and time to check in to our room at the Excalibur! Our room for our two night stay was $410 – now keep in mind this was on a holiday weekend so the prices were more expensive! If you have followed me for a while or read my other Vegas blogs, then you know that usually I stay at the Bellagio for free because of those fun rewards that I get from the myVEGAS apps. But we weren’t able to redeem free rooms because of the holiday weekend.

After checking in, we decided to use our free drink rewards that we got through those apps and started our casino bar hopping to redeem the rewards! We went to New York New York, MGM Grand, Luxor, and Mandalay Bay to redeem these free drinks. So if you want some cheap or free alcohol, be sure to the download those apps to start playing. It’s also a great way to explore the casinos! One of my most favorite activities is just wandering around the casinos since they are so big and there’s always something new to do or experience.

Once we had redeemed all the rewards and explored the casinos, it was time for us to get ready for the Illenium concert! Since it was at the Allegiant Stadium, we were able to just walk right on across the street to it! And that activity led us from Day 1 into Day 2. My body was not prepared for a second night in a row staying up until 2am.

Day 2 – July 4th

Area 15

Because we are not as spry as we used to be, we slept until noon on Day 2 – no regrets! But we had to get up at some point and it was time to explore some new things! My friends decided to go to the Zak Bagans Haunted Museum while I took the time to relax by the pool, which cost them $47 a person. They said it was interesting but also really creepy. But I actually really enjoyed poolside at the Excalibur! It was very relaxing and just the perfect day off. After my friends finished up at the museum, we went to Omega Mart at Area 15, and honestly it was AMAZING! So cool! It’s a Meow Wolf exhibit that mimics a supermarket, but deeper inside is something completely else! Complete with slides, secret tunnels, and amazing graphics, effects, and interactive rooms. We spent about an hour and a half in here and cost us $55 a person. If you want a closer look at what you can see in here, check out my IGTV HERE!

After that, we had worked up quite an appetite and we had been craving sushi all day! So we decided to got to Revolving Sushi which was only about a ten minute drive from Area 15. Now, my friends had been there on a previous trip so this was my first time but oh my gosh!! It was so cool! As soon as we were seated, we could start eating immediately. How? Because the sushi revolves around on a conveyor belt between the booths and you can pick and choose what you want! They put all the fan favorites of sushi on the conveyor belt, each plate has 3 pieces on it, and you pay by the plate which is $2.75 a plate. I got STUFFED on sushi with 5 whole plates for $13.75!!! Not including tip and tax obviously. That’s 15 pieces of sushi, literally almost two full rolls, for the price of ONE whole roll at literally any other sushi place. And don’t worry, if you want to order something a little more personalized, you can order on the tablet and once it’s done, it get’s delivered by a little Roomba-type cart above of the conveyor belt. If you want to see what this looks like, check out my Tik Tok HERE!

Finally to end the day, we walked down to the Strip to watch the fireworks light up the sky. Although it was really busy, we still got a great view of the fireworks that stretched from the Aria all the way down to the Stratosphere.

Day 3 – July 5th

I know this sounds like we did a lot, but honestly I feel like we did barely anything. So to end the trip, we woke up around 9am to get our things together, put them in the car, and head to the pool one last time. Now we had to use our room key to get in so the trick for that is to enter the pool before your check out time, and then once you’re inside, do Mobile Check-Out via the MGM Resorts app! Using their app is also a great way to check-in and skip the line at the beginning of your trip. Once we had our fill at the pool, my friend went in to the casino to redeem his $50 FREEPLAY reward that he got through the app. He was able to win some money, and we left without having lost any money to gambling!

Overall, this was a pretty tame trip to Vegas and was more about doing a few big things that we really wanted to do instead of jam packing our stay with lots of small things. I hope you found something fun to do in this blog that can help shape your next trip to Las Vegas this summer!

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5 Magically Inspired Shops to Check Out Now!

It’s no surprise that some of the most magical gear we may see at a Disney park actually came from a small shop owner. Whether it be mouse ears, apparel, accessories, or something customized to fit you specifically, there is no limit to what amazing things they can create. What’s even better is that these small shop owners are finding new and creative ways to bring that magic to our homes too so that we can experience a little bit of pixie dust even when we are miles away from the main mouse himself!

Here are some of my personal favorites, and my hope is that they will become your favorites too! Click any of the pictures to be directed towards their shop!

Brand By You

Home of the ever famous “Mouse Ears and Cold Beers” shirt (featured in the pictures below), Brand By You makes whimsical and extremely unique designs for apparel! You won’t find anything found at any other t-shirt shop here. The creator, Donna, created this shop to offer plenty of options of both shirt style and color so that no one has to feel like they can’t get exactly what makes them feel comfortable. You don’t like tank tops, well she offers shirts! Love the shirt but would prefer a different color? Ask her! That’s why it’s called Brand By YOU. Not to mention, the designs are perfect for Disney women and men so everyone can get something that fits their vibe.

