How Much Do Influencers Make?

Congratulations, you have decided to search one of the most difficult questions! How much do influencers make? Let’s dive in to understand why this isn’t as easy to answer as you may think.

Why is it a difficult question?

The reason this question is difficult to answer is because there isn’t one answer. Many influencers keep their posting rates to themselves. By refusing to share this information, it makes it hard to give any definitive answer. It also makes it hard for there to be one answer for every influencer level. Thereby making it impossible to say that “every influencer over X engagement rate charges this amount for this service”.

Simply put, there is no one answer. It’s essentially the same as asking artists to all have one rate. Art will vary from artist to artist. Their experience will also play a factor in how much they charge. This is the same for influencers too.

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How do they calculate their personal posting rate?

I have seen many blogs that try to make a formula for posting rates. Maybe you have even seen these formulas that say “for every thousand followers, you can charge $X”. Or something similar to this. Unfortunately, influencer posting rates will never fit in to one single formula. The fact of the matter is that posting rates can’t be determined off of any one factor. Especially if that factor is JUST your social following.

Not only that, but some influencers fluctuate their posting rate. For example, depending on the brand and collaboration terms, I have worked for less than my normal rate simply because I really wanted to work on that project!

What affects an influencer’s posting rate?

Posting rates are determined by a number of different things. Including engagement rate, follower count, niche speciality, content usage rights, contract duration, and if there is any additional, non-monetary compensation like free items, commissionable sales, or travel fees. These all will play a factor in what an influencer can negotiate with.

Additionally, some influencers believe that by sharing their posting rate, they could be outbid by a competing creator. This is understandable if someone has a similar page with similar analytics and is willing to do a collaboration for less.

What revenue streams can they use to make money?

How much influencers make strongly depends on what streams of revenue they are pursuing. Every social media platform they have is another opportunity to make money. But breaking it down, here are some of the top ways influencers get paid:

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  • Instagram’s Influencer Program
  • Tik Tok Creator Fund and Marketplace
  • Pinterest Creator Rewards
  • YouTube Ads
  • Affiliate links
  • Paid sponsorships
  • Ambassadorships and commissionable sales
  • Selling content rights

Conclusion on ‘How Much Do Influencers Make?’

How much money do influencers make? Well, it depends! There will never be one right answer or one set number. Some influencers make a few dollars here and there, and some make a few thousand dollars a day! It will really just boil down to how determined that influencer is to monetize their content.

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