Disney Style on a Budget: One “Her Universe” Halloween Tee, Three Outfits

I am telling you – the Halloween merch game gets better and better for apparel every year. And this year, Her Universe is bringing the fire! I was recently gifted this adorable Disney Halloween Stripe Collar Crop Top (it comes in Plus sizes HERE), and I couldn’t help but to style it in three different ways!

I am all about giving you the best style advice on how to turn one piece in to many outfits. Especially when you are styling on a budget, because you need to make your purchases count. But it can be tough to do that when it feels like one specific piece can only be styled one way. That can sometimes feel like it’s a waste of money. So hopefully by styling this Her Universe crop top three different ways, you can get some ideas on how to keep wearing it all spooky season long!

I should also note that all of these outfits were put together using items that I already had. Nothing additional was purchased to make this happen! So I encourage you to shop in your own closet first before spending more money on putting an outfit together. But let’s get to styling this cute Disney Halloween tee!

All Black – Simple and Spooky

I styled this striped top by first tying it up just a little bit. Second, I paired it with an all black, pleated skit. I thought about wearing fishnets stockings, but opted to wear knee high black socks instead. Lastly, I wore a pair of my favorite black wedges and voila!

Styling my Disney Halloween tee from her Universe with a black pleated skirt, black knee high socks, and a pair of black wedges. This look is simple and cute!
A close up of my simple and spooky Halloween outfit. My Halloween Disney shirt is tied up in the front and the collar has a few Mickey Mouse shaped pumpkins and other cute embroidery.
Spoopy way to style a Her Universe Disney Halloween tee
Posing in a wooden area to show my Her Universe Disney Halloween striped crop top tee. This outfit is to show how to style this crop with a mostly black outfit. The shirt is tied in the front, with a black skirt, knee high socks, and black wedges. Perfect for the Halloween season!

Accent Colors – Ready to Show Halloween Spirit

If I’m being honest, this second outfit is my absolute favorite! I wore the shirt normally with a pair of black high-waisted pants. I then decided to pair it with a cute orange crossbody bag. And lastly, I paired it with my electric purple heels! I have had these heels for years and they are still one of my favorites. There aren’t a lot of opportunities to wear them, but why not wear them during Halloween time, right?

Located in a bright, fall setting, I am showing how to style this crop top from Her Universe for the Halloween season. I matched the colors of the stripes in the shirt to my outfit. I am wearing a pair of black high-waisted pants, an orange crossbody bag, and a pair of electric purple heels. I am posing on a bench so you can easily see the entire outfit.
A detail picture of my outfit featuring the accent colors to match the Disney Halloween style crop top from Her Universe. You can see better how the shirt fits and wear it lands on my waistline. You can also see the embroidery of the collar matches the orange of my crossbody bag perfectly!
Posing on a sidewalk in fall, I am showing how the whole outfit came together. The crop top has a white collar, and black, purple, and orange stripes. The orange in the shirt was matched to the bag I have. And the purple of the shirt was matched to my heels. Both of these two pops of color really help to show that the crop top is the center of attention!

Seasonal Colors – Time to “Fall” in Love

With Halloween being in Fall, might as well dress for the season! This outfit is inspired by some of my favorite fall colors. I wore the crop top with just the top button buttoned, a brown cami, and a pair of army green skinny jeans. And every fall season calls for a pair of comfortable booties, so I styled this outfit with my favorite pair.

October is for Halloween - but it's also for fall colors too. So why not combine them both with this outfit featuring the striped crop top from Her Universe! I styled the shirt by only leaving the top button buttoned, a brown cami underneath, and a pair of army green skinny jeans. For a final touch of fall, I styled it with my favorite pair of brown booties.
A detail shot of my fall outfit with my Halloween shirt as the focal point. With the shirt open with the exception of the top button staying close, You can see more from the colors of fall. My white Chanel bag also helps the white collar pop too which makes you notice just how cute the Mickey Halloween pumpkins are on the embroidery!
how to style a Disney Halloween tee
Feeling a little sassy in my fall outfit with my Halloween crop top to really make the whole outfit pop! In this pose, you can see how the outfit flows together, how the shirt moves off of my side ad back, and how great these skinny jeans fit the fall aesthetic in this park.

