How to respond to gifted and ambassadorship campaign requests blog post for influencers and content creators

How to Respond to Gifted, Non-Paid, or Ambassadorship Campaign Requests

If you are reading this, odds are you are getting a lot of requests for non-paid campaigns and you are wondering how to respond. Maybe they even look a lot like this: respond to non-paid campaign requests

Hey babe!

We saw your Instagram and we LOVE what we are seeing. We would love it if we can send you some of our products for you to try out. You will even receive a special discount code to give to your followers and you’ll receive 10% commission on all the sales made with this coupon. All you have to do is post about the product regularly on your feed. Please let us know what your shipping address is and we will send your free product out ASAP!”

Thanks, Brand

If this sounds like what you have received and if you’re receiving them regularly, then it’s time to make a change! Learning how to respond to these non-paid requests can be tricky. Especially when you would rather be paid for your hard work. But there are three ways to answer this email: with a yes, a no, or to turn the tables on them (I’ll explain below).

Posing in front of the Rooftop Cinema Club photo opportunity in San Diego as I Disney Bounded for their movie presentation of Raya and the Last Dragon. I had a great time sharing them to my followers despite not being paid. Responding positively to non-paid work can still add value to your page.
Rooftop Cinema Club was one of those brands that offered to work with me but only on a hosted opportunity. No payment but I still took it!

Reasons to Say Yes to Non-Paid Campaigns

If you are just starting out or if you truly love the brand that reached out, by all means say “yes”! Responding positively to gifted, non-paid requests isn’t always a bad thing if you truly resonate with the brand and want to work with them. Just like in one of my previous blogs, When to Stop Accepting Gifted or Non-Paid Campaigns, I do have a list of companies that if they contacted me and were only offering a gifted opportunity, I would still take it. Some brands hold value for me even just in gifted form!

Reasons to Say No to Non-Paid Campaigns

But let’s say you are killing the influencer game. If your inbox is regularly full with paid requests, then taking on a gifted campaign might not be the best for you. Even if it’s ambassadorship where you make a commission off the sales you make might not be worth your while because you are never guaranteed a paycheck. By telling them no, you are just setting your own personal boundaries for creating content.

Even with some of the ambassadorships I have done, I had to make so much content for them to even get close to what my normal posting rate was for just a single post. Meanwhile the brand was getting consistent and permanent media coverage while I was hoping people used my exact affiliate link to maybe make a purchase. And who knows, maybe people are making purchases that you recommended on their computer or in-store – places where your unique tracking link to give you that commission does not apply. Maybe they’re also telling their friends and then those friends are making purchases. You would never know if they didn’t use that exact tracking link.

Remember, your social media’s worth is not measured solely based on the total number of sales that you make. It is also measured by:

  • the amount of eyes on your post
  • the number of interactions it gets
  • and also your personal reputation for recommending great products that your followers are trusting you with.

Brands know this which is why it is cheaper for them to offer ambassadorships with commission rates than it is to pay the influencer’s posting rate.

Turn the Tables to Get Paid!

Saying a simple “yes” or “no” are not the only options though! You can also turn their pitch to you into your pitch to them! This is a company that has literally made it known that they are ready to work with someone. So instead of accepting their offer for a gifted or ambassadorship, open the conversation to working on a paid campaign.

Here’s an example of how to possibly respond back when that Brand sends you non-paid request: respond to non-paid campaign requests

Hey Brand!

Thank you so much for reaching out. These products are incredible and I love that you thought of me to promote them! However, I am not accepting gifted/ambassadorships, but I would still love to work with you. I truly believe my X amount of followers would like to learn more about Brand. If you are open to working on a sponsored post together, I would be happy to discuss my posting rates and my creative ideas for this campaign.

Thank you and I look forward to possibly working with you, Donna

This spring time Humm Kombucha post amongst the flowers was to promote their new seasonal beverages. This campaign was made possible by me learning how to respond to a company that initially only offered me a non-paid campaign and instead turned it in to a paid one!
Humm Kombucha was one company that initially told me they didn’t have budget to work with me. But when they finally had a paid campaign, they contacted me and we finally worked together!

Short, simple and to the point. Sometimes the company has room in their marketing budget, and sometimes they don’t.

If they say they don’t want to work on a sponsored post, then you can still see if the original offer for a gifted or ambassadorship stands.

If they say they aren’t doing paid campaigns right now, then ask when would be a better time to check in with any paid campaigns. I have even landed a few campaigns like this.

And if they say yes right away to paying your posting rate, well then you’re in!

Looking back on when I first started getting these emails, I think of just how many opportunities I missed. I used to just not respond to the emails, or say that I am not interested in working with them. But by doing so, I left so much money on the table!

There are definitely options when it comes to receiving these kind of emails! Learning how to respond to non-paid campaign requests could open the door to more opportunities!

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