Is “Going Viral” Bad for My Page?

If you are a creator, then “going viral” can be a goal or a fear of yours. But the big question is “is going viral bad for my page?”. What are the pros and what are the cons of having a post do astronomically better than your normal content?

Pros of Viral Content

is going viral bad for my page?

Going viral is a great way to get exposure for your page. Whether you are a new account or a seasoned account, new blood and activity on your page is a great way to grow your account.

More attention could potentially mean getting noticed by brands! And once those campaigns start coming in, it could mean more money for you.

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This can also be an opportunity to understand what people like to watch from you. If you are a style and travel account but it seems that all the videos that have gone viral were style videos, then you will know to focus on that kind of content.

It can also give you an understanding for what level of quality you need for your videos. Going viral gives you the great ability to really dive in to the big question of “why did this video in particular go viral? What was it about this one in particular that people really liked and felt like they wanted to share it?”

Cons of Viral Content

You could get a lot of people to your page that only followed because of that one video. Although that sounds like a plus, this could negatively affect your other content. If you go viral off of that one video and you don’t consistently make videos exactly in that nature, your engagement could go down because all of those other followers don’t interact with the other content.

New followers that don’t interact with your page could mean that your regular content no longer gets pushed to your veteran followers thereby tanking your engagement.

That one video could have also been a one-of-a-kind experience. Something you only did or would/could ever do once. Or it could have been a video that normally had nothing to do with your “normal” content. Either way, when those new followers start figuring out that this isn’t the kind of content that they signed up for, they will leave.

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Either way you slice it, going viral can either be really good or really bad for your page. A case can be made for both! If it’s your goal to go viral, then keep following trends or posting top notch content. If you have already had a video go viral and are wondering “what next”, be careful and take this as a learning opportunity to expand on.

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