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Why You Should Consistently Talk About Brands on Your Social Media

If you are a content creator or influencer and you are NOT consistently talking about brands and products you love, you are doing yourself a disservice. Here is why you definitely should talk about brands and products that you love shamelessly!

What You Are Probably Thinking Now

I used to think that if I talked about a brands that I liked, then I would be selling myself short. To me, I thought if I gave them free advertisement then there would be no reason or incentive for them to want to work with me. If I already gave them a shoutout to my audience, why would they pay me?

But this is kind of backwards!


By talking about a brand and what you love about them, you have officially put yourself organically on their radar! Brands love when they can work with a true fan of their brand. Then they know that the influencer that they are working with is someone who loves them and is going to give them the best, most authentic content. Also by posting about them organically, it naturally opens the door to discuss working with them. This could very well open the door to promoting them via affiliate marketing too.

How It Helps You to Talk About Brands

Not to mention, by giving them a little unprompted love on your feed, you can provide them numbers on how well they did on your page! Especially on your Insta Story because you can see just how many times they sticker tapped their tagged name or swiped up on your Story to a product that you might have linked. This sort of information can provide them with valuable insight in to just how beneficial a partnership with you can be.

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So all around, giving brands some love and tagging them in your content that may feature them or give them a very specific shoutout could potentially get you a collaboration with them in the future when you pitch yourself to them!

Now let’s talk about why you should NOT be giving these shoutouts with the disclosure that it “is not a paid sponsorship.”

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