Her designs cover all sorts of Disney fandoms including princesses, Star Wars, Marvel, and so much more. She also offers other products like hats, pins, and leggings. My personal favorite designs are “Guardians Radio” (pictured below) and “Black Pearl Caribbean Spiced Rum”. I even have an exclusive code for you – use the code DGB15 for 15% off!

Click here for Brand By You Instagram // Click here for Brand By You Etsy // All pictures are owned by Brand By You. Click any picture to shop!

Wish Upon Magic

I have been following Ada, owner of Wish Upon Magic, for so long that I am so happy to see all of her progress through this small shop journey. She offers a number of products including mouse shaped, fuzzy pillows as well as other fun shaped pillows that I am sure you will recognize (see pictures below!). But because those pillows are made-to-order and require more of her time as a creator, she also offers lots of fun stickers that are ready-to-ship! She constantly updates her Instagram to let you know when her pillow openings are coming up so be sure to follow along so you know when to get one.

She also has designed her pillows to have LIGHTS! Yes you read that correctly! Not every pillow has them, but she does offer the option to put lights in your pillows (or your pair of mouse ears to wear to the parks!). I honestly cannot wait until I have my own place so that I can purchase one of her pillows for my couch. I also have so many stickers I want to get in the meantime to put on a new reusable water bottle.

Click here for Wish Upon Magic Instagram // Click here for Wish Upon Magic Etsy // All pictures are owned by Wish Upon Magic. Click any picture to shop!

Tina Goodman Designs

A shop that I love seeing on my Insta feed is Tina Goodman Designs! Tina makes all of her work from beginning to end – seriously. She constructs the frames together and she paints everything herself. Watching her behind the scenes videos are some of the most mesmerizing because it just makes you appreciate her hard work even more. Her signs are perfect for a fun home office, a colorful kid’s room, or even just to add a touch of magic in your living room or kitchen. There are a few things on my wishlist from her shop that I would love to put in my home office, but since I am planning on getting my own place soon, i want to wait to treat myself to her work when I have a place of my own to showcase it in.

As you can imagine, her work does sell out pretty quickly so be sure to sign up for email alerts on her website so that you can be one of the lucky people to get something from her! She updates her Instagram regularly to make sure you will always know exactly when her shop is going to be opening up.

Click here for Tina Goodman Designs Instagram // Click here for Tina Goodman Designs website // All pictures are owned by Tina Goodman Designs. Click any picture to shop!

It’s A Ear World

One of my small shop bestie, Allison, makes quite literally THE BEST ears on the market. Not only are they the only ears to date to not give me a headache, but they are so well made and extremely beautiful. She is very busy so she doesn’t hold a lot of openings, but when she does, it is madness! I highly recommend following her on Instagram and just waiting it out for her openings because trust me, they are worth it.

She has a number of themed ears (like Star Wars, Toy Story, Tangled, etc) ears and then many that are more of one or two colors that can be matched to any outfit for a day at the park. I currently own four pairs of her ears and the pastel tie dye pair that is featured in the last picture below are probably my favorite, followed closely by her sequined Christmas pair that is not pictured.

Click here for It’s A Ear World Instagram // Click here for It’s A Ear World Etsy // All pictures are owned by It’s A Ear World. Click any picture to shop!

Sew Dough Co

Based on the UK but THANKFULLY having international shipping, Lucy, creator of Sew Dough Co, makes incredible mouse shaped donut pillows, ears, keychains, and pumpkin cushions. I have been obsessed with her work for years now and actually had the pleasure of interviewing her for a blog I did. So if you wanted to really get to know her and her work, click here.

If you have fallen in love with her work like I have, be sure to sign up for her email alerts. She holds both make-to-order custom openings and ready-to-ship openings, and she is very good at communicating which opening is coming up and when. But lots of people love her work so those email alerts will be your best friend if you want to snag something. I have a little list of things I want to snag during a custom opening from her but I was working the last time she held it so I will have to wait until the next opening!

Click here for Sew Dough Co Instagram // Click here for Sew Dough Co website // All pictures are owned by Sew Dough Co. Click any picture to shop!

I hope this list has gotten you excited about some amazing small shops that are out there right now. Check them out and support small businesses!

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EcoRoots: Your One-Stop Shop for All Things Eco-Friendly!

Part of my 2021 resolutions was to become more eco-friendly. Now, I’m not perfect, but there’s a lot of little things here and there that can really make a huge difference.

My journey towards being more eco-friendly started when I got a job as a tour operator at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Being surrounded by conservation and consistently talking about and learning about sustainable switches realy got me thinking more consciously about what I could to reduce my carbon footprint. Not to mention my sister is actually the queen of sustainablitiy and she gives me a lot of great tips too!