I am loving everything about these outfits and I get more and more excited about Halloween with every new product announcement. Which is shocking because I didn’t used to like Halloween or it’s general color aesthetic before. But it turns out that I had to fall in love with a different kind of Halloween. Before, I used to think that Halloween was only for people who liked scary, spooky things. However, we know now that there is the spooky side and the spoopy side! I prefer the side of Halloween that’s more about cute ways to decorate your house, the fun things small shops are putting out, or even just the cute apparel that places like Her Universe are dropping.

This Disney Halloween Stripe Collar Crop Top was so much fun to style and I can’t wait to find more Disney Halloween products that I love too.

I hope this has given you some inspiration on how to style your own outfits, or has even made you hit that “Add to Cart” button on this Striped Crop Top. Here’s to more happily haunted outfits!

P.S. Be sure to check out Disney Bound on a Budget: One Blue Jumpsuit, Three Disney Bounds Outfits for more ways to Disney Bound and style on a budget!

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How to Respond to Gifted, Non-Paid, or Ambassadorship Campaign Requests

If you are reading this, odds are you are getting a lot of requests for non-paid campaigns and you are wondering how to respond. Maybe they even look a lot like this: respond to non-paid campaign requests

Hey babe!

We saw your Instagram and we LOVE what we are seeing. We would love it if we can send you some of our products for you to try out. You will even receive a special discount code to give to your followers and you’ll receive 10% commission on all the sales made with this coupon. All you have to do is post about the product regularly on your feed. Please let us know what your shipping address is and we will send your free product out ASAP!”

Thanks, Brand

If this sounds like what you have received and if you’re receiving them regularly, then it’s time to make a change! Learning how to respond to these non-paid requests can be tricky. Especially when you would rather be paid for your hard work. But there are three ways to answer this email: with a yes, a no, or to turn the tables on them (I’ll explain below).

Posing in front of the Rooftop Cinema Club photo opportunity in San Diego as I Disney Bounded for their movie presentation of Raya and the Last Dragon. I had a great time sharing them to my followers despite not being paid. Responding positively to non-paid work can still add value to your page.
Rooftop Cinema Club was one of those brands that offered to work with me but only on a hosted opportunity. No payment but I still took it!

Reasons to Say Yes to Non-Paid Campaigns

If you are just starting out or if you truly love the brand that reached out, by all means say “yes”! Responding positively to gifted, non-paid requests isn’t always a bad thing if you truly resonate with the brand and want to work with them. Just like in one of my previous blogs, When to Stop Accepting Gifted or Non-Paid Campaigns, I do have a list of companies that if they contacted me and were only offering a gifted opportunity, I would still take it. Some brands hold value for me even just in gifted form!

Reasons to Say No to Non-Paid Campaigns

But let’s say you are killing the influencer game. If your inbox is regularly full with paid requests, then taking on a gifted campaign might not be the best for you. Even if it’s ambassadorship where you make a commission off the sales you make might not be worth your while because you are never guaranteed a paycheck. By telling them no, you are just setting your own personal boundaries for creating content.

Even with some of the ambassadorships I have done, I had to make so much content for them to even get close to what my normal posting rate was for just a single post. Meanwhile the brand was getting consistent and permanent media coverage while I was hoping people used my exact affiliate link to maybe make a purchase. And who knows, maybe people are making purchases that you recommended on their computer or in-store – places where your unique tracking link to give you that commission does not apply. Maybe they’re also telling their friends and then those friends are making purchases. You would never know if they didn’t use that exact tracking link.

Remember, your social media’s worth is not measured solely based on the total number of sales that you make. It is also measured by:

  • the amount of eyes on your post
  • the number of interactions it gets
  • and also your personal reputation for recommending great products that your followers are trusting you with.

