Pinterest Creator Rewards information

Pinterest Creator Rewards Insider Information

Looking for Pinterest Creator Rewards information? You will want to be on a part of the program after reading this, trust me! After having used Pinterest Creator Rewards these last few months, I have the best insider information for you. Read this blog carefully if you want to kickstart your content and ensure that you don’t make the same mistakes that I did.

1. Read the fine print!

You know that really long Terms and Conditions thing that exists? Yea, read that. This gives you all of the posting requirements not stated outright on the individual goals. Each Pinterest Creator Rewards goal has requirements and rules for content to be eligible. Well, Pinterest is smart and they want you to post without giving you the money. So they have put some extra rules in these terms. Read it to find out. Or continue reading this blog to find out what they are!

2. Pinterest operates on the UTC time zone.

The reason I mention this is because Pinterest will show you when your content published. If you happen to be in the PST timezone like I am and if you post at night, then your Pin could show as being posted a “day later”. For example, I posted at 9pm on April 23rd, but to Pinterest, I actually posted on the 24th. This could even be an issue if you post “too late” on the last day of these monthly rewards. If you post on April 30th at 9pm in PST, your content could very easily not be counted for April content.

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3. For the goals or bonuses that have a time requirement (ex. post at least 7 days apart), take this VERY seriously.

Pinterest Creator Rewards information of reward requirements

When they say “7 days a part”, they mean 7 days a part! Sometimes they will word this as “once a week”. You need to ensure that you give these pins a full 7 days. For example, if you post on a Friday at 9am, then you need to make sure that your next post goes live the next Friday at earliest 9:01am. Give it the full 7 days. There is an unseen ticking countdown clock that Pinterest has to ensure that you respect this rule.

4. Goals update 4 days after being published.

Pinterest Creator Rewards information about your reward goal progress.

Pinterest updated their system to actually tell you when your progress changed statuses. Use the picture as an example of what this notification looks like. The norm is that every time you post, you can expect that an update and estimated earnings will appear for approved content 4 days after you post.

5. Pinterest does not tell you when things are not approved. They only tell you when they are approved.

If after those 4 days there is no update on your feed, then the Pin is not approved. You also will not receive a reason as to why things are not approved. Be sure to watch your notification feed closely for these updates. If for some reason your content is not approved, then you need to have extra content planned to post to make the most of the month’s rewards.

6. Passion Projects require you to put “My Pinterest Project” in the details of the Pin.

Pinterest Creator Rewards micro-grant passion project information

You remember those fine print rules that I talked about? This is one of them! This one is strictly for the Passion Projects. The reward goals will label themselves has passion projects in the reward details (see picture). This requirement is not specifically listed in the individual rules for submitting a Pin to this type of campaign, but it is still a requirement. It says to put “My Pinterest project” in the details of your Idea Pin. I have no idea what qualifies as the “details” – is that on-screen text on the Idea Pin? Is it the title of the Idea Pin? Is it leaving it in the Notes of the Idea Pin? I really don’t know, so I put it in all three spots to really make sure that I am maximizing my time making this content.

Pinterest Creator Rewards information

Pinterest will not reward users if they are getting paid in any way for their content. That being said, if a brand pays you for an Idea Pin and you label it an ad, it won’t be counted for Creator Rewards. Also using affiliate links like LTK or ShopStyle will also count as sponsored. Keep it un-affiliated for max rewards! But by all means, if you have a strong following of affiliate link shoppers, maybe putting links in your post will make you more money!

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What You Can Earn with this Pinterest Creator Reward Information

Keeping these things in mind, I have been able to make $1,400 in February, $2,100 in March, and gearing up for $4,500 in April with Pinterest Creator Rewards! Considering that I have 17,600 followers on Instagram and only make about $100 per month with their creator bonuses, this is one hell of a pay raise. Needless to say, Pinterest is where the money is at if you are a creator. Using these best practices for Pinterest Creator Rewards, you are doing the most for yourself to make that money! And don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest for examples of how I am making my Creator Rewards content!

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