But one of the biggest tips I was able to give her was checking out EcoRoots. This is a classic “score one for Instagram ads” kind of situation. I started following a lot of eco-friendly companies like Dropps (eco-friendly laundry detergent), Juni Essentials (bamboo toothbrushes and dental accessories), and Grove Collective (sustainable cleaning solutions), and lo and behold my ads started reflecting that. You can read more about different sustainable switches here. Also at the time, I was talking more and more about eco-friendly tips that my followers could start doing to reduce the amount of plastic they use in their lifetime. So all in all, the ads did their job – they got me hooked and they brought me to EcoRoots’ Instagram page!

The ad that got me specifically was for their bamboo hairbrush. Since I already had worked with Juni Essentials to bring to light their bamboo toothbrush collection, and had done research into the impact switching to a bamboo product would have on my carbon footprint, I was intrigued! With how many toothbrushes I will go through in a lifetime, and with the fact that you can’t recycle them, I figured the same would be true for the impact of switching from a plastic hairbrush to a bamboo one!

But after browsing their site, I saw just how many items they had – ranging from home products to beauty products! All I know is that once Cody and I actually close on a home, I will be shopping this site frequently for all sorts of products for all over our house.

Here are some of the items that they have that could be great switches for you in your own home:

All pictures are owned by EcoRoots, and links are affiliate links. Click any image to shop that item!

Zero Waste Laundry Detergent
Natural Makeup Remover
Dish Scrubber

Natural Loofah
Reusable Produce Bags
Straw Cleaning Brush
Bamboo Hair Brush
Reusable Coffee Filter
Wooden Dish Brush with Detachable Head
Vegan Face Mask
Vegan Eco-Friendly Floss
Vegan Body Soap

We may not always be the most eco-friendly or sustainable in our life choices, but with companies like EcoRoots, at least they make it a little bit easier to make better decisions to help reduce our carbon footprint!

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Having fun in front of the SunBum concept store in Encinitas on a sunny day. You can see the SunBum logo on the buidling on the left, and the SunBum truck is on the right of the picture.

Why You Should Consistently Talk About Products on Your Social Media

If you are a content creator or influencer and you are NOT consistently talking about brands and products you love, you are doing yourself a disservice! What may be even worse than that is if you are talking about products that you love without it being a partnership with that brand, and then you put somewhere in the post “don’t worry, this post isn’t sponsored by this brand!”

Here is why you definitely should be talking about brands and products you love shamelessly! And why you should NOT disclose when it isn’t sponsored.

I used to think that if I talked about brands, products, hotels, or services I wanted or liked, then I would be selling myself short on working with them. To me, I thought if I gave them free advertisement then there would be no reason or incentive for them to want to work with me because I had already given them a shoutout to my audience.

But this is kind of backwards!

By talking about a brand and what you love about them, you have officially put yourself organically on their radar! Brands love when they can work with a true fan of their brand because then they know that the influencer that they are working with is someone who loves them and is going to give them the best, most authentic content.

Not to mention, by giving them a little unprompted love on your feed, you can provide them numbers on how well they did on your page! Especially on your Insta Story because you can see just how many times they sticker tapped their tagged name or swiped up on your Story to a product that you might have linked. This sort of information can provide them with valuable insight in to just how beneficial a partnership with you can be!

So all around, giving brands some love and tagging them in your content that may feature them or give them a very specific shoutout could potentially get you a collaboration with them in the future when you pitch yourself to them!

Now let’s talk about why you should NOT be giving these shoutouts with the disclosure that what you are saying is not a paid sponsorship.

When you post regularly just about your day, do you also post that those aren’t sponsored? Probably not. By saying your glowing words about this brand or product, and that it’s “not an ad” or that “this isn’t a sponsorship”, you’ve almost set yourself up for mistrust because now when you talk about a brand during a paid sponsorship, it’s going to sound like you are only saying that because you got paid to do so. “Wow I just love this dress! It’s flowy, beautiful, I feel amazing in it! And FYI this isn’t sponsored.” This gives the idea to your audience that by saying nice things, it means that someone paid you lots of money to say those nice things and that it’s not actually your honest opinion.

Whether you were paid to talk about a brand or not, your words should be the truth! You should also be taking on collaborations that you actually love and that align with your lifestyle and interests. Not only that, but you have other interests outside of those partnerships, so why wouldn’t you talk about them? You need to build a trust with your audience and talk about the things that you love whether you were prompted to or not!

Why has there been a mindset created where we can only talk about brands if it’s paid? Probably because we are scared to talk about brands without being paid because we think it will take us out of the running for getting paid if we already gave them our audience for free!

Break free of this cage and talk about brands willingly and openly regularly! This will not only build trust with your audience, but that means when they do see a sponsorship from you, it won’t look like you are just shouting “AD” into their face! The best sponsorships are the ones that are organic to your feed. And if your audience is accustomed to you talking about products, then seeing a sponsorship won’t seem any different to them.

Be open with your audience when you have a partnership that you need to disclose, and be honest in your everyday life about the brands and products that you just love on the regular! Your audience will love hearing your thoughts!

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