Brands know this which is why it is cheaper for them to offer ambassadorships with commission rates than it is to pay the influencer’s posting rate.

Turn the Tables to Get Paid!

Saying a simple “yes” or “no” are not the only options though! You can also turn their pitch to you into your pitch to them! This is a company that has literally made it known that they are ready to work with someone. So instead of accepting their offer for a gifted or ambassadorship, open the conversation to working on a paid campaign.

Here’s an example of how to possibly respond back when that Brand sends you non-paid request: respond to non-paid campaign requests

Hey Brand!

Thank you so much for reaching out. These products are incredible and I love that you thought of me to promote them! However, I am not accepting gifted/ambassadorships, but I would still love to work with you. I truly believe my X amount of followers would like to learn more about Brand. If you are open to working on a sponsored post together, I would be happy to discuss my posting rates and my creative ideas for this campaign.

Thank you and I look forward to possibly working with you, Donna

This spring time Humm Kombucha post amongst the flowers was to promote their new seasonal beverages. This campaign was made possible by me learning how to respond to a company that initially only offered me a non-paid campaign and instead turned it in to a paid one!
Humm Kombucha was one company that initially told me they didn’t have budget to work with me. But when they finally had a paid campaign, they contacted me and we finally worked together!

Short, simple and to the point. Sometimes the company has room in their marketing budget, and sometimes they don’t.

If they say they don’t want to work on a sponsored post, then you can still see if the original offer for a gifted or ambassadorship stands.

If they say they aren’t doing paid campaigns right now, then ask when would be a better time to check in with any paid campaigns. I have even landed a few campaigns like this.

And if they say yes right away to paying your posting rate, well then you’re in!

Looking back on when I first started getting these emails, I think of just how many opportunities I missed. I used to just not respond to the emails, or say that I am not interested in working with them. But by doing so, I left so much money on the table!

There are definitely options when it comes to receiving these kind of emails! Learning how to respond to non-paid campaign requests could open the door to more opportunities!

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Disney Bounding can be expensive, but not if you are smart about budgeting your wardrobe. This guide will help you style three different Disney characters with just one solid royal blue jumpsuit.

Disney Bound on a Budget: One Blue Jumpsuit, Three Disney Bounds Outfits

Disney Bounding can be quite the expensive hobby. Even for someone like me who regularly shops for new outfits at thrift stores or PoshMark, it still adds up. But I’ll go over how just one blue jumpsuit can be transformed into three different characters for Disney Bounding outfits! blue Disney Bound outfit

You will still need some accent pieces to pull off the look to make sure people know who you are trying to convey. However, this is a great lesson in reusing items to continue bringing a fresh look to your Park days, your style gallery, or your social media! I also gave some great tips on How to Disney Bound on a Budget in my past blog, and one of the biggest ways to save is to not spend!

I should also note that when I bought this jumpsuit off of PoshMark, I honestly thought that I would wear it once and never use it again. But I quickly found that blue is such a common color for so many awesome characters!

Yess from Wreck it Ralph two is such a fashion icon. And with just one blue jumpsuit, a fluffy jacket, and some heart accents, you can make a simple Disney Bound a strong outfit!

Disney Bound #1: Yess from Wreck It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet

I originally bought this blue outfit for a Yess Disney Bound, and similar to the big blue floofy jacket, I didn’t think it would find anything other use for it. I paired the outfit with a red Harvey’s bag with some heart bag charms and a pair of heart-shaped blue glasses.

Jacket: Poshmark

Blue Heart Sunglasses: Amazon

Red Fuzzy Bag Chains: Amazon

Red Harvey’s Bag: Poshmark

A simple Captain Marvel Disney Bound is possible with just a red jacket, a blue jumpsuit, and some gold accents to your outfit. I decided to add a few superhero effects to my picture on my hands and feet to make it look like I am flying through space.

