Do I Need an Account on ALL Social Media Platforms as an Influencer?

2020 saw an influx into the influencer world as people took to their phones to make content. Honestly, what else were we supposed to do? But the big question comes into play – do I need to be on every social media platform as an influencer? Usually this question is asked when things get a little quiet on one platform for paid campaigns. It also happens when influencers are looking to expand off of current success. Trust me, I’ve been there! influencer account on every social media platform

For the longest time, I never thought it was necessary to be on every platform. I had a great following on Instagram, why would I need to create a following elsewhere to keep getting campaigns? Especially when Instagram was king! Well, with 2020 came the platform to rule them all – Tik Tok. With the new shift in priority, those who are present on other, less video-based apps were left scrambling. Including myself.

But still I resisted. Tik Tok had been going through its own scandal of if it was even safe to share our information on the app. So I stayed true to posting on Instagram.

However, I had already made accounts for Donna Gail Blog on Facebook and Pinterest. I even converted my old business Twitter into a blog page, but I wasn’t exactly active on any of them.

But in light of the recent Instagram and Facebook shadiness in choosing dollar signs over their users’ safety, here are some things to consider on why you should be on all social media platforms:

1. Protecting your account name

If you plan on making it big in the influencing and content creating game, there will be people out there who will want to rip you off. More so, there are people out there that may want to steal your name. For example, if you make it big on Tik Tok under the name @DonnaRocks, you might find that the handle name for DonnaRocks on Twitter is already taken.

If you want to have the same handle name on all platforms to make it easy for people to find you, this is a roadblock. Now this could have easily been a coincidence that someone just happened to make the same handle name without knowing who you were. Or the more sinister side is that someone could have snatched the name up in hopes that you would be desperate enough to pay for the name back. influencer account on every social media platform

2. Having different forms of content will help cast a wider net

There are some people who don’t have an Instagram but LOVE their YouTube account. If you choose to only do Instagram, photo-based content, then you could miss out on people that would have been a follower but would never otherwise see your content unless you were on a different platform. Lots of creators will do what’s called content funneling to make sure they stay consistent. Content funneling is when you take one piece of content and convert into different media forms. For example, if I want to style one piece of clothing three different ways, I can post:

  • a Style Gallery on Instagram
  • make a blog form of it to keep readers informed
  • and I can make a fun Tik Tok video with transitions to the different outfits

Content funneling is easy to do to make sure that you aren’t getting burnt out on trying to constantly make 100% new content.

3. More companies and brands are shifting to other platforms

It’s no surprise that with Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm, user frustrations are growing. Creators are getting worked up that their content is being seen less and less. And businesses are taking their campaigns to other platforms since they get more bang for their buck. In fact, many creators on Instagram are experiencing drops in followership – but why? Read my blog Why Am I Still Losing Followers Even Though My Content Is Getting Better? to read some reasons why.

This isn’t to say that brands aren’t still reaching out to Instagram creators for content, because they definitely are. But there is a shift in the amount of campaigns that are being sought for Tik Tok or YouTube.

If you are a one-social-media-platform creator, then you could be limiting yourself to other paid campaign opportunities. Being on every social media platform as an influencer could open more doors for you! influencer account on every social media platform

4. Your social media accounts can be shut down WHENEVER

Originally when I was writing this blog, the point for this was something that happened to me and many users a few years ago. One day I tried to log into my account only to find out that it was deleted. Not by me – but by Instagram. I have no idea what happened to this day. My account was rather small too so it’s extremely unlikely that I was massed reported for something. Not like I did anything wrong – I was posting pictures of shirts that I made. Now this is just one aspect of what power these platforms have over our accounts.

The other, bigger aspect is what happened with the news coming out a month ago. Facebook and Instagram have been outed for caring more about their payday than to the wellbeing of their users. There are reports coming in that that only 5% of negative, bullying, harrassment, or other hate speech is being taken off the site. They have also had reports that they are limiting people’s right to inform certain aspects of current events. Which all leads me to the point that I am trying to make:

Facebook and Instagram can shut service off in the blink of an eye. influencer account on every platform

If you have a following on Instagram and service goes down or worse your account is banned/deleted, you can’t do your job. If you can’t do your job as a creator, well then you lose a source of revenue.

Final thoughts on if you need an account on every social media platform as an influencer

That all being said, it is the SMART decision to make sure you have other social media accounts as an influencer. The reason being that if your Facebook or Instagram is shut down, you can still make content for your followers elsewhere.

So to answer the question of whether or not you need to be on every single platform, the easy answer is YES. It’s not like you won’t be successful without every platform. However, if you want to continue to be successful to ensure that your bases are covered, get yourself accounts elsewhere. If anything it will allow you to give variety in the content that you are already making! do I need to be on every social media platform as an influencer

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