Disney Bound #2: Captain Marvel

A simple approach to such an iconic female Marvel character! I put on my red leather jacket, a pair of gold wedges, and a gold necklace. Doing a Disney Bound that has as much flare as her suit would have been near impossible, but just imagine me living my best life walking around Avengers Campus!

Red Leather Jacket: Thrift Store

Gold Necklace: Thrift Store

Gold Wedge Heels: Poshmark

Sadness from Inside Out is probably one of the easiest Disney Bounds to put together. A simple blue jumpsuit outfit, a sweater, and you're done!

Disney Bound #3: Sadness from Inside Out

It’s pretty difficult to find blue pants that aren’t just a pair of blue jeans. Solution: Use a blue jumpsuit and just pop a comfy sweater on over it and BAM! Now you are rocking one comfy Sadness Disney Bound! Honestly though, this was an extremely comfortable outfit and I would have no problem rocking it for a day lounging at home.

White Knit Sweater: Thrift Store

blue Disney Bound outfit

One simple purchase of a blue jumpsuit outfit turned into so many cute Disney Bounds. And I’m sure the list could continue with even more! Do you have any other Disney Bounding suggestions or any questions on how you can put something together? Drop your comments below!

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Everything You Need to Know About myVEGAS Bingo

I will never be done talking about the amazing benefits of playing the myVEGAS apps and the tips that will help you gain the most points. On numerous occasions it has helped me to have free stays at hotels in Las Vegas like the Bellagio, free drinks, and free experiences without spending a dime in the app. I have also used the rewards for places other than Vegas too – like at one of my hometown casinos, Sycuan, where I got a free Premier Suite AND a $250 food and non-alcoholic beverage credit at their poolside cabanas. If you want to learn more about those apps and some of the awesome experiences that I have redeemed with them (which again are all 100% free!), click this link: Making the Most of myVEGAS Reward Points.

And now they have added a fifth app to their gaming experience (well, technically sixth if you include being able to play their slot games through Facebook)!

myVEGAS Bingo adds a completely different gaming experience to myVEGAS games because this is the first time that they are adding Bingo as a game to play with their apps. Most of their games center around slot games which you can easily put on Auto Spin, walk away from your phone, and rack up the Loyalty Points. But myVEGAS Bingo requires you to be an active participant in the game as you daub your way to victory using powerups and some essential Bingo strategy.

How to Gain Loyalty Points and How Much?

The first and biggest difference between this app versus the other myVEGAS apps is that your Loyalty Points are not based on filling up your Loyalty Points tank with the amount of XP that you get, or “spins” you take on the slots, or spending any of your in-game money AT ALL. For the other apps, every time you would spin the slot, you would fill up your Loyalty Points tank ever so slightly based on how much your bet was. Once you fill it up, then it would reward you Loyalty Points based on your level in the app (for example, I am level 435 in the myVEGAS Slots app and every time I fill up my Loyalty tank, it awards me 500 Loyalty Points). higher level means a higher Loyalty Point payout.

myVEGAS Bingo Loyalty Reward Points meter. This fills up like a wall clock making one full rotation. The bright areas of the "clock" are how much time has passed", and the greyed out area is how much time is left until the Loyalty Points are awarded.

For myVEGAS Bingo, it’s still the same that once you fill your Loyalty tank it will award you Loyalty Points. BUT….

  • The Loyalty Points amount is a FIXED amount of 50 Loyalty points – this will not increase at all with your level within the app, and..
  • Your Loyalty Points Tank is filled by your TIME SPENT in the app – specifically one minute will award you 50 Loyalty Points. The meter fills up like a clock going one full rotation around.

Here’s why this is AWESOME! This means that you could literally have no in-game money to spend on playing the Bingo games and you can still fill up your Loyalty tank max for the day. All you would have to do is open the app, leave your phone open for one hour, and boom, you have just gained 3,000 Loyalty Points for doing absolutely no game play.

What’s the max amount of Loyalty Points that you can gain in a single day playing myVEGAS Bingo?

You can gain 3,000 Loyalty Points in the app before that little green check mark will appear next to your Loyalty Points. That green check mark indicates that you have reached your limit on how many Loyalty Points you can gain in one day. However, that mark ONLY indicates that you are maxed out on that specific app. So if you max out on myVEGAS Bingo, you can go to any of the other myVEGAS apps to continue to get as many points as possible for your day.

Basic myVEGAS Bingo Strategy Tips

myVEGAS Bingo Powerups. You can purchase tree powerups for 20 Diamonds or six powerups for 100 Diamonds. This Diamond "price" per stack will increase the farther you go down the Strip to other casino levels like the Bellagio. The meter on the side of the Powerups shows you how good the hand that you drew for powerups was. The higher the meter goes, the better the hand is.

Like any gaming app, you can develop a strategy to go about putting the best odds in your favor and Bingo is no different. But here are a few tips for myVEGAS Bingo. The Powerups are essential to gaining the upper hand, and you can “buy” a stack of 3 Powerups or a stack of 6 Powerups for one game. You “purchase” these Powerups using Diamonds, which are just like another form of free currency in the game but are used specifically for Powerups and that’s it. I always buy all 6 Powerups. If you don’t like the hand you are dealt, you can always buy another stack of Powerups, but just remember that you can only play with one single stack. Once you choose the stack you want to play with, the rest are trashed so you can’t use them on another game.

Powerups and Tips to Use Them

Sometimes these games move very quickly and sometimes when that happens, you may not get to use all of your Powerups in that game. The easiest way to avoid that is to make every daub count. Based on how many cards you are playing within the game (either one-card Bingo, two-card, or four-card), you will have to daub X amount of spaces before you have activated a Powerup. For four-card Bingo, you have to daub any three squares to activate one Powerup. Don’t wait to use your Powerups. Once you use a Powerup, it will have a time-out how about 5 seconds before you can start activating another Powerup. You can still daub while this 5-second delay occurs, but those daubs will not go towards activating the Powerup.

If you are lucky enough to have the Extra Daub Powerup as the last Powerup in your bank, which can come in the form of 1-extra, 2-extra, or 3-extra daubs, I will ALWAYS hold off on using that one until most of the Bingos have been called. Each game only has 32 Bingos that can be called, and remember that you are playing against other people. So having an Extra Daub as the last powerup gives you the advantage for one final way to get an extra number to your advantage to get one of the last Bingos. I will usually wait until there is 10 Bingos left to be called before I use that Powerup. The reason being is that if I use it too soon, then I am essentially taking numbers off the board that could have been called in that timeframe before the end of the game.

Again, everyone kind of comes up with their own way of doing things, but those are my absolute must-dos if you plan on making the most of your gameplay within the app right off the bat.

If you want to download this app, click here for iPhone download, and click here for Android download.

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Halloween Small Shop Guide 2021

By now you have read my Halloween Home Décor Guide for 2021 and your house is already starting to gather a few more ghoulishly good decorations. But now you want something a little more personal, and maybe you even want to support a small shop this time instead of a big retailer. Well I have you covered with these five amazing small shop picks that will have you adding some new accessories or apparel to your wardrobe these next few months. Halloween small shop guide

And whether you are going to a Disney Park or just staying at home, they will definitely bring the Halloween time vibe to your life. Click any of the images to shop that store or item.

Brand By You (@brandbyyou on Instagram)

Binny Mouse Shop (@binnymouseshop on Instagram)

Two Park Princesses (@twoparkprincesses on Instagram)

Castles and Confetti (@castlesandconfetti on Instagram)

Cheeky Bean Studios (@cheekybeanstudios on Instagram)

I have followed these shops for so long and I love that they just continue to put new spooky things out! It’s part of what is making this holiday that much more fun for me!

Halloween small shop guide. Browse the best small shops and their items for this Halloween 2021

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